Wonder Woman vs Superman | Thundrous Fight Of The DC Universe!


The DC Universe has enough villains that superheroes have to fight with, but they often fight each other rather than the villains. One such fight is Wonder Woman vs Superman, which many of you might not know. Though the two haven’t had much chance to fight on-screen, they have fought plenty of times in the comics. 

On this battlefield, at one end, we have Superman, the first hero ever to make an appearance in the DC comics. Superman is the last born son of the planet of Krypton and was named Kal-El at the time of his birth. Superman possesses Kryptonian power in his blood, making him more powerful than any other creature in the entire galaxy. Whereas at the other end, there is Wonder Woman, the daughter of Amazon. In history, it is said that Wonder Woman is the biological daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, so we can imagine how much power she possesses. 

Overtime in the DC Universe, both Wonder Woman and Superman have bonded well and have been in a close professional relationship. Despite their moral values and close association, there are times when the members of Trinity were blowing each other with their superheroes. From 1977’s Superman vs Wonder Woman to various DC comics, there are many fictional works where both have ripped each other’s heads apart. Now, the question is, who won the battle? Wonder Woman or Superman?

Well, why wait, when you can get your answer with a scroll. So, scroll below and discover what happens when Wonder Woman and Superman fight each other. 

How Wonder Woman vs Superman Fights End Up In The Comic World? 

We don’t know if we will ever witness Wonder Woman vs Superman battle in DC Movies. However, there are plenty of comic books to keep us entertained and updated about the fighting potential of the two strongest superheroes in the DC universe. 

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#1 Justice League Of America – 1977 

Justice League Of America - 1977 

The first fight that ever took place between the two superheroes dates back to 1977. In 1977’s comic edition Superman vs Wonder Woman, we see the two fight over the USA’s involvement in the second world war. It comes down to the matter of principle where one thinks that the United States should use atomic bombings while the other opposes the decision. However, the fight ends when they realize that a powerful villain has taken the bomb, and they end up working together to avoid the destruction. 

#2 Superdoom The Promise – 2014

wonder woman vs superman

Name one person who does not remember the evil Kryptonian monster Doomsday? In 2014’s comic edition Superdoom, Chapter 3 The Promise Superman is under the influence of his enemies, and we all know how that ends, right? Superman is slowly turning into Doomsday, so now it’s Wonder Woman vs Doomsday and not Superman. Wonder Woman must step in and save the transformation; otherwise, no one can stop Doomsday from creating havoc in the universe. In the end, Diana obtains godly powers and defeats Doomsday. 

#3 Superman: Red Son – 2003 

Superman: Red Son - 2003

We all have seen the original story where the last son of Krypton lands in the fictional state Smallville, near Kansas. What if that never happened? What if, instead of Kansas, Superman landed in Ukraine and became a weapon rather than the savior of humanity. In this tale of love, Superman is a dictator and leads the Soviet Union to a path of global dominance, whereas Diana is a politician and madly in love with him. It is not until Batman’s death at the hands of Superman that makes Diana realizes the truth and confronts Superman but sadly, this time; she isn’t powerful enough to stop his madness. 

#4 A Tale Of Two Satellites – 1977 

wonder woman vs superman

A Tale Of Two satellites is an old DC Comic that features Wonder Woman under a powerful enemy’s mind compulsion. In the chapter, Diana tries to take over the Justice League satellite and destroy the earth but is intervened by Superman. This is the first comic book issue that sparks affection between the two leading characters in the DC universe. Impressed by Diana’s massive strength, Superman keeps fighting with her until the rest of the league comes to the rescue. In the end, Superman is successful in saving Diana from the mind-compulsion. 

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#5 The Villain’s Journey – 2012

wonder woman vs superman

Ever wondered what it’s like to save your boyfriend when you are a hero? No, then The Villain’s Journey is perfect for getting an idea. Chapter 3 Atonement from the issue features Steve Trevor’s kidnapping by David Graves. Madly in love with her boyfriend, Diana tries to save him but is interrupted by her fellow members. When Green Lantern tries to make her understand the delicacy of the situation, she starts beating him mercilessly, provoking Superman to intervene. Out of all the people, do you think Superman would have been able to stop a girl madly in love, no right? Diana takes the fight to the next level by beating the shit out of Superman and making him regret it. 

#6 Superman: The Man Of Tomorrow – 1999

Superman: The Man Of Tomorrow - 1999

We all know that Zack Snyder has no plans to work on the next part of Justice League, so there is no chance we can see a version of Superman against humanity. If not on-screen, then we can enjoy an opposing side of Superman from the comic issue, The man of Tomorrow. The last son of Krypton has done enough to save humanity, and now it’s time for the earth to repay him. Superman has his pans of world domination that begin with him sending a robot army on earth to stop the Justice League. This comic features Superman vs Justice League and ends with Superman defeating his former teammates. 

#7 Superman #211 – 2005 

wonder woman vs superman

For Tomorrow, the eighth part of the comic series, Superman spends his time apart from the world in his Fortress of Solitude. It isn’t until The Vanishing Device appears and traps a bunch of people inside. Superman decides to save the people alone and brings the device to his fortress. As he deciphers a way to enter the machine, Diana makes her entry and tries to warn him of the grave dangers. Superman quickly takes on Diana because he is more powerful, but sadly the fight does not have a winner. 

#8 Darkseid War – 2016 

wonder woman vs superman

If anything, the DC Extended Universe is known for the catastrophic events ever since Darkseid made an appearance. In DC comics, Darkseid War, the monstrous villain has a daughter who seems to hate him more than anybody else. She instigates a war between her father and the controller of the Antimatter Universe, the Anti-Monitor. The battle ends on a brutal note with Darkseid dying and the Justice League getting involved. At one point, Superman becomes the God of Strength and almost kills Diana’s love interest. The newly made God then pushes Wonder Woman to a fight, but she beats him and ties him up with her Lasso of truth. 

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#9 Casualties of War – 2015

wonder woman vs superman

In Superman/ Wonder Woman #17, Diana is fighting against sorceress Circe, her recurring enemy. Diana and Superman try their best to stop the evil, but she uses her hypnotic singing to manipulate Superman and turn him against Wonder Woman. At that moment, Diana had acquired the power of Are, so without worrying about the outcome, she starts fighting and defeats Superman. 

#10 JLA: A League Of One – 2000

wonder woman vs superman

A League Of One isn’t a comic book but a short-story issue that features Diana going against the members of the Justice League to save them. After Diana learns that a dragon is coming to kill her and her teammates, she plans to fight the dragon alone and saves the Justice League. One by one, Diana fights all the members and sends them away for their safety. However, when it comes to Wonder Woman vs Superman, she knows that she cannot beat him with her powers, so she lies to him about the Justice League satellite entering into an asteroid belt. 

#11 Superman/Batman #15 – 2005

wonder woman vs superman

Who would have wondered that Superman and Batman will join forces in ruling the world together? In Absolute Power, the two have joined hands and are ruling the world without showing any mercy to the citizens. Every now and then, a group of resistance is sent to stop their tyrannical rule, but it ends within a bloodbath. Eventually, Wonder Woman plans an attack and successfully kills Batman, which only boils Superman’s blood. A series of blows and kicks later, Superman beats Wonder Woman and ends her life with the Lasso of truth. 

#12 Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four – 2015 

wonder woman vs superman

Exiled is perhaps one of the best comic book chapters in the history of the DC Universe till now. The story is set in an alternate reality where Wonder Woman is driven with rage against Superman. The bloodbath starts with Superman taking the lead to defeat Diana. As the fight goes on, Superman knows that he can kill Diana, so he begs her to stop. On the contrary, Wonder Woman takes this as an opportunity and uses Superman’s compassion against him. The fight ends with Diana breaking Superman’s arm. 

#13 Action Comics – 1988 

wonder woman vs superman

Are you team love or team friendship when it comes to Superman and Wonder Woman? Many fans think that the two should be together because of their God-like powers, but the comics say otherwise. In Different Worlds, Superman and Diana share a kiss but decide to stay far from their feelings of affection. Soon, Diana and Superman make their way to Olympus but find their evil selves waiting for a fight. The evil Superman vs Wonder Woman fight ends when they know it was all a part of Darkseid’s plans. 

#14 Wonder Woman #219 – 2005 

wonder woman vs superman

The Sacrifice edition of Wonder Woman #219 features one of the most powerful Wonder Woman vs Superman battles of all time. Superman is under Maxwell’s compulsion that tricks him into thinking that Diana is Doomsday. Superman uses the last of his energy in the fight against Diana to prevent the planet from a potential threat. However, Diana keeps defending herself, knowing that Clark is not in his senses. In the end, Diana captures the evil Lord and surprisingly throws her tiara at Superman, killing him in the process. 

#15 Wonder Woman #175 

wonder woman vs superman

Chronologically, The Witch and The Warrior is not the end of Wonder Woman and Superman’s battles. There are many more battles to witness in the upcoming DC comics that each of you will. In the Girl Frenzy edition, evil Circe has transformed all the superheroes except Superman into evil hybrids leaving the female heroes to fight them. Eventually, she turns Superman into Doomsday which prompts Diana to fight him. In the end, Diana is finally able to end the Doomsday horror by bringing back the Kryptonian son using her Lasso. 

Quick Look At Summary | Who Is The Winner?  

Let’s take a quick look at the results below and find out who the battle’s ultimate winner is. 

Comic Book Year Winner
Justice League #472016Wonder Woman
Justice League of America #1431977Draw
Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four #82015Wonder Woman
All-New Collectors’ Edition1978Draw
Superman/Wonder woman #172015Wonder Woman
Action Comics #6001988Draw
Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #12014Wonder Woman
Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #131999Superman
Justice League #11 2012Wonder Woman
JLA: A League of One2000Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman #2192005Wonder Woman 
Wonder Woman #1752001Wonder Woman
Superman/Batman #152005Superman
Superman: Red Son2003Superman
Superman #2112005Superman 

Wonder Woman vs Superman Fight Takes Place In The DC Universe | See Who Wins 

Wonder Woman vs Superman | The Ultimate Champion Of The DC Universe!

There are plenty of times Superman and Batman have gone head to toe against one another, but there aren’t many times we have seen Diana in Batman’s shoes. Diana has blown a punch or two to Superman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but we have rarely seen them fight. While we wait for a fight, let’s draw a comparison between the two superheroes and see who will be the last hero standing if a match ever takes place. 

#1 Wonder Woman Is Quick In Reflexes | Beats Super Speed Easily 

wonder women

As stated by Batman in the comics himself, Diana’s reflex skills are far more excellent and advanced than the Kryptonian hero Superman. If you are a keen observer, you may have noticed how Diana deflects the bullets and other weapons thrown at her during a battle. The only opponent worthy of beating Diana in her reflex skills can be Flash or someone with powers equivalent to him. No doubt Superman is fast, but his combat skills aren’t as efficient as Wonder Woman. 

#2 Superman Is Man Of Steel | Ultimate Resistance  

Wonder Woman vs Superman | The Ultimate Champion Of The DC Universe!

You must have heard with great powers comes great responsibilities, but within the DC universe, the quote becomes slightly different. In the superhero world, great powers mean excellent resistance against the enemy’s attacks. Why do you think Superman is known as Man of Steel? Superman has Kryptonian powers flowing through his veins, making him stand bullets, nuclear weapons, Darkseid’s omega beams, and whatnot. The guy is so powerful that he has even fought threats like World Forger and Superboy-Prime, without a single scratch. 

#3 Wonder Woman Is Oldest Superhero | Old Gem In DC  

Wonder Woman vs Superman | The Ultimate Champion Of The DC Universe!

Experience matters a lot when it comes to a fight in the DC universe, especially if you are up against Kal-El, the last son of Krypton. As per the archives, Wonder Woman is approximately 5000 years old, which makes her fighting experience far better than Superman. She has faced plenty of threats even before the birth of Superman, which gives her an upper hand in forming a strategy. 

#4 The Power Of Superman’s Versatality | King Of Strength 

Wonder Woman vs Superman | The Ultimate Champion Of The DC Universe!

It is no wonder that Diana is blessed with the combat skills of an Amazonian warrior but is that enough to stand against Superman? We don’t think so. Superman can get as versatile as possible with different abilities like heat vision and X-Ray vision in terms of powers. If he combines these powers with his combat skills, Diana has no chance left to beat him. 

#5 Better Than The Masked Man Himself | Compete With Batman 

Wonder Woman vs Superman | The Ultimate Champion Of The DC Universe!

Even if we aren’t a fan of the DC universe, we all can agree that Batman is one of the greatest warriors in the multiverse. This is true because Bruce Wayne has mastered every martial art and combat skill in the entire world. You might be thinking, what’s Batman’s role in the Wonder Woman vs Superman match, right? Well, there are many times Batman has stated that Diana excels better than his fighting skills, so this also makes her a worthy opponent. 

#6 Superman Masters The Theta State | Kryptonian Acquires Telepathic Powers 

Wonder Woman vs Superman | The Ultimate Champion Of The DC Universe!

Mastering the Theta state is one of Superman’s most remarkable abilities until now because it allows him to perform crazier telepathic actions. Using the Theta state, Superman can even transcend the physical plane. Theta or Torquasm state is something that Wonder Woman has never experienced in her entire existence, so Superman can easily defeat her using this feat. 

#7 The Power Of Diana’s Magic | Wonder Woman Is A Wonder 

Wonder Woman vs Superman | The Ultimate Champion Of The DC Universe!

There is no confirmation that magical threats can weaken Superman’s immune system, but Wonder Woman’s magical abilities are far more effective than any other creature. It is known that Superman’s abilities are natural, so there are zero to little chances that it can cause good damage to Superman. Judging Wonder Woman’s skills, she can easily find a way to beat Superman with her sword and magical heritage. 

Quick Catch Up With Scores 

Here we will take a quick look at the total scores of both the opponents and see who excels more in terms of powers. 

Power Superman’s Score Wonder Woman’s Score 
Reflexes 01
Fighting Experience 01
Versatility 10
Combat Skills 01
Theta state10
Magical Powers 01
Total 34

The Ultimate Winner Of DC Universe  

If we look at the scoreboard, we can see Wonder Woman winning the match with four points in contrast to Superman, who loses by one point. Based on the scoreboard, we can say that Wonder Woman has more chances of winning, but it is based on our mere assumptions. 

Final Words

There have been more than ten battles between Superman and Wonder Woman in the DC comics, with most of them being won by Wonder Woman. If and when a fight ever occurs between Superman and Wonder Woman on-screen, we can say that the latter has better chances of winning. 

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