15+ Interesting Words That Start With EPO!


Are you searching for ways to win your next wordplay game? Do you need me to help you with that? If yes, keep reading this article till the very end because I’ve compiled a long list of words that start with EPO. These words are going to be extremely helpful in the coming matches!

And not just that, I also have a list of words that start with SLO that can be useful to you. I know, I’m a generous person. Thank you very much.  

List of School Subjects In English
List of School Subjects In English

Here Are Some Words That Start With EPO | These Words Will Enrich Your Glossary!

15+ Interesting Words That Start With EPO!

Below I’ll be presenting you with words that start with EPO. Once, you’re done reading them, make sure to check out words that start with ARO.

1# Epoxidation

Epoxidation refers to a chemical reaction that involves the conversion of a typically unsaturated chemical compound into an epoxide. For eg. Catalyst X ensured the epoxidation of olefins efficiently. 

2# Epos

Epos means an epic poem. It also refers to a number of poems, transmitted orally, unrelated to each other, that treats a common epic theme. For eg., We read the great satiric epos by the Roman poet Virgil in our class. 

3# Epoch

Epoch refers to a particular period, stage, or time in a person’s life or history. For eg. The development of the light bulb marked a noteworthy epoch in history. It can also mean the beginning of an era in the history of someone or something. For eg., These events marked an epoch in the history of colonial rule

4# Epoxy

In its noun sense, epoxy is a class of adhesives, plastics, or other materials. In simpler terms, epoxy is a very strong kind of glue that is used in the construction of airplanes, cars, etc. Eg. The epoxy layer in the aircraft won’t come off at any cost. 

5# Epode

An epode is a form of a lyric poem written in couplets. In this type of poem, a long verse is followed by a shorter one. For eg., The first line of the epode talked about the gallant warrior. 

6# Epopee

Epopee refers to an epic poem, saga. For eg., The bourgeois drama succeeds the epopee. 

7# Eponym

An eponym is a name or noun formed after the person who discovered or invented something. The film centers on Adam Sandler as the eponymous character. 

8# Epoxied

Epoxied is the past tense of epoxy. It refers to gluing something together using epoxy resin. The various parts were epoxied together to make the lightweight aircraft. 

9# Epoxide

In chemistry, epoxide is a cyclic organic compound with a three-atom ring; an oxygen atom and two carbon atoms.  For eg., The first usage of epoxides is dated back to the 1930s. 

10# Eponymy

Eponymy is the use of eponyms to create words. It is most commonly seen in the field of medicine; diseases and procedures are often eponyms. For eg., Disneyland is the eponymy of Walt Disney.

11# Epochal

Epochal is the adjective form of the epoch, which means something unique or highly significant. For eg., The analysts can see an epochal collapse due to the weather events in the state.

12# Eponymic

Eponymic refers to being or relating to an eponym.For eg. The Beatles is the eponymic name of the Beatles’ album. 

13# Epoxying

Epoxying refers to the construction process that involves epoxy, a resin glue to stick things together. For eg. The strongest of joints are a result of epoxying.

14# Eponymies

Eponymies are the plural form of eponymy which refers to the use of other people’s names to create words. For eg. The eponymies of Achilles tendon and Lake Victoria are Achilles and Queen Victoria respectively. 

15# Epopt

An epopt refers to an initiate in the greatest grade of the Eleusinian mysteries. It is derived from the Greek word epoptēs.

16# Epona

In ancient Roman mythology, Epona is the Celtic goddess of horses, mules, and asses. For eg. The devotees invoked goddess Epona after long hours of prayers.

17# Epochally

Epochally is the adverbial form of an epoch which refers to a particular period, time, or age in a person’s life or history. 

18# Eposes

Eposes refers to a long narrative poem depicting a hero’s deeds. It is also called an epic poem or a heroic poem. For eg., Literature students study heroic eposes.

19# Epoxidized

In organic chemistry, a compound is called epoxidized after it has been converted into an epoxide.  

Final Words

Alright, guys! These were some words that start with EPO. This list contains verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc that start with EPO. I’m sure this list will be immensely helpful to you. I’ve tried to include almost all the words that begin with EPO. But, if I have missed any, please let me know in the comment section below! 

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