5 Hacks To Write Informative and Attractive Blogs in 2021


At present, there are more than 500 million bloggers active in the world. For the blogger in you, it is quite normal for the staggering number to usher in a fair share of nightmares. With so many bloggers creating content in the same niche, standing out and drawing traffic to your blog sure becomes an insurmountable hurdle. So, how do you deliver blogs that are informative and attractive blogs and also interest your readers? As a blogger, you cannot taste success overnight. Guest Post Outreach services is more like constructing a structure – you build it from scratch and block by block. It takes time and a lot of hard work.

But do not let that discourage you! If you can create informative content and answer pertinent questions, your blog will surely shine through. In what follows, you will find the five critical steps to write informative and attractive blogs.

Tips to Write Informative and Attractive Blogs

  1. Select Your Niche:
Informative and attractive Blog

To become a famous blogger, you must play by your strengths. If you are a software engineer, there are slim chances that you will be popular for writing blogs on medicine and healthcare. Therefore, it will be better to choose a niche that you feel confident about. Don’t try to be Jack of all trades, and master of none. Be very specific about your blog’s niche to build a focused audience base.

Being an expert in the chosen field can help you become a successful blogger. Even when you are not too familiar with the niche, you can still produce quality content. Just make it a point to create well-researched content to add value for your readers. Also, be consistent with the quality of your blog posts. When you choose a niche that you are confident about, the quality will work in your favor.

Alternatively, you can choose any of the niches that attract many readers on the internet. You will still need a significant amount of knowledge to build your blog around such niches. However, it is an easier way to boost your audience base. Some of these niches to explore are personal finance, health and fitness, travel, food, beauty and fashion, and DIY and craft. You can also check out these fantastic yet neutral blogging topics to write on.

  1. Know Your Audience:
Informative and attractive Blog
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Whether you are blogging independently or writing the blog for a brand’s content marketing strategy, you must know the likes, dislikes, interests and habits of your readers. Unless you know your audience like the back of your hand, it will not be able to produce content that resonates with the audience.

You certainly cannot expect students looking for Academic Writing to be interested in reading your blog of 1500+ words on DIY crafts. So, spend quality time understanding your audience. Remember that your blog should not be about what you want to write. Instead, it should be about what the audience wants to read, something worth their time. 

Your priority should be to offer value to your readers. You need to offer solutions to their problems and provide answers to the questions they have in their minds. Once you learn how to reach your target audience, turning them into loyal readers will be easier. 

3. Produce SEO-Friendly Content:

Informative and attractive Blog

When you start your journey as a blogger, you may lack inspiration as you do not have the audience base yet. You still have a great chance at becoming a popular blogger, if you can use the search engines to your advantage. If you have been reading about blogging and online content, you have come across the term called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. When your content is properly optimized for search engines like Google, the search engines themselves will promote your content for relevant keyword searches and enhance your blog’s reach.

There are several ways to optimize your blog content for the search engines. Some of the crucial ones are –

  • Right kind of keyword research for your content
  • Producing optimized metadata
  • Creating a concise yet comprehensive title
  • Using properly optimized, click-worthy images
  • Optimized post URL
  • Producing content in a structured format with the necessary keywords
  • Having quality backlinks

If you wish to produce SEO-friendly content, make sure to go through the latest SEO guidelines. Here is a comprehensive guide on the use of SEO in the world of blogging. 

  1. Make The Blog Posts Visually Appealing:
Informative and attractive Blog

You may have come across blog posts that only have paragraphs after paragraphs filled with complex sentences. Well, most people tend to ignore blog posts that offer nothing but huge chunks of text. If you want to make your blog posts more reader-friendly, you must make it visually appealing. Here are some suggestions that you can consider:

  • Create shorter paragraphs with simpler sentences that are easier to comprehend.
  • Add relevant images in the content to make the content more appealing.
  • Use sub-headings to properly segment the content into smaller sections.
  • Keep enough white space in the content to break the monotony of text.
  • Use bullet points so that the readers can easily skim through the content.

While using the images, make sure it is of high quality. At the same time, you need to make sure that the image size is not heavy, as large images can slow the page’s loading speed.

  1. Share Your Content On Social Media:

Even though you are optimizing your blog content for the search engines, you should also share the content on social media marketing platforms for higher reach. It is recommended to produce sharable content. You must have seen how websites like Buzzfeed or Mashable actively share their content on social media.

If you have built your blog on WordPress, you should consider adding the plugin that allows the readers to share the blog on social media platforms with a single click. Like SEO, you also need to focus on optimizing your content for social media. Focus on creating sharable content. You can gain a lot of traffic from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and more.

People love to share visually appealing blogs with strong headlines and in the listicle format. 


With the help of these hacks, you are more likely to achieve success as a blogger. However, no one can guarantee popularity for your blogs since there’s no recipe for viral content. Just keep at it, post the right thing at the right time. Also, do not be afraid to try out different things to see what clicks in your favor. Lastly, remember that the path you are walking isn’t going to be an easy one. But then again, most good things take time and patience. Show perseverance, and sooner or later, success will be yours. 

Happy blogging, fellow blogger!

Vansh Sharma
Vansh Sharma
Graduate in Journalism and Mass Media. For me, writing is a free flow of thoughts and opinions that brings reality in a formative way. I am a keen observer of society and nature, hence my writing shares a dramatic arch with deep rationale. Writing and reading make me think deeper and help me draw a contrast to understand better. I have written research papers and am on the verge to complete more. You can walk with me from Cinema, lifestyle & everyday speculations to technology, health, and education.



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