Yellowstone Spinoff 1932 Is Finally Happening! The Dutton Family Is Coming Back!


Yellowstone has entertained the audiences with its raunchiness and raw story. The twisted tale has intrigued fans with epic locations and vintage stories. Well, the show deserves some more content. Don’t you agree with me? Yes, the makers are coming up with new spin-off shows of the Yellowstone series. The recent one is Yellowstone Spinoff 1932

Yellowstone series is an American neo-Western drama. The show was released on 20 June 2018. Taylor Sheridan and John Linson are the creators of the series. The show boasts 8.7/10 IMDb and 83% Rotten Tomatoes scores. It is available on Paramount+. As of now, the series has released a total of three spinoffs- “1883,” “1932” and “6666.”

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The makers have finally announced the release date for Yellowstone Spinoff 1932. However, the makers have changed the title from 1932 to 1923 to cover more details of the Dutton family’s adventures. Yellowstone Spinoff 1932 is all set to get released in December 2022. Read the latest updates ahead.

Yellowstone spinoff 1932 is surely going to raise the bar of the series. We will witness the ancestors of the Dutton family and how they survived the dangers of the Montana region. Finally, the wait is over and the new spinoff is a few months away. So, read ahead to know the details.

1932 Yellowstone Spinoff | What Are The Latest Updates Of Yellowstone Spinoff 1932? 

Yellowstone Spinoff 1932 Is Finally Happening! The Dutton Family Is Coming Back!

Yellowstone Spinoff 1932 has now been renamed. The makers have changed the title to 1923. Now the story will cover the events of the First World War along with the Prohibition period. Thus, the drama is going to happen on a pan-level. The makers have already revealed the main lead cast who will grace the show. 

However, they have not revealed many show details. The show will focus on the Dutton family’s origin and their struggles during the prohibition time and the historic drought. Apart from epic locations, the show will focus on the authenticity of the plot by reflecting on historical events. 

Yellowstone Spin-off Cast | Who Will Join The Adventure?

Yellowstone Spinoff 1932 Is Finally Happening! The Dutton Family Is Coming Back!

The makers have not revealed much about the script and cast. However, they have confirmed that Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford will grace the spinoff series. Along with this talented cast, the Yellowstone spinoff 1923 will have new faces. 

There are chances that Helen Mirren might reprise the character of John Dutton Sr. However, it would be interesting to watch Harrison Ford’s character. James Jordan might also join the star cast. Only an official teaser can give us a sneak peek into 1923 characters. Does Rip die in Yellowstone? Truth is here!

What Happened In Yellowstone Prequel? Yellowstone Spinoff 1932 Updates!

Yellowstone Spinoff 1932 Is Finally Happening! The Dutton Family Is Coming Back!

The Yellowstone 1923 prequel was Yellowstone 1883 which covered the great March on the Great Plains. The show revolved around Elsa Dutton and her complicated personal life. The Duttons are shown expanding their influence and settling on the American plains. 

The series focuses on the Western expansion in the middle of tribal wars and uncertain events. The Duttons are building their empire while sorting their complicated lives. How to watch Yellowstone for free on Roku? Find here!

When Does 1932 Come Out? Do You Know Yellowstone Spinoff 1932 Release Date?

Yellowstone Spinoff 1932 Is Finally Happening! The Dutton Family Is Coming Back!

Yellowstone Spinoff 1932 which is now officially known as the 1923 series is going to be released in December 2022. Though the makers have not announced how many episodes will be in 1923, we do expect it to be more than 10 episodes. 

Taylor Sheridan has confirmed that they are also working on 1883: The Bass Reeves Story and 6666. David Glasser, the executive producer, has admitted that “1923 was always intended to be the second season of 1883”

Final Words

Yellowstone series is indeed one of the best drama shows that have attracted worldwide attention with its awesome content and breathtaking locations. Thus, fans are more likely to watch spinoffs. Spinoffs give the liberty to explore different eras as well as focus on particular characters. Let’s see what we are going to witness in Yellowstone Spinoff 1932! Till then watch Yellowstone 1883 to revisit the vintage adventures. Or you can watch similar shows and movies like Yellowstone here!

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