You Season 4 Latest Updates | Season 4 Gets Early February Release Date!


When love becomes an obsession, it tends to destroy everything. The thriller love story of series YOU is a perfect example of it. Joe’s obsession and murder spirit has surely given us chills. Still, we would love to watch him 🤷🏻‍♀️! Just like us, you are also obsessed with the show, therefore, get to know everything about YOU season 4 here!

YOU series revolves around love, obsession, and murders that will blow your minds. YOU have released three awesome seasons (30 episodes) and it boasts of a 7.7 IMDb rating. The series is heavily inspired by Caroline Kepnes’s novel of the same title. 

After the unexpecting and nail-biting season 3, fans are eagerly waiting to know about the season 4 cast, release date, and other details. And we are here to serve you with the latest updates on YOU Season 4. Netflix recently announced the release date for YOU Season 4 part 1 will be February 10, 2023. In addition to this announcement, further updates about the cast, plot, and the filming of YOU Season 4 have come out as well, which you will find in the later sections.

The series YOU has a lot of turns and twists that will hook you up to the screen. You cannot resist falling in love with charming Joe Goldberg but beware! His obsession can cost you heavily. To know all the latest updates about YOU season 4, keep reading the article!

Netflix’s You Season 4 Latest Updates | What Is In The Store?

Netflix had made an official announcement and given the fans good news that Season 4 is surely going to happen, just before the third installment’s release. After the release of YOU season 3, it is natural for the fans to ask for the release date of season 4. 

And now Netflix has finally delivered the biggest news of the year to its loyal fans. Yes, it is the YOU Season 4 release date. Netflix’s popular horror-thriller series, YOU, will follow in the same footsteps as Stranger Things and will release in two parts. YOU Season 4 part 1 will hit the Netflix screens on February 10, 2023. Whereas YOU Season 4, part 2, will release on March 10, 2023.

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Is You Season 4 Renewed Or Not? The Psychological Thriller Love Drama Is Back!

You Season 4 Latest Updates | Season 4 Gets Early February Release Date!

Just before the release of the third installment of the series YOU, fans got a surprise by the YOU franchise. Netflix revealed that it will soon start working on YOU season four. The official announcement was made on 13 October 2021 by sharing an awesome teaser to hype the public. 

The growing popularity of YOU is evident by its millions of views and worldwide fan following. People have loved season 2 and season 3. According to data, it got more than 457 million viewing hours. Thus, a season 4 was certain to happen.

What Happened In The End Of You Season 3? The Deadly Loose-Strings!

You Season 4 Latest Updates | Season 4 Gets Early February Release Date!

YOU season 3 ended on a high note and left a lot of unresolved cases as well as possibilities that you will definitely see in season 4. Season 3 ended with a bang and a lot of unexpected incidents. A lot of unresolved cases, murder mysteries, and locations have made potential scripts for the next season. If you are yet to watch, beware, there are spoilers ahead! 

Joe manages to brutally kill his wife, Love, by injecting poison. Moreover, Joe frames his death by burning the house and destroying every evidence. He decides to leave his newborn baby, Henry, to a couple rather than taking his responsibilities. He sets his next mission- to find his new obsession, Marienne, and leaves with a new identity in a new place to find her. 

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What Will Happen In You Season 4? Have You Seen That Coming?

You Season 4 Latest Updates | Season 4 Gets Early February Release Date!

From the ending of YOU season 3, it is clear that the dashing obsessive lover as well as a cunning serial killer, Joe, has left for Paris on his new venture without any past baggage or relations. Thus, the YOU season 4 has a lot of new possibilities that will surely make to the script.

#1 In the last three seasons, Joe has made a lot of enemies- Theo, Dottie, and Matthew who are still searching for Joe for revenge. We can possibly see all of them or certainly one of these characters who might play a crucial role in the upcoming season.

#2 Joe is determined to get his new obsession, Marienne, at any cost. Thanks to his highly stalking skills, Joe will find her and set a trap for her. Earlier, Marienne was apprehensive of Joe but we all know he is a charmer. It will be interesting to watch Marienne’s response and actions.

#3 Joe’s little son Henry is now with foster parents. We might get to see his early childhood days and his perspectives. Will his innocent mind be able to digest his father’s truth? It will be worth seeing!

#4 Apart from the existing lead characters, we will certainly see a few important characters that will have a huge impact on Joe’s life. Maybe, Joe might come across his new obsession (because we want a season, also!)

With the release of YOU Season 4’s motion poster, it is evident that the story is going in the right direction. Joe Goldberg has now set foot in London and is seen trying his best to blend in with the crowd. In YOU Season 4, Joe Goldberg will take up the identity of a college Professor, Johnathan Moore, and will be seen teaching at a University. The university will be the same place where he’ll find his new obsession, Marienne.

Who Will Be In You Season 4? Find Here Now!

You Season 4 Latest Updates | Season 4 Gets Early February Release Date!

No official announcement or reports are available now that mention the complete list of the series’ cast. However, we are sure of certain actors and actresses who will reprise their characters in the YOU season 4 also. So, here we go-

Cast Member In The Role Of 
Penn BadgleyJoe Goldberg
Tati GabrielleMarienne Bellamy
Lukas GageAdam
Amy-Leigh HickmanNadia
Adam JamesElliot
Alison PargeterDawn
Brad AlexanderEdward
Charlotte RitchieKate
Ed SpeleersRhys
Eve AustinGemma
Stephen HaganMalcolm
Ben WigginsRoald
Niccy LinSophie
Tilly KeeperLady Phoebe

Apart from the existing characters, there will be new entries as well who will make the show more thrilling and interesting.\

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What Is The Release Date? Where Can You Watch It?

You Season 4 Latest Updates | Season 4 Gets Early February Release Date!

As of now, there is no confirmed release date of YOU season 4 but we do expect it to hit the screens by the end of 2022. Due to ongoing pandemics and travel restrictions, the shooting is getting hampered. However, soon we will get the official release date.

The streaming platform for YOU season 4 would be Netflix only. You can watch the rest of the episodes there and enjoy this hauntingly beautiful show!

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Final Words

For all the fans of the series YOU, I know the wait is quite painful but hold on! Read YOU season 4 latest updates and know about all interesting facts related to the show. What do you want to see in season 4? Do tell us in the comment section!

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