About us

It’s hard to settle and create a vibe, but not for us. Viebly, an entertainment and lifestyle website, is constantly stretching itself so that there is no left corner in the room we don’t address. We call ourselves entertainment bureaucrats with a flag of community building. It is via communication at any of our platforms that we try to resonate with our audience. We are sui generis because-

We Vibe To Satisfy Our Tribe!

Our Team

Vansh Sharma

Content Lead

A researcher holding a magnifying glass who loves drawing an analogy and creating content. Vansh is not less than a dramatic arch in movies that adds a freshness to what is being delivered. Letter V of Viebly has a brain like Monica Geller, who likes things to be placed in a well-formed structure. He is the director of the content that you read on our website. His vision is like an old rum during winters that keeps you warm.

Shiva Misri

Brand Partnership Associate

Having about 4-5 years of experience in satisfying B2B and B2C business needs, now Shiva is working with us as a Brand Partner Associate to cater branding needs of the new and existing clients. He likes to research technology and how to utilise it for the maximum potential growth of our organization along with our clients. He's dedicated towards growth and learning and excited towards evolution.

Shraddha Singh

Content Writer

Shraddha is an English literature student who is passionate about playing with words. She is a reserved person who speaks out through her writing. Her writings are usually inspired by whatever she feels in her surroundings. She aims to bring more people into reading and writing because it’s an easy way to communicate with a larger segment of people.

Tarandeep Kour

Brand Partnerships Associate

To ensure that we connect with you and other global brands efficiently, we have Taran on board. She is a brand-partnership associate of our team. She has hands down, the experience of 5-6 years, which undoubtedly put her under the A+ Category. She is a visionary member with ideas to explore, connect and deliver. The hot hammer in her hand always hits the right spot, leading to our powered growth.

Abdul Mukeet

Content Writer

Two things define Abdul Mukeet. His love for literature and his love for food. He likes to indulge in the best versions of both of them. When he is not writing for Viebly, you can find him cooped up in a corner with a good book in his hand and a cat in his lap. Oh, yeah, he loves cats too. One day he will be an established author, till then, you can find him on Twitter tweeting lame puns and making unfunny jokes.

Antra Koul

Associate Content Writer

With an IT engineering degree, Antra enjoys her brain, playing with words rather than codes. Her name Antra which means ending, defines her well, as she is ready to accept challenges at the end of the day. Along with writing on entertainment and lifestyle, she likes to spend her time digging endlessly through the archives, looking for something new to tell people. She delivers her readers what they are looking for and makes things easy for them with her musings.

Sabira Fatimi

Content Writer

Sabira, The magical fresh air of the Viebly, can bewitch you through her awesome writings on our site! A daydreamer, wordsmith, charmer, camera-poser, and hodophile are her other personalities to explore. She is a writer who never fails to fascinate with her brilliant storytelling; after all, she is the postgraduate historian of Jamia!

Domains We Cover

They say that life's a stage, and we believe that every performance on it has the right to be groomed. Join us in this race to decode the popular and pace up with the Lifestyle. Stay updated about what is happening around you - camouflage in the trends when you want to and stand apart when you wish to.


There are 27 emotions that you experience every day, and each of them needs to be catered to separately. Like a true friend, we understand what you need in a particular mood and come up with various options (from songs to bible verses to movies and what not!) to engage and address every spirit of yours. So come along to heighten every positive emotion and to lower every negative one.


Because fashion never runs out of style, we ensure that you are the diva of your college and the life and soul of every party equipped with all the prerequisites for the same. Whether you want to select a dress for a wedding or a romantic poem for the d-day, if you wish to keep a conversation going or make new friends - our website will be your one-stop destination.