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It’s hard to settle and create a vibe, but not for us. Viebly, an entertainment, and a social website is constantly stretching itself so that there is no corner left in the room we don’t address. We call ourselves entertainment bureaucrats with a flag of community building. It is via communication at any of our platforms that we try to resonate with our audience. We are sui generis because-

We Vibe To Satisfy Our Tribe!

Our Team

Arush Mahajan

What do you get when you combine the skills of an amazing motivational speaker with his interests in DC and Marvel? Well, Viebly got Arush, who will not only take you out of your lazy zone with his words but also keep you intrigued with his abundant knowledge of Marvel and DC Legends.

Antra Koul

With IT codes in her mind and a love for snarky catchphrases, Antra has a lot to balance on her plate. She is here to give you a reality check on everything from social media trends to the latest Snapchat updates. Be it any new Snapchat hack or the latest update, she will help you crack it down cuz being obsessed with Snapchat is her #1 survival instinct.

Pankaj Kumar

How can an entertainment website survive without anime content when it's every Gen-Z's demand? So, we have Pankaj, who is not only an anime lover but also a passionate writer. Pankaj is not your average millennial, he is a silent ghost like Sasuke, watching every anime but suggesting only those that truly deserve your attention and time.

Cherry Sharma

Cherry is a Vocational English graduate with a deep love for reading fiction and writing. In her free time, you can catch her making reels and posts around the topics for Instagram. So, on Viebly, she combines her interests and knowledge to write articles that help other people use Instagram better as well.

Jasleen Kour

Whoever said engineers can only be nerds is truly wrong, as they haven't met Jasleen. Jasleen is not just an avid book reader but also an admirer of excellent cinema. Be it a riveting series or a thriller documentary, you will find her binge-watching it in a go. Trust the cinema Gods, she is that obsessed!

Ujwal Mattoo

With full journalism and half engineering background, Ujwal has hands in both the tech and creative fields. As much as he enjoys watching movies, he is always amused to know more and write about the locations to feed his hunger for traveling. He is either busy writing or playing with Milo, his dog!

Sabira Fatimi

Sabira is a self-certified daydreamer who loves to explore herself through words. She is a writer who never fails to fascinate with her brilliant storytelling; after all, she is the postgraduate historian of Jamia! You can clearly see her knack for research is deeply embedded in her writing as she constantly provides tech support solutions to all your streaming platform queries!

Koustav Mandal

Koustav is a Mass Communication and Journalism graduate, now turned into a professional writer, who dreams of becoming an established filmmaker one day. He's a movie buff and keeps himself up with all the movie/ series updates, so he's the right person to inform you where to watch a particular show or a movie.

Vansh Sharma

A researcher holding a magnifying glass who loves drawing an analogy and creating content. Vansh is no less than a dramatic arch in movies that adds freshness to what is being delivered. He loves being in trend, hence, he follows every trending affair and writes about it!

Tarandeep Kour

To ensure that we connect with you and other global brands efficiently, we have Taran on board. She is a brand-partnership associate of our team. She works as a bridge between Brands and the editorial team. She is a visionary member with ideas to explore, connect and deliver.

Domains We Cover

They say that life Is a stage, and we believe that every performance on it has the right to be groomed. Join us in this race to decode the popular and pace up with the media. Stay updated about what is happening around you - camouflage in the trends when you want to and stand apart when you wish to.


There are 27 emotions that you experience every day, and each of them needs to be catered to separately. Like a true friend, we understand what you need in a particular mood and come up with various options (from songs to bible verses to movies and what not!) to engage and address every spirit of yours. So come along to heighten every positive emotion and to lower every negative one.


Social Media is our closest friend. Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, social media platforms are there for everyone! You can post, connect, learn, and do many random things on social media. Hence, we have decided to help you to take your social media activities to another level. So, let’s socialize people!