Where To Watch Baddies South Online For Free? Season 1 Of Baddies South Is Here!


Reality shows are supposed to be raw, unfiltered, and filled with drama. That is why we all love them. One of the famous reality shows in recent times has been the Bad Girls Club which included rowdy girls that would often get into physical altercations at the drop of a hat. The show then got a spinoff called Baddies South. And if you are wondering where to watch Baddies South, you are at the right place. 

Baddies South is a spin-off series created and produced by Natalie Nunn and Tanisha Thomas. Following the success of the Bad Girls Club, we also got a series titled Baddies ATL. Baddies South is a direct sequel to the ATL series and has seen great reception overall.

The show airs exclusively on the millennial-centric TV network Zeus Network and has received rave reviews. Baddies South is now going to start production of its second season after the success of its first season. The first season focused mostly on the state of Georgia. If you are looking where you can watch baddies south free episodes, then there are a few places for you to explore.

Where To Watch Baddies South Online For Free? All You Need To Know!

Where To Watch Baddies South Online For Free? Season 2 Of Baddies South Is Here!

Baddies South can be watched online on multiple platforms. Most of the OTT and Video on Demand platforms are looking to add something new to their platforms. Reality shows help create diversity and add something new. 

Whether it’s shows like Love Island or something else, we always rely on watching the shows online. You can also use the online phenomena and watch Baddies South online on the streaming platforms we have mentioned below.

Watch Baddies South On Zeus Network | How To Watch Baddies South Online For Free?

Watch Baddies South On Zeus Network | Where To Watch Baddies South Online For Free?

The home to Baddies South is the new streaming service called Zeus Network. Zeus Network is a paid service created by influencers and creators for the younger generation. You can pay a subscription fee and watch Baddies South on the Zeus Network. You can also get access to behind-the-scenes and several other special episodes!

Subscription to Zeus Network starts at as low as $5.99 per month. You can also avail a 16% discounted rate if you choose to go the annual way of payment. Zeus offers an annual subscription package at $59.99, billed yearly

Is Baddies South On Netflix? Where Can I Watch Baddies South Online For Free?

Netflix might seem like the old one in the house, but you can damn well expect it to have reality shows too. There are a variety of genres of shows on Netflix. There are various reality shows on Netflix too. Unfortunately, Baddies South is currently not available to stream on Netflix. 

Considering the show’s popularity, it might be available to watch in the future, but for now, Netflix does not have Baddies South on its platform. You can still enjoy shows like Stranger Things which are currently topping the charts on the most streamed shows on Netflix globally with a Netflix Free Trial. So, people go watch it!

Watch Baddies South On Youtube Premium | Where To Watch Baddies South Online For Free?

Where To Watch Baddies South Online For Free? Season 2 Of Baddies South Is Here!

For the international audience, we have some great news. You can catch the Bad Girls Club spinoff in a place you didn’t think about. Yes, that place is YouTube premium. The service offered by YouTube gives you an ad-free experience of the platform in general. But it also gives you access to a lot of original content.

You can watch Baddies South on YouTube premium. To get YouTube Premium, you need a subscription, and you’re good to go! For the US audience, YouTube Premium starts from $11.99 per month. This varies depending on the device that you are using. It also changes depending on the country of origin you are in. However, there is an option for using the YouTube Channel free trails.

The Plot Of Baddies South | How To Watch Baddies South Online For Free?

In April 2022, the Zeus network announced a second season is in the making. Baddies South will continue its exploration of the bad women in the Southern States. We got a teaser trailer for the show on May 16, 2022. Subsequently, a full trailer of Baddies South was released, and the audience couldn’t wait.

Baddies South was officially released on June 12, 2022, and has generally enjoyed positive reviews. The show, just like its predecessors, follows a group of ladies that take over the clubs and chill, hang out and enjoy parties. There are new characters in every season, and ever so often, old controversial characters are reintroduced.

The gals learn to live with each other and have to prove who is the dirtiest girl of them all. Getting the best out of the southern girls in the harshest conditions and the rowdiest towns, the girls are up against themselves and the world. While we can’t be biased and pick our favorites, who is your pick from season 2?

Baddies South Episodes Available To Watch Online 

Baddies South Episodes Available To Watch Online 

Now that you know where you can watch Baddies South for free, the next step is to find how many episodes of Baddies South can you stream online. Luckily, you can watch all 6 episodes of Baddies South season 1 for free online. 

Season Episode Episode Name Episode Air Date 
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 1 Out With The Old, In With The NewJune 12, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 2I Cleaned You Up June 19, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 3You Don’t Want These Problems June 26, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 4Looking Like Luther VandrossJuly 3, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 5Stop The Bus July 10, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 6All Good Things Must Come To An End July 17, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 7Cashville Ten-a-KeyJuly 24, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 8A House DividedJuly 31, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 9Business Before PleasureAugust 7, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 10Girls Gone WildAugust 14, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 11Hide and SeekAugust 21, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 12A Baddie Keeps It PushingAugust 28, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 13Into The Thick Of ItSeptember 4, 2022
Baddies South Season 1 Episode 14The End Of The RoadSeptember 11, 2022

Cast Of Baddies South 

Beware the Baddies as they are back in action and ready to take over the Dirty South once again. But this time, it’s going to double the trouble and triple the fun because we have some new ladies joining the main cast as well. Now, without any wait, let’s find out more about the cast of Baddies South

Cast Main/GuestAge Original Season/Reality
Chrisean RockMain22Blue Girls Club 1 
Anne MooreMain25N/A
Scotlynd “Scotty” Ryan Main25N/A
Sashanna “Slim” McLaurinMain25One Mo’ Chance 2 
Briana “Bri” Walker Main28Bad Girls Club: East Meets West
Gia “Rollie” MayhamMain29One Mo’ Chance 1
Christina SalgadoGuest 32Bad Girls club: Mexico 
Elliadria “Persuasian” GriffinMain32Bad Girls Club: Social Disruption 
Jelaminah “Jela” Lanier Main32Bad Girls Club: Back For More 
Sidney StarrGuest33Love & Hip Hop: New York 
Natalie NunnMain37Bad Girls Club: Los Angeles 
Sarah Oliver Guest37Bad Girls Club: Miami 

Baddies South: The Reunion

Following the successful closing of the Baddies South season, every baddie went their separate way! As is customary with reality shows, we always tend to get some reunion episodes later on. While we have all been missing the girls and the drama Zeus network has come through with its promise. The TV network announced that there will be a reunion episode of the show! Yay! The reunion is going to be divided into two parts and will air on Zeus Network.

The Reunion Part 1 aired on September 25, 2022, at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time on Zeus, and Part 2 is set to air on October 2, 2022. The episodes will be hosted by Trina and Janeisha John. So keep your schedules free as there is still a lot of baddies action to be seen! Oh and pro-tip: keep your tissues handy. You’re going to need them!

Final Words

We hope now you know where to watch Baddies South online for free. The show not only has kickass drama but also some fun bonding between the ladies. What are your thoughts about the show? Let us know in the comments down below!

How many seasons of Baddies South are there?

Baddies South has one season out currently.

When did Baddies South Season 1 come out?

Baddies South Season 1 released on 12 June 2022 on Zeus Network

Where to watch Baddies South today?

You watch Baddies South on Zeus Network with a monthly subscription of $5.99

Is Zeus TV free?

No, Zeus TV is not a free service. Zeus is a subscription-based paid TV Network.

How many episodes of Baddies South are there?

Baddies South has a total of 14 episodes in its first season. You can check them out and stream them easily on Zeus Network.

Is Baddies South ATL on Roku?

Baddies South ATL is available to watch on the Zeus network. And Zeus network is available on many devices like Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku.

What channels is Baddies ATL on?

Baddies Alt is a Zeus network original and available to stream on the same platform.

How many seasons of Baddies are there in total?

Besides Baddies South, the Baddies franchise has a total of 2 seasons!

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