How To Watch Planet Earth II Online For Free? Best Ways And Alternatives!


A deer getting mauled by a cheetah might not seem soothing at first, but Sir David Attenborough narrating the event will make it seem so. He is the master narrator behind BBC documentaries like Planet Earth (2006) and Planet Earth II (2016). And if you are wondering how to watch Planet Earth II online for free, let’s see what options you have. 

This is a question many people outside the UK might have. Sir David has voiced various documentaries, and Planet Earth II is in a class of its own. It has been filmed in High Definition, a feat that had not been achieved before. So wanting to watch the documentary has to be on everyone’s bucket list. It is in mine, at least! 

So how to watch Planet Earth II online for free? It’s not a hard thing to do. All you have to do is explore some documentary hosting platforms, and voila, you can stream it then and there. If you don’t have cable TV but are subscribed to streaming services like Hulu or Amazon, then you can watch Planet Earth II on them as well. You will effectively watch it for free since you have already paid for the service.

These websites are your best bet if you don’t subscribe to the BBC UK services. But you don’t have to live in the UK to enjoy Sir David narrating how Komodo dragons have dominated the food chain for hundreds of years. Let’s check out other alternatives. 

How To Watch Planet Earth II Online For Free? Watch The Documentaries In America!

You can watch Planet Earth II in the US on BBC America website. But be aware that the subscription costs quite a bit, so it won’t be free. There are other options that you can explore, like Sling TV. But then again, that is a subscription-based service, so it will not be free.

The online documentary portals are your best option to watch Planet Earth II for free. While you will be watching the documentary at no cost, you will be missing out on the high-fidelity surround sound that BBC offers on its services. 

The documentary invested a lot in its visuals as well as the sound system. This is something online documentary portals are not able to replicate. Since they only host the video file. Sometimes you will also see distorted visuals due to online compressions. So is it free if you are compromising on the experience?

Does Netflix Have Planet Earth 2? Can You Stream It In 2022?

How To Watch Planet Earth II Online For Free? Best Ways And Alternatives!

Netflix was one of the online streaming services that used to host Planet Earth II. Unfortunately, in 2019 many documentaries were taken off the service as their licenses were not renewed. The Blue Planet (2001), Planet Earth, and Planet Earth II were among those. 

Not all is bad news, though, as you can still stream those documentaries globally on Disney’s platform now. They own the licenses for dozens of BBC nature documentaries for the next couple of years.  

Will There Be A Planet Earth 3? Will We See More Of Sir David Attenborough?

How To Watch Planet Earth II Online For Free? Best Ways And Alternatives!

Planet Earth II followed in the footsteps of Planet Earth. The second documentary of the series has been divided into 6 parts. Each concentrated on one aspect of life on earth. Planet Earth II included a lot of technological breakthroughs. Not only did we see the animals better, but we could also see them from angles we never thought would have been possible. We could also see their lives better.

Planet Earth III would depend on what breakthroughs we would have in cinematic equipment in the future. There is no official announcement yet, so nothing can be said for sure. We sure hope Sir David Attenborough will lend his majestic narration to that one. The experiences of the animal kingdom are taken to another level by his voice-over!

Final Words 

So, How to Watch Planet Earth II Online For Free? Scavenge through some online documentary repositories. But in our suggestion, the best way to enjoy the documentaries will be to watch them by subscribing to BBC services. After all, a lot of effort and money has been poured into making it possible. You might as well do the best you can to support them. 

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