Where To Watch 7 Days For Free? Tale Of Lockdown Love!


The pandemic sent everything ‘normal’ out of the window. What we now have is the ‘new normal. But we anyway have to make it work, right? Playing on similar themes is the movie 7 Days.  A situational comedy that gives us some good laughs and some drama too. If you’re wondering where to watch 7 Days for free, keep on reading!

Directed by Roshan Sethi, 7 Days is a funny take on the customs of many cultures. While modern society is increasingly liberal towards choosing who one should marry. Some societies still base their decisions on tradition. 

Not that it is a bad thing, but the movie does shed light on an issue or two. Starring Karan Soni and Geraldine Viswanathan in the lead roles, 7 Days is a nice light-hearted movie to watch with some social commentary thrown in. So where to watch 7 Days for free? First, let’s see what the movie is about, shall we?

The Plot Of 7 Days | What Is It About?

Pre-decided and arranged marriages are a shot in the dark. There’s a slim chance of it ever hitting the right mark and working out for the best. And yet we see millions of people getting married this way. As is customary in most south Asian societies.

Rita and Ravi are two young people who are supposed to do the same. While they are opposite to each other in almost every way, they are forced to spend time with each other. Why? Because of a lockdown imposed due to rising covid-19 cases. 

Free Christmas Movies Full Length
Free Christmas Movies Full Length

What was scheduled to be a one-off date turned out to be a week of being together. As they spend time with each other, the two realize maybe there is something between them after all. Is it cabin fever or something else, we don’t know. We will let you decide as you watch the movie!

Where To Watch 7 Days For Free | All You Need To Know

With a warm reception and the lockdown love hitting home to many, 7 Days received a lot of love. It still enjoys a nice score on many review aggregator websites and continues to be in demand. With everyone asking where to watch 7 Days for free even after a year of its release.

Is 7 Days Available To Watch On Netflix?

Where To Watch 7 Days For Free? Tale Of Lockdown Love!

No, 7 Days is not available to stream on Netflix. The lovely comedy-drama comprises a whole list of other shows that are not available to stream on Netflix. But hey, that does not mean Netflix doesn’t have anything to offer. No, that’s far from the case.

Audiences in the US, as well as globally, should tune into Netflix to watch shows like Business Proposal and Alchemy of Souls. These amazing recent additions to the platform have been topping the charts off late. You can also watch First Kill on Netflix!

Is 7 Days Available To Watch On Amazon Prime?

Yes, 7 Days is available on Amazon Prime. Though one thing to note is that 7 Days is not available to stream on Amazon Prime. It is only available to rent or buy. 

This may be a deal breaker for some. As it means you can’t watch other shows or movies on Amazon Prime. Missing out on great movies like Hacksaw Ridge and many more!

Renting options for 7 Days start from as low as $2.99 per month. Once you rent it, you will have a total of 30 days to watch the movie. Oh, and if you press play, you will only have 48 to finish the movie, so be wise when you click it.

If you are looking to buy 7 Days from Amazon, you can choose to do that too. Buying options start from $6.99. These prices are US-specific, so please check the prices depending on your region before making a purchase. 

Is 7 Days Available To Watch On Mubi?

Where To Watch 7 Days For Free? Tale Of Lockdown Love!

Yes, 7 Days is available to watch on Mubi. Mubi has the best curation of chart-topping and cinematic masterpieces. 7 Days happens to be one of them too. 

And with Mubi being available the world over, you can easily watch any movie you want that’s on the platform. But just like Netflix and other OTT platforms, some content might be geoblocked. In such cases, you would require a VPN service to access and watch 7 Days.

Plans for Mubi are quite budget friendly too. If you are a student, you can watch 7 Days on Mubi for only $6.99 per month. All content is accessible, no holds barred. And for everyone else, you will need to pay only $10.99 per month. 

That’s not a bad deal considering the quality of content available on the platform. Oh, and if you subscribe for the first time, then you get a free 7-day trial. Giving you enough time to watch 7 Days for free on Mubi. Just remember to cancel it before your trial ends!

Where To Watch 7 Days For Free Online? Possible Streaming Options To Try

There are a lot of options to watch on OTT platforms but where to watch 7 Days for free is more important to know. For that, we might have a solution for you! Check out the few places we mention below where you can watch 7 Days for free!

Watch  7 Days On Bilibili

Where To Watch 7 Days For Free? Tale Of Lockdown Love!

You can watch 7 Days on bilibili for free. Bilibili is like Youtube but for movies. Most of the movies that are popular and have good reviews end up on the website. And those you can watch for free. Luckily 7 Days also makes the list, and you should have no problems watching it on bilibili.

Watch  7 Days On Telegram Movie Channels

You can also watch 7 Days on through various Telegram movie channels. All you need to do is search 7 Days in the Telegram search option. From there, you will get a few links and media options. Choose whichever you feel is best and watch 7 Days for free on Telegram!

Watch  7 Days On 123movies

Lastly, you can also watch 7 Days on 123movies. The website has some ads but that does not take away from the collection of movies it has. You can find good quality movies and watch 7 Days for free on 123movies.

Is 7 Days In Theatres?

No, 7 Days is not available to watch in theatres. 7 Days was released on June 10, 2021. It first made its appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival and then followed it up with other festival releases. Since then, it has been available to stream through OTT platforms like Mubi.

Final Words

We hope now you know where to watch 7 Days for free. The movie is a nice light-hearted watch and makes for a good evening winddown. Have you watched the movie? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments down below!

How long is the movie 7 Days?

7 days is a nice 86 minutes long.

Is the movie 7 Days in English?

Yes, 7 Days is in English as it is a Hollywood production.

Is 7 days on Apple TV?

No, 7 Days is not available to watch on Apple TV

Is 7 days on TubiTV?

NO, 7 days is not on TubiTV

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