Where To Watch 70s Shows? Do You Still Search For Them?


I won’t mind if you tell me you are looking for where to watch 70s shows because it’s hard to get over them for today’s adults. Interestingly, these shows were not just a source of entertainment but used to give several life lessons. This peculiarity about these shows makes people even today reminisce about them. 

Through this article, I would try to connect the present era with the era of the70s. For this, I have picked some famous shows of the 70s. Besides this, I will share some platforms to stream these popular shows. So, if any of your known people are searching where to watch 70s shows, then it’s time to end your search.

To explore some of the best shows of the 70s, let’s cover them one by one!

Here Your Search Ends For Where To Watch 70s Shows | Enjoy Them Again!

Some shows of the 70s, like The Jeffersons (1975-1985) have been appreciated for describing the decade. Also, some others have redefined what primetime for comedy could be. But all of them have the potential to give the comforting feeling of nostalgia. Here are some of those!

1. The Brady Bunch (1969-1974)

Where To Watch 70s Shows? Do You Still Search For Them?

The Brandy Bunch was produced by Howard Leeds, Sherwood Schwartz, and Lloyd. J Schwartz. And the production companies of the show were Redwood Productions and Paramount Television. Interestingly, there have been many spin-offs and sequels so that you can enjoy them as well.

The show’s plot revolves around the life of six teenagers who are step-siblings. Further, they face similar issues while entering their teenage years from childhood and find problems communicating with their parents. Interestingly, this issue is present today, and parents look for ways to communicate with their teenagers.

Just like today’s parents, the parents in this show struggle to understand the situation of their children and understand their roles for daughters and sons. So, I don’t think it’s hard to relate to this show!

Where to watch The Brady Bunch Online – Hulu and CBS All Access 

2. The Partridge Family (1970-1974)

Where To Watch 70s Shows? Do You Still Search For Them?

The Partridge Family was produced by a production company named Screen Gems Television. And the producers were William Bickley, Dale McRaven, Lary Rosen, Paul Junger Witt, and Mel Swope. So, there were lots of brains behind it!

The show features a widowed mother and her five children. Cassidy is the oldest one and has made her career in music. Gradually, the family becomes a band, and the musical family enjoys life adventures.

Furthermore, the theme of partying in the show is very relatable in today’s time because most families like partying every weekend. Interestingly, a family like The Partridge Family can be found even today, where most family members love music. 

Where to watch The Partridge Family Online – IMDb TV and Crackle 

3. The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977)

Where To Watch 70s Shows? Do You Still Search For Them?

The Mary Tyler Moore Show is an outcome of the efforts of its producers named David Davis, Lorenzo Music, Ed Weinberger, and Stan Daniels. And the production company behind this amazing show is MTM Enterprises. 

The show showcases Mary Tyler Moore, an independent woman who chooses to give more importance to her career rather than getting married. Furthermore, the show captures the society, fashion, and feminism of the 70s.

So, what makes it relatable to the present era is the theme of feminism and independent woman. Interestingly, today, many women lead the same life and have the same opinion about their careers. Also, it brings forth a woman’s capabilities, which we are seeing till today.

Where to watch The Mary Tyler Moore Show Online – Hulu 

4. Taxi (1978-1983)

Where To Watch 70s Shows? Do You Still Search For Them?

Taxi is a creation by Richard Sakai and Howard Gewirtz, and the production companies that produced it were Paramount Television and John Charles Walters Productions. 

The show portrays the life of a few taxi drivers of New York and how they develop a kinship. Besides this, they have a rude owner, but they manage to stay happy with each other’s company.

The theme of kinship with fellow employees is even practiced today. Interestingly, kinship with colleagues is so evident today that we can’t deny having 1-2 colleagues as our friends. So, watching this show will be like watching yourself on television.

Where to watch Taxi Online- Hulu (but not all episodes are there)

5. Sanford And Son (1972-1977)

Where To Watch 70s Shows? Do You Still Search For Them?

Sanford And Son is the result of the efforts of Aaron Ruben, Bernie Orenstein, and Saul Turteltaub. And The Tandem Productions produced this show.

This interesting show is about racial humor and catchphrases that a father and his son face. Finally, they manage to lead their lives with peace and integrity. Interestingly, the manifestation of African people in this show is something that many people can relate to even today because of several tales from their grandparents. 

The hardships of the father-son in the show may interest a lot of people today because people are concerned about such people, and movements like ‘Black Lives Matter’ have further awakened people. So, watching this show is like having an insight into the lives of Africans who shifted to America.

Where to watch Sanford And Son Online –  Starz, Amazon Prime (with an add-on of Starz), and Hulu (with an add-on of Starz)

Final Words 

I hope by now, your search has ended for where to watch 70s shows, and some of the shows are a sitcom. So, it’s time to get to the streaming platforms I mentioned and enjoy your primetime with these amazing shows!

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