Where To Watch Megamind? A Free Option Is Here!!


All this while, you’ve been curious to know where to watch Megamind (2010). And it’s understandable why! Megamind is such an interesting film that everyone would love to watch it. To satiate your curiosity, I’ve compiled a list of platforms where you can watch Megamind. Read this article until the end to know where to watch Megamind for free!

Megamind is an animated sci-fi comedy film about a blue-headed supervillain turned hero. Megamind has a good-guy nemesis, Metro Man. They are two alien offspring of the same parents who launch them into space in pods. Their fate on Earth is completely different from each other. They are raised in different environments. Metro Man is raised in a wealthy family while Megamind lands in a prison yard. They attend the same school for gifted children but get opposite treatment: one is popular, and the other is treated as an outcast. 

What Is Megamind About? The Plot Of Megamind

Where To Watch Megamind? A Free Option Is Here!!

The plot of the movie Megamind centers around the movie’s main characters – Megamind and Metro Man. Megamind and Metro Man are siblings and yet have lived different lives. One in poverty and the other in wealth. So, the two of them end up as cutthroat enemies and keep getting into fights. 

Megamind always ends up in prison. One day, Megamind produces a ray that kills Metro Man. But after a short span, he starts to feel bored as there’s no one to fight with now. So, he created another superhero called Titan. He thinks that Titan will use his power for the people’s good. But this is not the case. Titan becomes evil and greedy for power; the greater he gets, the more he does. Now, only Megamind can save the world. The fate of humankind rests on Megamind’s shoulders.

Where To Watch Megamind? Can you Watch It For Free Too??

But before I tell you about some amazing platforms where you can stream Megamind, here are some facts and figures about this popular show that you must know! 

Release DateNovember 5, 2010
Running Time1h 35m
Created ByTom McGarth
Production ByDreamWorks Animation, Pacific Data Images
Cast Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, Brad Pitt, Ben Stiller, Christopher Knights
IMDb Rating7.3/10

Now, I won’t take any more of your time and start telling you where to stream the film!

Is Megamind Available To Stream On Apple TV? Can You Watch Megamind On Apple TV For Free?

Where To Watch Megamind? A Free Option Is Here!!

Yes, Megamind is available to stream on Apple TV if you are willing to pay a small amount of $3.99. You can buy/rent Megamind on Apple TV for a one-time watch, but that’s about it. If you want to watch the movie more than once, you will have to pay for the rent once again. 

Is Megamind Available To Stream On YouTube? Can You Watch Megamind On YouTube? 

Yes, Megamind is available to watch on YouTube at the same price as $3.99. You can either rent/buy Megamind on YouTube, the choice is entirely yours to make.

Is Megamind On Amazon Prime Video??

Where To Watch Megamind? A Free Option Is Here!!

Yes! Megamind, filled with high-flying action and constant laughter, is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. You can rent it for $3.99 in both HD and SD. But if you choose to purchase Megamind, you’ll have to spare $14.99 from your pocket to streaming the film in SD or HD! 

Follow these simple steps to rent Megamind on Amazon Prime:

  • Open the Prime Video website/ Prime Video app.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Search for Megamind using the search tool.
  • When Megmind’s details page appears, choose the display quality you want to stream the movie in. 
  • If you’re a Prime Video PIN, you’ll be required to enter it to finish the purchase. 

Ta-da! It’s done!! Now, Megamind is rented and available for direct streaming!

Is Megamind On Google Play?

Where To Watch Megamind? A Free Option Is Here!!

A hilarious twist on the cliche superhero films, Megamind is available for streaming on Google Play! You can watch Megamind by either renting it for $3.99 or buying it for $14.99. Google Play allows you to stream the movie in HD only. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to rent or buy Megamind on Google Play:

  • Open Google Play Movies & TV
  • Search for Megamind.
  • Select Rent or Buy. 

That’s it! Wasn’t this so easy?! Here’s an exciting piece of news: you can share your rented or purchased movie Megamind with five family members! 

Is Megamind On Vudu??

Where To Watch Megamind? A Free Option Is Here!!

It’s a big YES, folks! You can watch Megamind on Vudu too! To do so, you will have to install Vudu on your device first and subscribe to it. You will be required to choose a plan of your preferences and pay for it. 

Then, you can stream Megamind in SD or HDX by renting it for $3.99. Alternatively, you can buy the movie on SD or HDX for $14.99. 

Is Megamind Available To Buy/Rent On iTunes?

Where To Watch Megamind? A Free Option Is Here!!

You can watch the kids and family movie Megamind on iTunes by renting it for $3.99 or purchasing it for $14.99. Either of the two options will allow you to watch the movie hassle-free. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to do the same:

  • Open the latest version of iTunes on your device. 
  • Go to the iTunes store and search for Megamind
  • Click on Megamind, and the options will appear to buy/ rent it. 
  • Click on the rental price. 
  • If asked, enter your Apple ID password. 

Do this, and you’ll be able to stream Megamind on iTunes too! 

Is Megamind On Netflix?

Where To Watch Megamind? A Free Option Is Here!!

Well, a few people can, and few can’t. Megamind is available in some regions but not in others. For example, if you live in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, or Canada, you can easily stream Megamind on Netflix. But if you live in the US, you can’t watch the movie on Netflix. 

But don’t be disheartened! There’s a way around everything in today’s tech-advanced world, including geo-restrictions. 

  • All you’ll have to do is to get yourself a VPN. 
  • Then select the server of a Netflix region that does stream Megamind. 
  • Connect to that server. 
  • Now open Netflix, and you’ll be able to watch Megamind!

Where To Watch Megamind For Free?

Where To Watch Megamind? A Free Option Is Here!!

It is time I finally answered your question! Yes, you can watch Megamind for absolutely free! There will be no hidden costs! That’s promised! You can stream Megamind for free on IMDb TV and Tubi TV. 

Tubi TV allows you to watch free movies & TV with fewer annoying ads than cable. And all of it is completely legal! Tubi is available for free on a wide variety of supported devices, like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. You are going to be spoilt with choices! 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to do the same:

  • Grab the device you want to watch Megamind on. 
  • Install Tubi.
  • Register yourself on Tubi TV by providing details like your e-mail address, birthdate, etc. 
  • Once registered, you can search Megamind and stream it for free. 

Hallelujah! It’s done!!

Final Words

I know you were quite anxious to know where to watch Megamind or watch the film for free. I’ve solved your query by giving you plenty of options. Now, all you have to do is relax and watch the film!

Happy Watching!!

Is Megamind streaming on Netflix?

No, Megamind is streaming on Netflix.

Can You Watch Megamind on Paramount Plus?

No, you cannot watch Megamind on Paramount Plus.

Is Megamind available for streaming on Peacock TV? 

No, Megamind is not available for streaming on Peacock TV. 

Can You Stream Megamind on Disney+? 

No, you cannot stream Megamind on Disney+.

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