Where To Watch Misery For Free? A Horrifying Psychological Thriller?


Do you love watching Stephen King adaptations? If yes, then I would like you to remember the Misery (1990) movie. Stephen King is a popular author who is well-known for his horror stories. So, I think you want to watch this movie if you have read a book of the same name. This article will explain everything about the film and where to watch Misery for free.

The psychological thriller film, Misery was directed by Rob Reiner. This adapted movie was a huge box office hit and got positive reviews from critics. Kathy Bates was highly praised for her performance and also won Oscar Award. Furthermore, Misery is Stephen King’s favorite film adaptation.

The movie centers on the popular author Paul Sheldon and his gripping fan Annie Wilkes. Even after three decades, Misery is a still favorite film of many and is widely praised by critics. These days, it is hard to find a psychological horror movie like this. When you watch the movie, you’ll get connected with the emotions of the character’s fear and horror.

So, where to watch Misery 1990? If you have missed the movie at the release time, then don’t worry there are so many streaming platforms offering this popular thriller film. I will share you with the details of both free and paid streaming platforms in this article. Continue reading to find where to watch Misery for free.

The Plot Of Misery | What Is The Story About?

One day Paul Sheldon meets with a car accident and he is saved by his fan, Annie Wilkes. There is severe snowstorm in the area which is impossible to take the author to a nearby hospital. So, Annie decides to take care of Paul.

Annie is an addictive fan of Paul’s novel and she considers that she is more familiar with the characters of Paul’s story than him. Paul is slowly healing from his wounds and Annie requests him to write a fresh novel. But this time Annie plays a significant role in his writings. If she doesn’t like the story or it is not up to her expectations, then it becomes very difficult for Paul to console her.

Therefore, Paul must create a story that meets her desire. If he is unable to create it, then it is going to be challenging for him. So, how does Paul create the story, or what happens if he doesn’t write the story according to the taste of Annie?

If you are excited to know more about the movie, then you should learn where to watch Misery for free. The below session gives you the details of different streaming platforms.

Where To Watch Misery For Free? How To Watch Misery 1990?

Where To Watch Misery For Free? A Horrifying Psychological Thriller?

Now, let’s find out more about where to watch Misery for free. You can stream it on popular streaming platforms for free by using their free trial offers. Keep reading to know more.

Is Misery Available On HBO Max?

Where To Watch Misery For Free? A Horrifying Psychological Thriller?

Yes, Misery is currently streaming on HBO Max. It offers limited content to access free for its users. However, if you want to enjoy the complete movies or series list on this streaming platform, then you have to sign-up. Also, they have the option you can cancel the subscription whenever they want. So, I guess it is good to subscribe and see how it works for you.

Is Misery Available On Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, the movie Misery is available on Amazon Prime. But the downside is that you cannot stream the movie directly. So, you’re only allowed to buy the movie that costs around $6.99. If you prefer to watch the movie in the best quality, then it is good to purchase the movie.

Is Misery Available On Netflix?

Where To Watch Misery For Free? A Horrifying Psychological Thriller?

Yes, Misery is available on Netflix. You don’t have the option to watch the movie directly. You have to rent the movie from Netflix. However, you could find numerous thriller movies on Netflix that you can stream and enjoy.

Is Misery Available On Apple TV?

Yes, Misery is available on Apple TV. But don’t get too much excited, because you could only purchase the movie from this platform. You have to pay $7.99 to buy Misery from this streaming platform.

Is Misery Available On Vudu?

Where To Watch Misery For Free? A Horrifying Psychological Thriller?

Vudu also allows you only to purchase the movie for $6.99. This is a paid streaming platform and you will not get anything for free. If you want to access any other movies, then it is necessary to make a subscription.

Final Words

So, I think you’re ready to experience the thriller after reading the article about where to watch Misery for free. I have also given you the details of How to watch Misery 1990 in the above article. I hope you enjoyed the article and after you watch the film share your experience in the comments section.

What Gives Misery Its R Rating?

For language, violence, and adult themes, Misery is given an R rating. Even though it’s not particularly graphic, it’s probably preferable to watch this after the kids have gone to bed.

What Kind Of Mental Condition Does Annie Have In Misery?

She is shown as being incredibly paranoid in both the book and the movie, implying that she might have a borderline personality disorder.

What Is The Run Time Of The Misery?

The run time of the movie is 1h 47 minutes.

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