Where To Watch Red Notice Online For Free? Comedy Cut Loose!


Laughter might be the best medicine but couple it with some action-packed thrill, and you’ve got a great deal at your hands. Action comedies are all the rage, and the latest release in the genre happens to be Red Notice. Starring some of the biggest names in the game, if you are wondering where to watch Red Notice in 2022, then fret not! Let’s check out what options you have!

Red Notice stars the hilariously funny Ryan Renolds, the sexiest man alive, Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson, and Wonderwoman herself, Gal Gadot. As if you need any other reason for watching the movie after hearing the cast, right? Red Notice got delayed so many times we almost lost count. First, it was scheduled to release in 2019.

That eventually got pushed to 2020. And then we know what happened in 2020. (Hint – it starts with a P and ends with ‘andemic’). Red Notice got delayed again and was pushed to a late 2020 release, which was further extended. Then after being picked up by a streaming platform, Red Notice got a limited theatrical release.

The Plot Of Red Notice | What Is The Movie About?

Consider Red Notice as a heist comedy movie. The movie starts with a “Red Notice” warrant being issued against a most wanted criminal by Interpol. The criminal is always one step ahead of the police, and catching her is every security agency’s priority.

Things become interesting as the issue falls into the hands of the FBI. Special Agent John Hartley has the opportunity to catch the criminal played by Gal Gadot but fails to do so. In the middle of a heist, he crosses paths with another notorious art thief Nolan Booth, played by Ryan Renolds. 

With the failure to capture Gal Gadot, Agent John is framed. He now seeks the help of Nolan Booth to clear his name and arrest the Red Notice criminal. This is the best plot explanation you can get without majorly spoiling the movie.

The chemistry between Johnson and Reynolds is amazing and makes for some hilarious scenes. While the critics slammed the movie’s writing, citing it as unoriginal, the actors have garnered all the praise!

Where To Watch Red Notice Online? All You Need To Know!

Where To Watch Red Notice Online For Free? Comedy Cut Loose!

Red Notice was made at a budget of approximately $200 million and was expected to have a big box office release. All that turned on the head with the pandemic. Because of the restrictions, the movie might not have been as successful as the producers might have hoped. But that has not stopped it from gaining success online. Check out where you can watch Red Notice online now!

Where To Watch Red Notice? Is It On Netflix?

Where To Watch Red Notice Online For Free? Comedy Cut Loose!

Netflix picked up Red Notice after its theatrical release was cut short. The theatrical run only lasted a week, and the movie went online. When it was released, Red Notice debuted at number 1 on the most-watched Netflix movies. It remained in the most-watched movies throughout the US and other countries for the next few weeks.

You can watch Red Notice on Netflix right now for a small subscription fee that starts from $9.99 per month. While the picture quality might not be great, you will still be able to stream it on one device. If you are feeling a bit fancy, you can subscribe to the Basic Plan of Netflix that gives HD picture quality on one device for $15.99 per month.

Watch Red Notice on Netflix even if you live outside of the US. If you already have a subscription, you can also enjoy watching other shows on Netflix to complete the perfect weekend binge.

Where To Watch Red Notice? Is Red Notice On Amazon Prime?

Where To Watch Red Notice Online For Free? Comedy Cut Loose!

Amazon Prime Video might be the home to amazing movies, but unfortunately, it does not have Red Notice. If you have a Prime subscription, you can watch awesome buddy movies and cop movies and have fun on a lazy Sunday.

Where To Watch Red Notice? Is Red Notice On Hulu?

If you are wondering how to watch red notice without Netflix and think Hulu is an option, then sorry to say it’s not. Netflix has exclusive rights to the movie for now. It doesn’t look like the movie will move from the platform anytime soon. Meanwhile, if you’re subscribed to Hulu, don’t miss out on shows like The Dropout!

Where To Watch Red Notice For Free

Where To Watch Red Notice Online For Free? Comedy Cut Loose!

Red Notice is not available to watch for free. Whether you are based in the US or are residing outside the country, you will need a Netflix subscription. Unfortunately, there are currently no trial offers available either. So if you are looking to freeload, you better hope someone offers you their account. If you have a friend who is feeling extra generous, try getting your hands on a Netflix Gift Card.

Can You Watch Red Notice In Theatres?

Whether you love the storyline or are a big fan of The Rock, Red Notice is no longer available to watch in theatres. Red Notice has been produced by Universal Pictures, and you would expect a theatrical release.

It got a limited theatrical release and immediately switched to Netflix for streaming. Hoping to catch Red Notice in theatres in 2022 is a dead option. Considering the success of the movie and the promise of a sequel, you will be able to watch the next Red Notice in theatres when it comes out! Be sure to check back for all the latest movie releases and details!

Final Words

If you are wondering where to watch Red Notice other than Netflix, then sorry to say the options are none. Big productions gatekeep their movies well. Since Red Notice is now a Netflix exclusive, other streamings services will have difficulty getting the movie. You can still watch other action comedy movies if you feel Red Notice isn’t for you. Let us know your thoughts about the movie in the comments down below!

Where to watch Red Notice Online?

You can watch Red Notice online on Netflix.

Is Red Notice in theatres?

In 2022, you cannot watch Red Notice in theatres?

Will Red Notice have a sequel?

According to the movie producers, a sequel to Red Notice is in the works.

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