Where To Watch Skywalkers A Love Story For Free Online?


I used to believe “Love is Deep” until rival rooftopers fell in love. Do rooftopers fall in love, or do they climb high in it? The answer to this weird question is the upcoming Netflix documentary Skywalkers: A Love Story. If you want to witness a love story of Rooftopers, delve further into the article and know Where to watch Skywalkers A Love Story for free online.

Directed by Jeff Zimbalist and Maria Bukhonia, the documentary features the true story of a skywalker couple, Angela Nikolou and Ivan Beerkus, from Moscow, who, on the foundation of their trust and love, climbed to the climax of one’s of worlds tallest buildings, Merdeka 118 in Kuala Lumpur. Performing stunts and posing on the top for a few good minutes, the couple set a memorable event to be never forgotten.

Released on 18 Jan 2024 at the Sundance Festival, the documentary film casts  Angela Nikolau and Ivan Beerkus. It took seven years to make Skywalkers: The Love Story, and what interesting producer Zimbalist had to say at the Sundance premiere was, “It was not about a fear of falling from a great height but a fear of falling in love.” 

The verified platform to watch Skywalkers: A Love Story is Netflix. Netflix secured distributing rights to the documentary.

Where To Watch Skywalkers A Love Story For Free Online!! Check here

Where To Watch Skywalkers A Love Story For Free Online

As discussed above, the documentary was released on 18 Jan 2024, and later, the popular Streaming platform secured the rights to its distribution. So, Netflix is the foremost platform to watch Skywalkers: A Love Story in the present. But we can expect the documentary to be featured on other popular platforms like Amazon Prime or Vudu.

Can You Watch Skywalkers: A Love Story On Netflix?

Yes, you can watch the new release on Netflix. Netflix is affordable and reliable, often offering earlier access to the latest releases. You can watch the documentary either on your mobile or on TV.  Skywalker can be watched on a subscription basis on Netflix. You need to buy a subscription plan. 

The basic subscription plan starts at $6.99 monthly and goes to $22.99 according to respective benefits. Note that Netflix recently eliminated the basic plan that started at $6 per month earlier for new joiners.  

Inside Story of  Skywalkers: A Love Story

Where To Watch Skywalkers A Love Story For Free Online?

From rivals turning into lovers and scaling the second-highest building in the world, the documentary features some great building backdrop tumultuous shots that you might not watch anywhere else. 

Two Russian daredevils scale the tallest buildings in the world for content creation and in love primarily. Angela and Ivan scale towering buildings as a hobby, becoming a memorable yet dangerous event in the couple’s lives. The female skywalker describes her rooftopping journey as self-chosen, inspired by the rooftop trend of rooftops that exploded in Russia that she started doing. Angela performs ballet stunts on extreme edges of roofs.

On the opposite, Ivan describes his roof-topping journey as starting from going to drink with friends on rooftops but finding himself more interested in climbing those skyscrapers than drinking on them merely. 

Both enter into a love relationship after Ivan asks Angela to join him in climbing a crane in China. What started as a mere partnership converted into a relationship and made them attempt the craziest thing one can do.

 Is Skywalker: A Love Story Worth Watching?

However, the overall impression of the movie in terms of direction, acting, etc, is good but the idea of attempting such a dangerous and illegal sport in quest of fame is not satisfactory.  For thrill and adventure, the movie is great to watch. But the couple’s story is not inspiring as it turns the thought, “Can someone do this even”? into reality. The amount of danger the couple faces is underestimated, and the display of illegal activity for the sake of money and fame is packed together. 

But we can’t ignore the qualities that the couple exhibited at such a large height: Trust. They both trusted each other and could do what they wanted to. 

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Where To Watch Skywalkers A Love Story For Free Online

Thrilled to watch Skywalkers: A Love Story? Then scroll down because we know you like thrilling documentaries. We have compiled a list of some very good documentaries to watch on Netflix. Add to your cart these amazing movies or shows once you are done watching the latest release. 

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Final Words

Discussing the daredevil- Skywalkers:  A Love Story, we now conclude this article with a little mental reminder that doing dangerous activities for fame or money is unjustified unless you are as experienced as Angela and Ivan. The movie is available on Netflix; go watch it, and for more information about the latest releases, come back to Viebly.

When the Skywalkers: A Love Story released?

The documentary was recently released on 18 Jan 2024 at Sundance Film Festival.

What is the runtime of Skywalkers: A Love Story?

The runtime of Skywalkers: A Love Story is 1 hour 40 minutes.

What is the idea behind this documentary?

The main idea behind this documentary is a thrill, display of hobby, and love on social media.

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