Where To Watch The Bachelor 2024 For Free Online! Check It Here


Are you a fan of dating shows? If yes, you must have watched The Bachelor, one of America’s most extended and loved television series. The television series appeared on ABC in 2002 as The Bachelor Season 1. The series is so loved that it is the 28th season in a row, and it is all set to continue the feat. Let’s see Where to watch The Bachelor 2024 for free online.

Premiered on 22 Jan 2024, the TV series in its 28th season is casting Joey Graziadei. Currently living in Hawaii, Joey Graziadei is a 28-year bachelor from Pennsylvania. He is a tennis pro and is back on the show after ‘The Bachelorette’ series. As sources have it, 32 female contestants were finalized.

The series aims to get the bachelor to find his ultimate love after going through a series of dating and conflicts and selecting the winner. In the last season, Kaity Bigger won and engaged to Zach Shallcross.

The series will be aired on ABC TV and available on live streaming platforms such as Hulu + Live TV, DirecTv Stream, and Fubo.

Where To Watch The Bachelor 2024 For Free Online

Where To Watch The Bachelor 2024 For Free Online! Check It Here

The Bachelor 2024 airs every Monday at 8 p.m. EDT and 7 p.m. CDT on ABC. It is available to watch on platforms like Hulu+ Live TV, DirecTV Stream, and Fubo. All these services except Hulu + Live TV  offer free trials before subscription. DirecTV is a top choice for watching The Bachelor for free online.

Can You Watch  The Bachelor 2024 on DirecTV? 

Yes, The Bachelor will be available on DirecTV.  DirecTV offers a free five-day trial before it starts at $74.99. You should try DirecTV’s free trial if you don’t have cable. It offers four plans. Each plan provides the first three months at $10 less than the usual monthly price. 

  • Entertainment- At $74.99 per month 
  • Choice- At $99.99/month
  • Ultimate- At $109/month
  • Premiere- At $154.99/month

Visit DirecTV to start watching.

Can You Watch The Bachelor 2024 On Hulu+Live TV?

Where To Watch The Bachelor 2024 For Free Online! Check It Here

Yes, The Bachelor 2024 is available to stream on Hulu+ live TV. Unlike DirecTV, Hulu + Live TV does not offer a free trial option but is cheaper per month compared to other live streaming services. Hulu+ TV offers four plans that start from $68.99 and go up to $82.99.

Can You Watch The Bachelor 2024 On Fubo?

Yes, the series is available on Fubo. Like DirecTV, Fubo offers a seven-day free trial before it starts at $74.99. Fubo is a reliable video streaming service and provides more days than others in its free trial. Like DirecTv, Fubo also extends its plans into three types-

  1. Pro- starts at $74.99
  2. Elite starts at $84.99
  3. Ultimate- starts at $99.99

Visit Fubo.TV to start watching.

Similar Movies Like The Bachelor

Where To Watch The Bachelor 2024 For Free Online! Check It Here

If you like to watch ‘The Bachelor’ series, there is more to entertain you in the dating and relationship genre. There are other similar shows like The Bachelor, and we have listed them below, along with their IMDP ratings. Select and expand your entertainment options.

Similar Movies Like The Bachelor On Netflix

Name Of The SeriesYear Of ReleaseIMDB Rating
The Bachelorette      20033.5/10
Temptation Island        20013.5/10
Perfect Match      20235.9/10
Love Is Blind      20206.2/10
Dated And Related       20224.6/10

The Bachelorette is a spin-off series of The Bachelor. The series’s first season she starred Trista Rehn.

Final Words

With the end of this article, we hope that we were able to help you find the best platforms to watch The Bachelor 2024. All the platforms mentioned above or services are reliable and highly trusted by the U.S. audience. If you wish to stay updated with the latest movies and shows, stick to viebly.com.

What is the duration of one episode of The Bachelor 2024?

Live broadcasting every Monday, one episode of the series is two hours long.

How many episodes are generally in a season of The Bachelor?

The number of episodes is generally between seven to twelve in every season. 

Where is The Bachelor 2024 shooting taking place?

The latest season is being filmed in Spain, Mexico, and Canada.

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