Where To Watch The Circle For Free Online? The Tech Thriller You Need To Watch!


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be watched every second? Even the thought of being under surveillance every time is scary. But writers and directors can manifest anything. The Circle movie is one fine example of that. If you don’t know where to watch The Circle for free online, stick to the end.

Inspired by a tech thriller novel by Dave Eggers, the story of The Circle movie reveals the dark side of giant tech companies and how they use technology to invade innocent lives. Mae, a young lady,  proves that transparency is a golden way to seize felons on the run by compromising her privacy and ethics. She rises to rank but ultimately loses her family and relations in the end.

The 2017 movie cast includes famous faces like Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, Bill Paxton, Glenney Headly, John Boyega, and Karen Gillian. Emma Watson plays the main character, Mae, whereas Tom Hanks plays the role of Eamon Bailey -The CEO of the tech company- The Circle.

Verified platforms to watch The Circle for free online are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV.

Where To Watch The Circle For Free Online?

Where To Watch The Circle For Free Online? The Tech Thriller You Need To Watch!

The Circle movie can be watched on various platforms, as discussed above.

The movie is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Apple TV. However, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the top choices of users. We have compiled relevant platforms for watching The Circle and similar movies to end your search. Scroll down.

 Can You Watch The Circle On Netflix?

You can watch The Circle on Netflix but on a subscription. You can buy a monthly subscription to watch the movie. The monthly subscription cost is $6.99. The basic plan is currently unavailable for new members or rejoiners. You must install the app if it’s not inbuilt on your device and sign up. Go ahead and complete the payment. Now relax and watch The Circle.

Can You Watch The Circle On  Amazon Prime Video?

The Circle is available on Amazon Prime Video. But you will have to pay a little to watch it. The movie is available for rent.  You can rent it and watch it. The movie can be rented at $3.59. All you need to do is install the Amazon Prime Video app.

Can You Watch The Circle On Youtube TV?

Yes, The Circle is available to watch on YouTube TV. However, it is not free to watch. You can either buy it or rent it. The movie can be rented at $5.99 and bought at $19.99.

Similar Movies And Shows Like The Circle On Other Platforms

Where To Watch The Circle For Free Online? The Tech Thriller You Need To Watch!

As discussed, The Circle is a sci-fi thriller movie. It is an absolute favorite of tech and thrill lovers. To add to your treasure of knowledge and fun, there are several movies similar to The Circle that we have compiled in the lists below, along with their available platforms.

If you like the story of The Circle, you will surely find the below-listed movies interesting as they have similar plotlines, genres, and themes. They are available accordingly on different platforms, which are shown below-

Similar movies Like The Circle on Amazon Prime

Name Of The MovieYear Of ReleaseIMDB rating
The peripheral20227.6/10
The Machine20136.0/10
I am a Mother20196.7/10
Black box20206.2/10

Similar Movies like The Circle on Netflix

Name of the movieYear of releaseIMDB rating
How I Became A Superhero20215.8/10

Similar Movies Like The Circle On YouTube TV

Name of the movieYear of releaseIMDB rating
The Invisible Man 20207.1/10
In Time20116.7/10

Final Words

 I hope you know where to watch The Circle for free online. The above-compiled article must be helpful for you in finding the best platforms to watch The Circle movie. The top platforms to watch it are YouTube TV and Amazon Prime, as discussed. But you can also check other platforms as the availability keeps on changing from time to time. For more information about movies and where to watch them, come back to Viebly.com.

Is The Circle movie a hit?

The Circle movie came out as a big hit. It grossed over 40 million against a budget of 18 million. However, despite performing well, it faced some criticism and was also the director’s highest-grossing movie.

Is The Circle movie worth watching?

The Circle movie is a perfect fit for tech and thrill lovers. It is based on technology and its advantages/disadvantages. 

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