Where To Watch The Office? Drink The Elixr Of Laughter!!


I saved a life, mine and yours, Am I the hero? Yes, and I saved you from the boring content by redirecting the error 404 of your boring existence to the entertaining American sitcom The Office (2005). However if your pockets can’t afford the subscription to Netflix and you are searching for alternatives on where to watch The Office, then I know some good places.

Who knows better than Micheal Scott to bring a smile on everyone’s face with his weirdo expressions, funny jokes, and worth noting he is the world’s best boss. Released on March 24, 2005, The Office revolves around the motley group of office workers as they face some hilarious misadventures in their workspace. Although if you haven’t watched the show, it’s the biggest sin; quickly, go and find out where you can start watching the show.

Where To Watch The Office? Meet The World’s Best Boss!! 

The Office’s popularity is all around the globe, and you can stream all its nine seasons on Netflix, but if you are searching for an affordable streaming platform that can drown you in the laughter of this show, then we have the good news that can save some extra chiller to your pockets.

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1# Peacock 

Where To Watch The Office? Meet The World's Best Boss!! 

The best place that can give you the little stitious taste of Scott’s life at a fair cost is the NBC streaming service, Peacock. This streaming platform can offer you all the nine-season of The Office at the lowest price of $4.99.

Peacock has three subscription services that include: 

  • Peacock free gives you limited access to watch only one season of The Office along with bloopers and clip playlist.
  • Peacock premium ($4.99/month with full access to all nine seasons of the show and other content)
  • Peacock premium plus ($9.99/month with same full access plus no adds)

Note that the Peacock streaming service is now available in UK and Ireland for Sky and new subscribers for free. Also, US residents can only use Peacock services if their devices are located in the same territory.

To join the peacock streaming service, head directly to the official website of Peacock, enter your email address to create the peacock account, and select your subscription according to your pocket size. 

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2# Netflix

Where To Watch The Office? Meet The World's Best Boss!! 

Netflix also stores the comedy of The Office that you can watch by taking their monthly subscription. Well, Netflix has a lot of subscription prices available for their users that start from a basic of $8.99/month to a premium one of $17.99. 

The good part about Netflix is that once you buy their subscription, you can watch any of their content and on various devices that vary with the plan.

3# Buy It Online

Where To Watch The Office? Meet The World's Best Boss!! 

If you don’t have a subscription to Peacock or Netflix, the other options that can give you a taste of this funny office space are various online platforms like Amazon prime videos, Vudu, google play and iTunes.

On these platforms, you can buy each season of this show at different prices and watch whenever you want, until you have the license. (if it sounds fair to you)

  • On Amazon prime videos, season one of the show cost $12.99 and the rest of the season for $17.99
  • On Vudu the season one of the show costs $9.99 and the rest of the season $17.99. You can also buy the whole show for $99 or buy each episode for $1.99
  • iTunes is selling the complete series of The Office for $12.99. 

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4# Torrents

Where To Watch The Office? Drink The Elixr Of Laughter!!

As it’s all upon you on how you want to watch the show, there are other alternatives too from where you can watch the show for free. Download the movie from the internet; I know that, it can go hectic, but don’t worry. I know some pretty good Torrent sites like 1337x.to and Kickass torrent from where you can download all the episodes of The Office for free along with the new, old series and films.

5# Watch It On TV

#5 Watch It On Tv

You might buy the show or stream it on the popular streaming platform, but the best experience to watch The Office will only be on TV. Imagine yourself waiting eagerly when the channel will broadcast the show and setting the alarm for the same. If you have no idea, channels like Comedy Central telecast this show repeatedly.

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6# Buy DVD’s Of The Show

#6 Buy Dvd's Of The Show

Now, this is a little old school but pretty cool; buy the DVD of the show. I know- I know who buys DVDs when you can stream the show, but imagine how cool it will look when you start collecting the DVD of various shows and movies and make it a collection. The Office series Dvd is available for $41 on amazon and $49.99 on other stores.

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Final Words

The prices of the show The Office vary from time to time, and hence it’s best to know when there is an ongoing offer on different platforms. Well, it will help you watch this show for discounted prices and save your money. Happy watching fellas!! 😋

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