Where To Watch Titicut Follies For Free Online In 2022?


Titicut Follies is one of the best movie documentaries to have ever been made. Made in the 1960s, the documentary holds a position of significance in modern documentary-making. If you’re a doctor, lawyer, or a budding filmmaker, Titicut Follies is a must-watch! So, where to watch Titicut Follies for free online? We have gathered a few resources that might be of help to you!

This American cinema documentary went through many ups and major downs when it came out. Titicut Follies centered around mental health patients and their treatment in modern-day correctional facilities. As a result, the documentary was tangled in controversies about individuals’ right to privacy right after it was released.

Titicut Follies was one of the first cinematic releases that were censored due to issues arising because of privacy. While previous censorships in Hollywood were due to obscenities, nudity, or national security, Titicut Follies was claimed to infringe personal rights. Yet here we are almost 5 decades later, still talking about it!

The Plot Of Titicut Follies | What Is The Documentary About?

Written and directed by Frederick Wiseman, Titicut Follies is a hard-hitting documentary. The documentary shows the plight of the inmates in the Bridgewater State Hospital. The hospital is the medical wing of the Massuchessets Correctional Institution. 

Titicut Follies sheds light on the treatment of the patient-inmates at the hospital. The mentally sick patients are treated as criminals and given very harsh punishments. They are seldom given baths in hot weather. But when bath time comes, they are hosed down like animals. 

Patients are also kept in solitary cells with little to no human interaction. While some patients require such extreme measures, most mental health cases are mild to moderate in nature. Even those patients are met with severe treatments. 

Titicut Follies was first censored and then banned by a Superior Court in light of the invasion of privacy of the patients. Director Wiseman claimed the government wanted to protect its image from being maligned. 

Several years later, with an increased number of patients dying due to negligence, the courts overturned the ban on Titicus Follies. Now, in 2022 if you are wondering where to watch Titicus Follies for free online, then carry on reading!

Where To Watch Titicut Follies For Free? Online Streaming Options!

Where To Watch Titicut Follies For Free Online In 2022?

When the courts ordered Titicus Follies to cease its distribution, they also ordered all the copies of the documentary to be destroyed. Luckily that didn’t happen, and here we are 5 decades later. Now there are several online streaming options where you can watch Titicut Follies online!

Is Titicut Follies On Netflix?

No, Titicut Follies is not on Netflix. While many documentaries are available on Netflix, Titicut Follies is not available. The OTT streaming platform has funded several documentaries of its own. So while your personal choice might not be available, you can still watch other documentaries on Netflix.

If serious documentaries don’t interest you, you can always go back to the good old shows and movies on Netflix. If you are wondering where to watch the new Resident Evil series, then Netflix is your boy.

Is Titicut Follies Available On Amazon Prime?

Where To Watch Titicut Follies For Free Online In 2022?

Yes, Titicut Follies is on Amazon. The documentary series is not available to stream or rent, though. What you can do is, head over to Amazon and look for Titicut Follies. You will then find a DVD of the documentary.

The physical DVD will cost around $25 if you’re in the US. On top of that, if you have a Prime subscription, you can expect fast delivery too. Physical DVDs are great for keeping long-term. So watch Titicut Follies with Amazon! Do note that Titicus Follies is currently available in the US store of Amazon. Check with your local stores before buying.

Is Titicut Follies Available On Apple TV?

No, Titicut Follies is not available to watch or stream on Apple TV. The video service from Amazon has some of the biggest shows from Hollywood. But for now, Titicut Follies does not make the cut! If you have an Apple One subscription, you can watch shows like Servant and WeCrashed on Apple TV!

Is Titicut Follies Available On Vimeo?

Yes, you can stream Titicut Follies on Vimeo. The video-sharing site is kind of like YouTube but less popular. But still, there are a lot of movies and documentaries that are available to stream on Vimeo. All you need to get started on Vimeo is to have an account, and you’re good to go!

Where To Watch Titicut Follies For Free Online? Where Can You Watch Titicut Follies?

Where To Watch Titicut Follies For Free Online In 2022?

There are a lot of options to watch Titicut Follies for free. The famous documentary is essential for viewing for doctors and lawyers to understand the intricacies of the American Legal system. It’s also a good documentary to watch as a filmmaker. To know where to watch Titicut Follies for free online, carry on reading!

Watch Titicut Follies For Free On Kanopy!

Where To Watch Titicut Follies For Free Online In 2022?

You can watch Titicut Follies on Kanopy for free online! Kanopy is a streaming service that offers many movies and documentaries at no charge. So if it’s free, it must be illegal, right? No! Kanopy is a service that pays licensing fees to copyright holders on a pre-decided basis. So enjoy watching Titicut Follies and other documentaries for free on Kanopy!

Watch Titicut Follies For Free On MyFlixer

You can watch Titicut Follies on MyFlixer for free! MyFlixer is another free video streaming platform that streams indie movies and documentaries on its platform. The movies are often HD, and you also get a good watch experience.

Watch Titicut Follies For Free On Other Free Services!

Where To Watch Titicut Follies For Free Online In 2022?

Titicut Follies is available to stream for free on websites like archive(dot)org, 123movies, and Bflix. To support the platform, these services often run pop-up ads that may feel intrusive and irrelevant. If the content is geo-blocked, use services like VPN to change your location to the US.

Final Words

We hope now you know where to watch Titicut Follies for free online! The documentary is a great experience to watch in 2022 and an important piece of cinema history. Let us know your thoughts about the documentary in the comments down below!

Where can I watch Titicut Follies Documentary?

Watch Titicut Follies for free on Kanopy, MyFlixer, and 123movies.

Is Titicut Follies real?

Yes, Titicut Follies is based on the real events that took place in the Bridgewater State Hospital.

Where was Titicut Follies filmed?

Titicut Follies was filmed in 1966 at Bridgewater, Mass. It is the State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

What kind of documentary is Titicut Follies?

Titicut Follies is a direct cinema documentary film.

Is Titicut Follies Available On HBO Max?

No, Titicut Follies is not available on HBO Max.

Can You Watch Titicut Follies On Vudu?

No, you can’t watch Titicut Follies on Vudu.

Is Titicut Follies Available For Streaming On Paramount?

No, you cannot watch Titicut Follies for free online on Paramount.

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