Where To Watch True Beauty For Free Online?


There is just something special about K dramas. They have a way of capturing our attention and then make a permanent place in our hearts. Language barrier? What is that? All we care about is good TV, and we will read subtitles without a complaint in the world. One of those dramas is the show True Beauty. If you have recently seen its clips on social media and want to know where to watch True Beauty, then follow along!

I will always watch the show in the original language the show is made in. That preserves the authenticity the show’s producers intended for it to be. Released in December 2020, just after the pandemic subsided a bit, True Beauty has garnered global popularity. At the time of writing this article, the show has been translated into Arabic, English, Spanish, and a whopping 44 other languages! 

Everyone around us is obsessed with this romantic comedy, and rightly so! The show is funny, sweet, and relatable to a wide audience that transcends cultures. True Beauty boasts a stellar cast of actors who do a very good job at their respective roles. So what’s not to like about Korean drama? 

Where To Watch True Beauty? Stream The Best K Drama Whenever And Wherever You Want!

Where To Watch True Beauty For Free And Online?
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A few years ago, people who wanted to watch animes or K dramas had to do a lot of digging before they stumbled upon a reliable place to watch their show. Even then, the links would often be of poor quality, have streaming issues, and would leave a person with a terrible experience. YouTube would often have pirated copies of the show, but they were always taken down. 

Thanks to many OTT platforms that have sprung up, you don’t need to be Asian to enjoy K dramas or animes anymore. The advent of Crunchyroll helped out the anime enthusiasts to a massive degree. Now, if you want to know where to watch True Beauty in the US, you have a limited number of options, but that is still better than no option.

Watch True Beauty On Rakuten Viki | Where To Watch True Beauty?

Where To Watch True Beauty For Free And Online?

Those in the US or even internationally can enjoy True Beauty and other K dramas on Rakuten Viki. Viki is a freemium-based OTT streaming service that is available all over the world. Whether you are looking for Korean dramas, Japanese, or even Taiwanese, the platform has many options available. The freemium platform means some Viki content is available to watch for free online. The rest is locked behind a premium pass called the Viki Pass. 

You can watch the first two episodes of True Beauty on Viki for free but will have to pay for the pass to access the rest of the show’s episodes. However, the way the freemium model works, you can watch most dramas for free without even having a subscription. Viki will show you ads in between the episodes. Thus you will not have to pay.

The issue with that is, that you will have to wait a long time. You will not get access to instantly released episodes of the latest K dramas. There is no timeline for when the new episodes will be released, so you will be stuck with uncertainty. So if you want to subscribe to Viki, you can get their monthly subscription for $4.99 or an annual $49.99!

Where Can I Watch True Beauty For Free Other Than Viki? Where To Watch True Beauty?

Where To Watch True Beauty For Free And Online?

To watch True Beauty for free and don’t want to access Viki, there are limited options for you. You can try websites like DramaCool to watch True Beauty. But then again, it is not the official place to stream the show, but you can definitely make do with it.

You can also try websites like KOCOWA and iQIYI, which host many K dramas. Both services also have a freemium model of working. Some dramas might be available to watch for free, while the rest will be locked behind a membership. You can still try your luck and see if True Beauty is available for you!

There are plenty of other platforms, too, like Crunchyroll or Paramount Plus, known for their vast entertainment gallery. However, the platforms may not be streaming True Beauty at the moment. So, make sure you do thorough research before jumping onto them.

Is True Beauty On Netflix | Where To Watch True Beauty?

Where To Watch True Beauty For Free And Online?

Netflix is notorious for hosting K dramas like the superhit show Squid Games, but does it have what you are looking for? Unfortunately, True Beauty is not available to watch on Netflix. It is not available on Netflix US nor internationally. In the future, it is possible the show might be available on Netflix, but for now, it isn’t! Enjoy the vast variety of K dramas on Netflix until True Beauty arrives!

And guess what? You don’t even have to pay the bulky Netflix subscription anymore because, with only a few clicks, you can avail yourself of a free Netflix trial account again in 2022.

Is True Beauty On Prime Video | Where To Watch True Beauty?

You can buy and rent almost everything on Prime Video. So can you rent or buy True Beauty on Prime Video? Unfortunately for the fans, the K drama is not available on Prime Video as of now! Maybe after some time has passed, Amazon will scoop up the show, but it’s a dead-end for now. There is still a huge category of K dramas you can rent on Prime Video whenever you want! And if you are not willing to spend money on renting, you can still watch plenty of other shows on Amazon Prime with a free trial subscription.

The Plot Of True Beauty | What Is The Drama All About?

Where To Watch True Beauty For Free And Online?

True Beauty follows the life of a girl called Im Joo Kyung in high school who discovers the power of makeup. Throughout her life, she has been bullied and called ugly. Now, as she moves to a new school and puts on a new look, she is seen as a goddess. Im Joo Kyung lives with massive insecurity and fear of being found out.

What if the people who adore her now find out about the real her? Well, one person does know the real her. High school topper and basketball player Lee Su Ho has seen her without makeup and knows her secret. The two become the unlikeliest of partners in each other’s secrets and bond over it. Their friendship with each other helps them discover who they are. 

True Beauty has been adapted from a webtoon known as “The Secret of Angel.” With the webtoon receiving just as popular reviews as the show, True Beauty has been a hit franchise. The show has 16 episodes, making it perfect for a weekend binge session!

Final Words

Now you know where to watch True Beauty. No matter if you live in the US or if you live in an Asian country, you can easily watch the show as you please. Thanks to our many OTT apps, there is always a workaround. How do you feel about the show? Let us know in the comments down below!

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