Where To Watch Vermeil In Gold For Free Online? Best Anime Of 2022!!


Love knows no gender and anime knows no age. Isn’t that right? You can be well in your 30s and still be a fan of good anime shows and no one will judge you for it. One of the latest anime to hit the screen and become a fan favorite is the show Vermeil in Gold. If you have heard rumors of it being a good show and want to know where to watch Vermeil in Gold for free, then follow along!

Anime shows are by the tons and only a few become superhits. Some that come to mind are shows like Naruto or shows like One Piece. Those shows are different gravy. Not only are they popular animes but they also have feature films, live actions movies, and even mangas dedicated to them. 

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Vermeil in Gold has been adapted from a popular manga series as well. First written and published in 2018, the anime and the manga both are adult-themed to some extent. The manga has been written by Kōta Amana and Yōko Umezu created the illustrations for it. With six volumes of manga already made, the anime will have a lot of source material to take inspiration from.

In early 2022, a Japanese anime production company called Staples Entertainment picked up manga to make into an anime. Talented anime director Takashi Naoya has been given the responsibility of bringing the story to the screens.

The Plot Of Vermeil In Gold | What Is The Anime About?

The anime follows the life of Alto, a student in a magic school called Ortigia Academy. Alto is a diligent student but he doesn’t seem to do well in his grades. In order to pass his year, he has to perform a magic spell and form a bond with a ‘familiar’. The contract needs to be viable and Alto needs to present it in class.

In one last attempt Alto comes across a book of magic spells and accidentally unleashes a demon girl. The demon girl is naked and is called Vermeil. Vermeil has been imprisoned for a long and takes Alto as her master. She thanks him for giving her a new lease on life and agrees to help with whatever he needs. 

Alto befriends the naked demon girl, gives her some clothes, and presents her ‘familiar’ with the rest of the class. While everyone applauds Alto’s success, his childhood friend Lilia knows something is wrong. The show unfolds as Alto, Vermeil, and Lilia resolve their issues.

Vermeil is extremely powerful and she takes any challenge to battle with ease. She quite literally defeats others with a flick of her fingers but Alto hates her overpowered nature. He wants her to be as low profile as possible. The tension between the two and the adult nature of their relationship make Vermeil in Gold an absolute must-watch!

Where To Watch Vermeil In Gold Online For Free? All You Need To Know!

Where To Watch Vermeil In Gold For Free Online? Best Anime Of 2022!!

Staples Entertainment released the first episode of Vermeil in Gold on July 5, 2022. Subsequently, the second episode was released on July 12, 2022. The show was telecasted initially on local Japanese channels like Tokyo MX and AT-X. While the content of the anime has been relatively adult in nature, there are no strict age restrictions. 

Is Vermeil In Gold Available On Netflix? Where To Watch Vermeil In Gold For Free?

Where To Watch Vermeil In Gold For Free Online? Best Anime Of 2022!!

Netflix is a gold mine for animated shows. While Netflix is more notably known for shows like Stranger Things what many don’t know is that Netflix also has a huge anime collection. You can enjoy shows like Demon Slayer, One Punch Man, and many more on Netflix. 

Vermeil in Gold is not available to stream on Netflix. Whether you are based in the US or reside outside the country, either way, the new anime isn’t available to stream. If you are looking to enjoy other animes then Netflix has many flexible plans to offer. 

The Basic Plan Netflix offers starts from $9.99 and offers SD picture quality on one device. You can bump that up and choose either the Standard Plan or the Premium Plan. The plans cost $15.99 and $19.99 respectively. Do note that depending on your location, the offering and price might slightly differ.

Is Vermeil In Gold Available On Crunchyroll? Where To Watch Vermeil In Gold For Free?

The official Netflix of all things anime is Crunchyroll. Audiences in the US and elsewhere can enjoy most of the popular anime right when they release. But is Vermeil in Gold available on Crunchyroll? No, you cannot watch Vermeil in Gold on Crunchyroll right now. It is possible in the future the content will be available to stream!

Watch Vermeil In Gold On HIDIVE! Where To Watch Vermeil In Gold Online? 

Where To Watch Vermeil In Gold For Free Online? Best Anime Of 2022!!

If you are not in Japan, where can you watch Vermeil in Gold? The best option to watch Vermeil in Gold for audiences in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany is HIDIVE. Countless other anime shows to premiere on HIDIVE at the same time as their Japanese release. Watch the shows in Japanese with English subtitles or wait another week for the English dub. 

The choice is completely yours! HIDIVE is available for monthly as well as annual plans. The monthly plan of HIDIVE costs $4.99 per month while the annual plan is billed at $47.99. If you are a fan of shows like Ahiru no Sara, Azumanga Daioh, etc, then choose the discounted annual plan!

If you live anywhere else besides these countries then you can make use of a good VPN. Using a VPN you can change your location to either US or UK and enjoy watching animes on HIDIVE as you please. HIDIVE also supports a huge list of devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick as well as Roku4, and Roku Express.

Where To Watch Vermeil In Gold Online For Free?

Currently, there is no way to watch Vermeil in Gold for free. The anime is very new and only available to watch on Japanese cable TV and HIDIVE. There are other torrents and shady websites that offer the anime but we strictly recommend not watching it that way. The best way to watch is to subscribe to a service and watch it without a care in the world.

Where To Watch Vermeil In Gold For Free Online? Watch Kinsou No Vermeil Here In 2022!

Like we already said, your age, gender, or profession does not matter if you have a liking for the anime genre. Enter the recently released anime series Vermeil In Gold, popularly known as Kinsou No Vermeil in its native language. Now how does one keep up with their undying love for this anime series when they don’t know where to watch Vermeil In Gold for free? 

But you don’t have to worry anymore because we at Viebly have found you a list of popular streaming platforms where you can watch Vermeil In Gold for free. However, before you start streaming Kinsou No Vermeil on these websites, note that these websites can be a little risky to use. So, make sure that you have a secure VPN connection established before you watch Vermeil In Gold for free on them! 

Watch Vermeil In Gold On 9anime 

Well, the first platform on our list to watch Vermeil In Gold for free is 9anime. If you are an anime fan, you must already know this popular streaming platform. But if you are new on 9anime, let me tell you that the platform is extremely easy to use. You don’t even require an account to stream your favorite anime on this platform. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today! 

Watch Vermeil In Gold On Zoro.to

The next platform where you can watch Vermeil In Gold for free is Zoro.to. The website is made for every anime lover who likes enjoying a hassle-free streaming experience. And the best part about streaming Vermeil In Gold on Zoro.to is that you don’t have to pay a penny for the subscription fees! The website has both sub and dub versions, so make the right choice and get started today! 

Watch Vermeil In Gold On AnimeNana

AnimeNana is another popular anime streaming website with a massive collection of anime starting right from OG shows like Naruto Shippuden and One Piece to recently released shows like Rent A Girlfriend and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. The website is also host to plenty of adult-theme anime series like Kinsou No Vermeil or Vermeil In Gold. So, if you are looking forward to watching Vermeil In Gold online, here is your chance! 

Watch Vermeil In Gold On Bilibili

Well, the list has not come to an end just yet. On our list of free streaming platforms where you can watch Vermeil In Gold for free is Bilibili. The streaming website is a known name in the anime community, and we are sure that if you are a big anime fan, you must have heard of this platform too. So, go ahead and watch Vermeil In Gold on Bilibili today for free. 

Watch Kinsou No Vermeil On AnimixPlay

The next name on our list of “where to watch Vermeil In Gold for free” is AnimixPlay. Though, if you search for Vermeil In Gold on AnimixPlay, you may not find anything. So, try searching Kinsou No Vermeil instead of Vermeil In Gold. The only drawback of streaming Kinsou No Vermeil on AnimixPlay is that the platform only hosts the sub-version, not the dub version. 

Watch Kinsou No Vermeil On SimplyAweeb

SimplyAweeb is the last anime streaming platform where you can watch Vermeil In Gold for free. What makes SimplyAweeb one of the most popular anime websites is that the platform not only hosts an amazing collection of anime movies and series, there are plenty of mangas as well. So, when you are done watching Kinsou No Vermeil on SimplyAweeb, you can read the manga as well. 

Final Words

We hope now you know where to watch Vermeil in Gold online for free! The anime is one of the best shows to come out in 2022 and we couldn’t agree more! What are your thoughts about the show? Have you watched it yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Is Vermeil in Gold available?

Yes, Vermeil in Gold was released on 5th July 2022.

How many seasons of Vermeil in Gold are there?

Vermeil in Gold anime only has 1 season right now.

Where to watch Vermeil in Gold in US?

Watch Vermeil in Gold on HIDIVE in US, UK and Canada

Is Vermeil in Gold a manga?

Vermeil in Gold is actually a manga written by Kōta Amana and Yōko Umezu

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