Where To Watch X For Free? Dare To Watch It Alone!


Do you know that we have a new awesome horror movie that is tempting and sensuously scary? Well, you might be wondering about the buzz! Allow me to tell you the details. A stunning horror flick named X has been released now and here is all the OTT apps info on where to watch X for free.

X is a horror movie and is released on 18 March 2022. The multi-talented personality, Ti West is the director, writer, editor, and producer of the film. The movie has  6.6/10 IMDb and 95% Rotten Tomatoes scores. It has a talented star cast- Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, Brittany Snow, Owen Campbell, Stephen Ure, and Scott Mescudi.  

X is not just a scary flick but has many sensual parts throughout the film which makes it a compelling watch. The movie has several intriguing characters that will give you long nightmares. Now, X is online available to watch. X is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. X is also available on iTunes. So, read ahead to know more details about where to watch X for free.

So, get ready to witness a bone-chilling horror flick with your gang. The movie will surely give you an adrenaline rush. Are you brave enough to take up the challenge? So, let’s explore more about where to watch X for free!

What Is The Plot Of X? 

Where To Watch X For Free? Dare To Watch It Alone!

The plot of the film revolves around a group of young people who are aspiring actors and actresses. The crew wants to make a superhit adult film for the pornographic industry. Thus, they prepare a script named The Farmer’s Daughter as the theme of their adult film. They all choose to go to a countryside home located in rural Texas.

The owners of the farm are an elderly couple. The old man shows aggressive behavior towards the crew but things get fixed by the old lady. The crew does not reveal their plan of filming the adult movie to the elderly couple. 

As the story proceeds, a lot of dark secrets related to the place and the couple are revealed. Thus, when they start the shoot, the couple catches them red-handed. To everybody’s shock, the couple turns really violent and aggressive. They start killing the crew members one by one in the most brutal ways. 

Where To Watch X For Free?

Where To Watch X For Free? Dare To Watch It Alone!

X is now available online. So, you can watch it on your streaming device just by lying on your couch and relaxing the day! Well, there are multiple online streaming platforms out there. So, you need to know the exact OTT apps where you can watch X. The following sections contain these specific details. So, read ahead to know more about where to watch X for free!

Is X Streaming On Disney+? 

X is not available on Disney+. The horror movie X is not streaming on Disney+. Well, you can watch much more content similar to X on this OTT platform. 

The app has many spooky movies, spicy reality shows, zombie-based movies, and much more entertaining content. So, quickly buy the subscription to Disney+ to watch the amazing shows and popular movies. So, where to watch X for free?

Is X Streaming On Netflix? 

Where To Watch X For Free? Dare To Watch It Alone!

X is not available on Netflix. This might slightly disappoint you! After all, Netflix is a veteran OTT channel, and we do have high hopes for this OTT channel. Do not get upset because Netflix still has a lot of things to offer.

You can watch many horror movies, scary shows, mysterious thrillers, crime dramas, family shows, etc. on Netflix. Since it is a paid channel, you will have to pay the subscription fee. Then, where to watch X for free?

Is X Streaming On Amazon Prime Video? 

X is available on Amazon Prime Video. Currently, X is streaming on Amazon Prime Video because the app has streaming rights to the film. If you have done watching the film, there are a lot of things to explore on Prime Video.

There are many shows and movies available on Prime Video to make your day. It has several outstanding horror movies, zombie films, and apocalyptic movies that will give you a similar experience. What are other OTT channels for where to watch X for free?

Is X Streaming On HBO Max? 

Where To Watch X For Free? Dare To Watch It Alone!

X is now available on HBO Max. So, you can stream X on HBO Max as well! Since it’s a paid subscription, you need an active account or you can use its free trial offer. If you are a paid subscriber to the OTT channel, you can explore many amazing shows and popular movies on it.

HBO Max boasts a range of awesome content, rich picture quality, and lots of thrilling shows and movies. So, explore the channel right now!

Is X Streaming On iTunes? 

X is available on iTunes. iTunes allows you to buy and rent several latest movies and shows. X is also available for rent as well as for sale. You can buy X movie by paying $19.99. If you want to spend less and only plan to watch the film, you can rent it as well. You can rent X by spending $5.99. 

iTunes is quite similar to Vudu app which also functions the same. You can buy or rent movies and shows on Vudu as well. iTunes offers a range of content that is exclusively available on iTunes only. Is there any other option for where to watch X for free?

Is X Streaming On Vudu? 

Where To Watch X For Free? Dare To Watch It Alone!

X is not available on Vudu. Vudu and iTunes offer a range of movies and shows for rent and on sale. In Vudu, you can access the app by creating an account via your Facebook or email. Then you can log in to scroll through the available content.

Vudu has a lot of old as well as new shows and movies. So, you can enjoy every kind of stuff here. Unfortunately, X is not available on Vudu for anything!

Can You Watch X In Theatres?

Where To Watch X For Free? Dare To Watch It Alone!

X is not available in theaters right now. It was released in March 2022 in cinema halls. Currently, X is streaming online and is available to the audience via different OTT apps. So, you cannot watch X in the theatres but can easily stream and watch the movie on OTT platforms. 

However, X is not available for free and you will have to pay for it. Either you can rent or buy the movie or you can buy a subscription plan of the required OTT platform. Do whatever suits you!

Final Words

Where to watch X for free? Well, you can watch X online and even rent or buy the film if you want to. However, you cannot watch it for free. So, you will have to spend a few bucks if you want to watch X! Which horror movie gave you long nightmares? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Is X based on a true story?

X is based on a true story. It is inspired by the real story of the Ray & Faye Copeland killings

Is Texas Chainsaw real?

No. Texas Chainsaw is purely fictional. However, it is inspired by a real-life serial killer.

Is X  available on Hulu?

No. X is not available on Hulu.

Is X available on the Peacock channel?

 No. X is not available on the Peacock channel.

Is X  available on Paramount Plus?

No. X is available on Paramount Plus now.

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