Where To Watch Backtrace For Free? The Stallone Starrer Action Movie!


Imagine part of the biggest bank robbery in history and not remembering anything about it. A gift and a curse, right? Right. Giving life to that concept is the movie Backtrace. It stars Sylvester Stallone in the lead role as a detective and is expected filled with tons of action. So, where to watch Backtrace? Oh, we are going to tell you, don’t worry!

Stallone gained popularity in the 80s and 90s for his movies like the Rocky series and the classic Rambo series. We know if there will be action, guns, and epic fight scenes, Stallone will do it the best. Backtrace features a lot of that and a much older Stallone. That doesn’t mean the fight scenes are old and rusty. Oh no. You can bet your bottom dollar that the movie does not disappoint!

While Backtrace has a great concept, it soon runs out of ideas about what to do about the plot. The initial storyline feels like it is being stretched for the entirety of the movie. The writers seem to retreat to the idea that the action and computer graphics will make up for lousy writing. If a bunch of people following another bunch with guns tickles your fancy, you should not miss out on Backtrace. It’s not a bad movie, but there was potential for much more.

Where To Watch Backtrace Online? All You Need To Know About The Movie!

Where To Watch Backtrace The Stallone Starrer Action Movie?

Backtrace was released by Lionsgate exclusively online. According to director Brian A. Miller, that was the whole plan all along. To make it available for Video on Demand. But later on, Lionsgate Productions gave the movie a limited theatrical release in the US and globally. While the movie did poorly at the domestic box office, it did fairly okay globally. 

Backtrace got its exclusive online release on 14 December 2018. Critics appreciated Stallone’s onscreen performance as well credited him as a co-producer. The action sequences make for a lot of entertainment, and Stallone does give a convincing performance. But the movie is more than Stallone. Mathew Modine, who plays the role of the thief with memory loss, does a damn good job too. All in all, like most action movies, Backtrace follows suit.

Is Backtrace On Netflix? Where To Watch Backtrace?

Where To Watch Backtrace The Stallone Starrer Action Movie?

Backtrace got its exclusive online release through Netflix. Netflix picked up the streaming rights for the US as well as globally. Knowing how tempting a Stallone movie is, Netflix did not want to miss out on any chance of passing it up. While it has been 4 years since the movie’s release, you can still watch it on Netflix.

All you need is a Netflix subscription, and you are set. Netflix offers a multi-tiered subscription plan, unlike other major streaming services. The first is the Basic Plan which offers nominal picture quality on one device for you to watch. Alternatively, you can choose the High Definition version in the Standard Plan. The Basic Plan starts at $9.99 monthly, while the Standard Plan costs around $15.99.

If you want better picture quality and want to share the subscription with more than two people, Premium Plan is the one to go for. For this, you get 4K UHD picture quality and access to Netflix on 4 devices. That’s perfect to watch kickass action movies on Netflix too!

Is Backtrace On Amazon Prime? Where To Watch Backtrace?

Where To Watch Backtrace The Stallone Starrer Action Movie?

There is good news for you if you don’t have Netflix. Most people at least have a subscription to Amazon Prime. While free delivery is all well and good, you can watch action-packed movies on Prime too! Backtrace is also available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. You can either buy or rent the movie as you please. You get to keep the movie forever if you buy it. If you are a big Stallone fan, then that makes the most sense for you.

Is Backtrace On Hulu? Where To Watch Backtrace?

For the international audience, Hulu has had a lot of offers and benefits. It’s way cheaper and has a model that allows ads, so you don’t have to pay much. Unfortunately, Backtrace is not available on Hulu. Since Netflix holds international rights to the movie, Hulu misses out on the movie.

Where To Watch Backtrace Online For Free? Is There A Way?

Where To Watch Backtrace The Stallone Starrer Action Movie?

There isn’t any online streaming service that offers a trial right now. So there is no way to watch Backtrace online for free. If you already have a subscription to Amazon Prime, you can simply rent the movie for a small fee. Which is way cheaper than buying tickets to a theatre. If you have friends or siblings, try asking them for their Netflix password, and enjoy the movie for free. There is honestly no other way, as piracy is a strict no-no in our books!

The Plot Of Backtrace | What Is The Movie About?

Backtrace is quite complex in its story but annoyingly simple in its execution. Bank robber Mac has an impaired memory and resides in the psych ward of a prison facility. He has remained so for the last 7 years. Things go wrong as one inmate finds out Mac is the only one alive who knows where the loot from the bank robbery is.

The inmate, Lucas, along with the prison doctor Dr. Erin convinces Mac to break out of the prison. Their motive? Find the missing money. But what do they about Mac and his memory? Dr. Erin proposes injecting him with an experimental drug that is said to bring back a person’s memory. Mac doesn’t like the idea, but he is forcibly injected with the drug.

Now Mac must navigate his haunting memories from the past. As he is literally ‘backtracing’ his steps from the robbery, he has to avoid Stallone’s character Det Sykes, and the FBI. The movie shifts from prison and police departments to run chases across forests and empty buildings quite quickly.

Final Words 

We hope now you know where to watch Backtrace. The Stallone starter got a mixed bag of reviews when it was released. While some critics praised it immensely, others completely threw the effort out of the window. If you watch it, let us know what you think about it. Drop a comment down below, and we can get a discussion going.

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