Where To Watch Black Summoner For Free in 2022?


Fantasy shows are always the ideal way to get some creative juices in your head flow. Whether they are fantasy dramas or fantasy animes, anything works. One famous anime that has recently been released is Black Summoner. People have been wondering where to watch Black Summoner for free and we are here to help!

The anime series Black Summoner is based on a series of previously published material. With a novel series, light novels as well as manga to take inspiration from, Black Summoner has a lot going for it. That’s why the anime has some pre-built audience as well. And where to watch Black Summoner for free? Let’s see what your options are.

The Plot Of Black Summoner | What Is It About?

Black Summoner follows the life of Kelvin. One day Kelvin wakes up in a strange place with no memories of the past and has no idea where he is. Soon he finds out he has traded his memories and previous life for some supernatural abilities. 

The anime, just like the manga and novels follows his life as Kelvin becomes addicted to battles and other stuff. In a quest to find himself and find answers to questions, Kelvin uncovers a lot of dark truths too!

Where To Watch Black Summoner For Free | All You Need To Know

Where To Watch Black Summoner For Free in 2022?

The anime was released on July 5, 2022, and as of the time of writing this article has a total of 5 episodes out. With more episodes coming out soon, you should know where to watch Black Summoner for free!

Is Black Summoner Available To Watch On Netflix?

No, Black Summoner is not available to watch on Netflix. The OTT streaming giant has a lot of animes to offer. But unfortunately, Black Summoner doesn’t make the list. Not for now at least. As there are more episodes on the way then it is possible that once the season is complete, Black Summoner will be available to stream on Netflix.

Currently, you can enjoy watching other anime like Bleach, Haikyu and so much more. If you are into K dramas, then we suggest watching shows like Alchemy of Souls and Business Proposal as well!

Is Black Summoner Available To Watch On Crunchyroll?

Where To Watch Black Summoner For Free in 2022?

Yes, Black Summoner is available to watch on Crunchyroll. The anime streaming OTT platform is the biggest platform out there for anime lovers. Crunchyroll teamed up with Funimation some time back and now global audiences have access to the latest anime shows whenever they please. 

Not only can you watch and enjoy watching Black Summoner on Crunchyroll but also other animes. Some of the famous ones are Vermeil in Gold, Parallel World Pharmacy, and Engage Kiss. Once you get going, you will realize there are so many more options to choose from!

If you have subscribed to Crunchyroll and can’t find your favorite anime on there then it means the content is geo-blocked. We suggest using a VPN service provider that will help unlock region-restricted content. 

Final Words

We hope now you know where to watch Black Summoner for free. There are countless resources online that help you stream animes for free. While we do not condone piracy, we request you to only use the information for your personal use. Have you watched the anime Black Summoner yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Is Black Summoner on Hulu?

No, Black Summoner is not on Hulu!

Is Black Summoner on Disney +?

No, Black Summoner is not on Disney +

How many episodes of Black Summoner are there?

Currently in mid-August, there are a total of 5 Episodes of Black Summoner out there!

Is there a Black Summoner anime?

Yes, after the manga series, there is now a Black Summoner anime too!


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