Where To Watch Drifting Home For Free Online? A Coming Of Age Fantasy Anime!


It is said that friendships can help you take on any obstacles in life. We all have a friend who has been with us through thick and thin. Sometimes it also feels like you are complete opposites, but you still manage to have fun over common things, and that is what makes it special. Drifting Home is also a tale of friendship and fantasy that will remind you about the importance of friendship. If you are planning to watch this fantasy anime movie, then you should know where to watch Drifting Home for free online.

Drifting Home is created by the critically acclaimed Studio Colorado, known for high-octane Anime shows and the global hit anime movie, A Whisker Away. Drifting Home is the second directorial film for Hiroyasu, whose debut movie was The Penguin Highway. The movie was released officially in theaters in Japan and also got an OTT release worldwide.

Now let us clear your confusion regarding where to watch Drifting Home for free online, you can watch the fantasy anime film on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

However, keep reading the article as we are going to discuss the plot of the movie and also the platforms that can offer you free streaming of Drifting Home.

How To Watch Drifting Home For Free Online? Where To Watch Drifting Home For Free Online?

Drifting Home is a coming-of-age fantasy adventure movie that is highly recommended, especially for anime viewers. If you are also excited about the movie, then stick with us because we are discussing a few platforms so you can know where to watch Drifting Home for free online.

Is Drifting Home Streaming On Crunchyroll?

Yes, Drifting Home is available on Crunchyroll. You probably have an idea that Crunchyroll is the official hub of anime content of all kinds, be it movies or shows. Finally, Drifting Home has arrived on the platform and you can stream it with a Crunchyroll monthly plan. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can get it for $7.99 per month. The platform also provides a 14-day free trial period to new customers.

Is Drifting Home Available On Amazon Prime?

No, Drifting Home is not available on Amazon Prime. This platform has other shows and movies that are surely binge-worthy, and you can enjoy watching them in your free time. We would suggest you watch the Prime Video original film, Somebody I Used To Know. You can watch it with a monthly plan. Amazon Prime Video’s basic plan starts at $8.99 per month. 

Is Drifting Home Available On HBO Max?

Where To Watch Drifting Home For Free Online? A Coming Of Age Fantasy Anime!

No, Drifting Home is not available on HBO Max. HBO is home to various highly anticipated movies and shows. And you can enjoy these shows with a monthly subscription of only 14.99 USD per month.

Is Drifting Home Available On Netflix?

Yes, Drifting Home is available on Netflix. The fantasy anime movie was officially released on the platform on 16th September 2022. You can watch it whenever you feel like with a basic Netflix monthly plan. You can subscribe to the platform for just $6.99 per month.

Is Drifting Home Available On Hulu?

No, Drifting Home is not available on Hulu. But there are other highly watched shows like Bleach anime on this platform. Hulu’s monthly subscription starts at 5.99 USD per month.

Can You Watch Drifting Home In Theaters?

No, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you cannot watch the anime fantasy movie, Drifting Home in theaters. It already received its theatrical release in 2022.

Plot Of Drifting Home (2022) | A Magical Farewell Journey Begins!

Drifting Home is a story of two friends, Kosuke and Natsume, who grew up together in the same apartment building since childhood. Their relationship slowly begins to weaken in sixth grade after the death of one friend’s grandfather. Kosuke and some of his classmates sneak into an old apartment building while playing during vacations. The building is also scheduled to be demolished soon due to some reasons. Kosuke meets Natsume in the building during the same time, and a strange, mysterious phenomenon occurs. 

They wake up and realize that the apartment is drifting into a mysterious sea, and they are stuck in the middle of the ocean. Will the friends stick together to survive and be able to return to their real world? Well, you have to find it yourself by watching the movie. Keep reading the article to find out where to watch Drifting Home for free online.

Final Words

Now you know where to watch Drifting Home for free online? We have discussed the plot and all the free platforms that are supposed to stream this movie. Just wait for the release date and then check this one also off of your list. Also, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts regarding the movie in the comments section below. Till then, you can keep reading more such informative content only on Viebly.

What is the runtime of the movie Drifting Home?

The runtime of Drifting Home is 1 Hour and 59 Minutes. The movie will be available to stream on Netflix from Friday, 16th September.

Who is the writer of Drifting Home?

Drifting Home is written by Hiroyasu Ishida and Hayashi Mori. Hiroyasu Ishida is also the director of the movie.

Which actors are starring in the Netflix movie Drifting Home?

Netflix’s Drifting Home features Daiki Yamashita, Kana Hanazawa, and Nana Mizuki as the voice actors.

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