Where To Watch JoJo For Free? Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Here! 


Listen up, anime lovers! I have the answer to your question- where to watch JoJo for free. To provide you with a satisfactory solution, I’ve (painstakingly) combed through the internet to compile a list of all platforms where the show is available. Pat on my back, drumrolls in the background; let’s begin!  

To be honest with you, I had never been an anime-lover. I still wouldn’t classify myself as an anime fan. No, don’t call me your enemy. But, I find some of these shows very, very interesting! So, I throw them on the mountainous pile of the shows and movies I need to watch. I don’t actually get around to watching them. It’s a different story that you don’t need to know about. 

Anyways, this anime show is very unique and very very good, i.e., a masterpiece. You’ll understand why I call the show interesting when you read the plot of JoJo! 

Plot Of JoJo | What Is JoJo About? 

So, the plot of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure revolves around the trials and tribulations of the Joester family against evil forces. The show began in 1987, and we followed Jotaro Kujo and his followers, who had strange powers called Stands. 

Jotaro, his grandfather, and their comrades embark on a journey to Egypt to find the immortal vampire DIO. It is because Jotaro’s mother, Holly’s Stand, has awakened and jeopardized her life. It can potentially finish her within a matter of 50 days. 

On the other hand, DIO has put many assassins, each possessing different types of Stands to kill the group before they find him. 

Here’s some information about the show:

Release DateOctober 4, 2012
Running Time30m 
Produced ByKazufumi Nomura, Tetsuo Daitoku
Directed By Naokatsu Tsuda, Kenichi Suzuki
StarringMatthew Mercer, David Vincent, Daisuke Ono, Unshô Ishizuka, Tôru Ohkawa, Fuminori Komatsu, Richard Epcar
IMDb Rating8.4/10
No. Of Seasons5
No. Of Episodes169

Now, we are going to see where to watch JoJo for free. So, keep scrolling!

Here’s Where To Watch JoJo For Free

After reading such an interesting storyline of this anime show, I’m sure you want to know where to watch JoJo for free! And, it won’t be right on my behalf to hold you back from an answer any longer. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it! 

Is JoJo Available On Netflix?

Where To Watch JoJo For Free? Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Here! 

JoJo is available on Netflix. The platform is slowly expanding its library to include more anime titles. So, slowly and steadily, Netflix is taking place in the hearts of anime lovers. But, even though Netflix has the top anime series of 2022, only the first three seasons of JoJo are present in its library. 

Although, even the first three seasons shall satiate your craving for this anime series. That’s mainly because Netflix has Stardust Crusaders –arguably the most famous season of the entire series. But, in case you’re hungry for more seasons, Netflix will not be enough for you. 

Is JoJo Available On Hulu?

Where To Watch JoJo For Free? Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Here! 

YAY! JoJo is available on Hulu. The second most favorable after Netflix is Hulu’s wide catalog of anime shows. This platform has all JoJo episodes until Diamond Is Unbreakable. However, if you want to watch Golden Wind, you’ll have to get a Hulu+ Live TV subscription. 

But, you see, the basic package offers a hell lot of episodes of the show as well. In fact, you also get the dubbed versions of Parts 1 and 2. And after you’re done watching these, you can check out anime shows like Bleach present on the platform! 

Is JoJo Available On HBO Max?

Where To Watch JoJo For Free? Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Here! 

JoJo is not available on HBO Max. I don’t think the anime show will be available on this platform. Because HBO Max isn’t particularly known for its anime shows–it doesn’t have much to talk about. So, anime lovers, you all need to look elsewhere. 

Is JoJo Available On Disney Plus?

Where To Watch JoJo For Free? Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Here! 

JoJo is not available on Disney Plus. How did you expect it too? Like HBO Max, Disney Plus isn’t known for anime content either. It basically caters to kids and people-who-like-kids’-shows. 

With that being said, if you recognize yourself as someone as such, do check out the elite collection of Marvel shows on Disney Plus. 

Is JoJo Available On Amazon Prime?

Where To Watch JoJo For Free? Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Here! 

JoJo is available on Amazon Prime! All episodes, except for the final 19 of Golden Wind, are present on this platform! Although, there’s some hope that this one will also be included in Amazon Prime’s library. 

However, this is a little costly option for streaming the show. Because anime lovers will have to pay for each individual season. If you don’t mind doing so, you can carry ahead with his platform. Otherwise, keep scrolling, and we’ll check out other options as well. 

Not gonna lie. Amazon Prime is not all bad, it does have some top-class anime series as well. 

Is JoJo Available On Crunchyroll?

Where To Watch JoJo For Free? Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Here! 

JoJo is available on Crunchyroll! This platform is the ideal site for streaming shows for all anime lovers. Crunchyroll even calls itself the best anime streaming platform. And rightly so, the platform has done a commendable job in catering to our anime-related needs! 

Crunchyroll has almost all anime shows present out there. In fact, it adds anime to its library within mere hours of its release in Japan. However, the only shortcoming of this platform is that it doesn’t have an English dubbed version of JoJo. 

Is JoJo Available On Peacock?

Where To Watch JoJo For Free? Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Here! 

JoJo is not available on Peacock. Wouldn’t it be so cool if it was? Because Peacock is such an affordable platform? And if the show was available on this platform, you could have watched it without having to burn a hole in your pocket. 

Anyways, let’s hope that, in some way, the show becomes available on Peacock TV. 

Is JoJo Available On Vudu?

Where To Watch JoJo For Free? Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Here! 

HELL YES! JoJo is available on Vudu! You can buy individual episodes or entire seasons of the show on this platform! Yes, that’s Vudu, you guys. It doesn’t make its viewers buy any subscription plans. You only pay for what your heart desires to watch. 

Also, did I mention that Vudu is very, very affordable as well?! Check its prices to find out! 

Is JoJo Available For FREE Online?

Where To Watch JoJo For Free? Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Here! 

Why pay for a subscription-based service at all when you can get the same benefits for absolutely free?! I say, there’s no need! And that’s why I’ve compiled a list of platforms where you can watch the JoJo for FREE! So, keep reading! 

Is JoJo Available On Tubi TV?

JoJo is available on Tubi TV for free! This platform has all episodes of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. So, this platform will be perfect for you. But, Tubi TV generates its revenue via ads. So, you might have to bear a few of those. Also, the max streaming quality of the platform is 720p. 

Is JoJo Available On Viz Media?

JoJo is available on Viz Media for free! You can head over to their website to watch all episodes of JoJo up till JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable. Viz Media will be the right choice if you don’t mind a few ads while streaming this anime show. 

Is JoJo Available On VRV?

YES! JoJo is available on VRV for free! This platform has all episodes and seasons of JoJo up till JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind. But again, this platform comes with ads as well. 

Is JoJo Available On Crunchyroll? 

Yes!! JoJo is available on Crunchyroll for free! I know, I had just said that you’d need a subscription to the platform. But, here’s the catch– if you don’t mind ad interruption while streaming this anime show, then you can watch JoJo for free on Crunchyroll! 

Final Words 

Alright, anime lovers! We’ve reached the end of this article. And by now, I hope you know where to watch JoJo for free! I’ve enlisted several platforms where you can stream this very popular anime series. So, go ahead and watch the show! Also, don’t forget to thank me in the comments! 

What Production Companies Have Worked On JoJo?

David Production, Lucky Land Communications, and Medicos Entertainment have worked on JoJo. 

Where Was JoJo Filmed? 

JoJo was filmed in Tokyo, Japan. 

What Are Some More Shows Like JoJo?

If you liked watching JoJo, then you can check out My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, Naruto, etc. 

Who Is The Writer Of JoJo?

JoJo has been written by Hirohiko Araki.

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