Where To Watch Resident Evil For Free Online? 2022 – The Year Of Zombies!


You thought coronavirus was a pain in the ass? Wrong buddy, think about the T-virus! That damn virus has been going on for well over two decades. Not in the real world, though, in the fictional town of Racoon City. Based on a game of the same name, Resident Evil has been a mainstay of zombie horror in pop culture. With a new series out, if you are wondering where to watch Resident Evil for free, then follow along!

Andrew Dabb has created the series, and his vision for action, thrill, and chaos does not disappoint. While we would try to keep it spoiler free, we are making no promises! This live-action series adaptation of Resident Evil comes after a series of movies in the franchise. 

To keep its authenticity intact, the original game of Resident Evil serves as the main source material. The series uses the game’s story as a prelude to what happens in the show. The Resident Evil series can be considered an original show on its own. 

You don’t have to have watched any of the previous RE movies to know what’s going on in the show. You also don’t need to have played the game. While the internet has been abuzz about when the Resident Evil series will release, now that we have it, let’s get to where to watch Resident Evil for free!

The Plot Of The Resident Evil Series | What Is The Show All About?

The Resident Evil series takes place much later than the original game and series events. The events in the series take place in two simultaneous timelines – one in 2022 and the other in 2036. The Umbrella Corporation, the evil company responsible for creating the T-virus, is still going strong.

In the 2022 timeline, we see Dr. Albert accept a high position in The Umbrella Corporation as his 14-year twins navigate life in a new place called ‘New Racoon City.’ They slowly discover the dark secrets behind the corporation and the evil their father is working for.

Then in the 2036 timeline, we see the effects of the deadly T-virus. Not just Racoon City but the whole world has been affected by the virus. Most of the human population has turned into human-eating zombies. Now only a few hundred million people remain, and the Umbrella Corp is out to hunt whoever defies them!

Where To Watch Resident Evil For Free? Racoon City Is A Mess Again!

Where To Watch Resident Evil For Free Online? 2022 - The Year Of Zombies!

Resident Evil was released on July 14, 2022. The series has been produced exclusively in partnership with the online streaming giant Netflix. The series has opened to generally positive reviews, with critics calling it the closest adaptation to the original game.

But the new Resident Evil has failed to click with the fans. The zombies hunting for brains genre has been beaten to death, and understandably so. Shows like All Of Us Are Dead have brought some new hope, but the old franchises continue to lack imagination.

Is Resident Evil On Netflix? 

Where To Watch Resident Evil For Free Online? 2022 - The Year Of Zombies!

Yes, Resident Evil is available on Netflix. Netflix picked up the series and began production back in 2019. Resident Evil season 1 has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is an hour long, so the series is perfect for a weekend binge. 

All 8 episodes of Resident Evil are available to watch on Netflix right now. If you don’t already have a subscription to Netflix, then now is a perfect time. Netflix offers a three-tiered subscription system. Starting at $9.99 per month for a Standard Definition plan going all the way up to $19.99 for a multi-device 4K HD Premium Plan.

These plans are specific to the US, but Resident Evil is available to stream on Netflix globally. Depending on where you live, the plans and prices may vary, so please double-check when subscribing. 

Is Resident Evil On Amazon Prime?

No Resident Evil is not available on Amazon Prime. While there are other amazing action shows on Amazon Prime for you to watch, Resident Evil isn’t one of them. If you already have a Prime subscription, you can easily buy or rent movies and shows on Amazon Prime as you please!

Is Resident Evil On HBO Max?

Where To Watch Resident Evil For Free Online? 2022 - The Year Of Zombies!

No, Resident Evil is not available to watch on HBO Max either. HBO Max has become especially popular for shows like Euphoria and Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, Resident Evil does not make the cut. 

Is Resident Evil On Hulu?

No, Resident Evil is not on Hulu. While the series is tied directly to Netflix, Hulu does have all the Resident Evil movies of the franchise. If you have a subscription to the service and have been wondering where to watch Resident Evil movies online, then Hulu is your savior! You can watch the Resident Evil movies on Hulu instead!

Where To Watch Resident Evil For Free Online In 2022? Is There A Way?

Where To Watch Resident Evil For Free Online? 2022 - The Year Of Zombies!

So, where to watch Resident Evil for free online? Sorry, but there is no such option. If something is for free, know there are other caveats attached to it. So while you may consider watching Resident Evil through torrents or Telegram channels, there are risks.

We suggest highly against such methods of watching Resident Evil as it’s illegal and immoral. If you’re that desperate to watch the series, try borrowing a Netflix account. Alternatively, you can also try getting some Gift Cards for Netflix!

Is Resident Evil In Theaters?

No, Resident Evil is not in theatres. The new live-action adaptation has been made into a series. This new series was released exclusively on Netflix. Previously, Resident Evil movies have received widespread theatrical releases, and the franchise has raked in well over $1 billion dollars.

Final Words

We hope now you know where to watch Resident Evil for free online! The franchise has been a fan favorite ever since the game was released back in 1996. Hopefully, there will be a season 2 of the Resident Evil series too! Do you hope so too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Is there a Resident Evil TV series?

Yes, the Resident Evil series premiered on Netflix in July 2022!

How many episodes in the Resident Evil series?

There are 8 episodes in the Resident Evil series.

Is there a Resident Evil 2?

There is no confirmation of a Resident Evil season 2 yet.

Is Resident Evil worth watching on Netflix?

If you’re a fan of the original Resident Evil, you should not miss out on watching the Resident Evil series on Netflix!

What is the Resident Evil series based on?

The Resident Evil series is based on the original Resident Evil game made by Capcom.

Is Resident Evil infinite darkness scary?

Resident Evil is sometimes scary and sometimes thrilling!

Is Resident Evil on Apple TV?

No, Resident Evil is not available on Apple TV

Is Resident Evil on Disney+?

No, Resident Evil is not on Disney +

Is Resident Evil on Paramount+?

No, Resident Evil is not available on Paramount+

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