Where To Watch The Human Centipede For Free? The Body Horror Film Is Streaming Here!


Have you ever watched a movie from the body horror genre? I think not. I understand that you love watching horror movies. But my friend, if you haven’t watched a single film from this genre then you haven’t watched anything good. Period. But, worry not. You can easily fix this situation by watching The Human Centipede (2010). So, if you don’t know where to watch The Human Centipede for free, keep reading! 

The Human Centipede does belong to the horror genre. But, unlike other horror movies, you won’t have a ghost chasing and killing people left, right, and center in this one. Despite that, The Human Centipede is much more disturbing than all of these movies combined. It will leave you squirming uncomfortably in your seat and hoping that none of it is real. 

Also, before you begin reading any further, I want to give you a fair warning: this movie contains some really graphic scenes that you will find disturbing. Watching the movie might even leave you unable to eat anything for a few days. So, watch the movie at your own risk. 

Here’s Where To Watch The Human Centipede For Free | Have A Look At All Streaming Options Below! 

Where To Watch The Human Centipede For Free? The Body Horror Film Is Streaming Here!

I’m really unsure of how someone can watch this highly disturbing movie. But, I also know that some of the readers are quite daring. And, I understand that those people might want to know where to watch The Human Centipede for free. If you fall in that daredevil category, keep scrolling. 

Is The Human Centipede Available On Netflix?

The Human Centipede is not available on Netflix. The reasons for this are unknown. Plus, nobody knows if the movie is ever going to be available on this platform. 

But, if you happen to have a Netflix account, you can use it to watch psychological horror films like Apostle, Gerald’s Game, A Quiet Place, The Platform, Shutter Island, and more. 

Is The Human Centipede Available On Amazon Prime Video? 

Yes, Human Centipede is available on Amazon Prime Video. The body horror is currently streaming on the platform and you can watch it whenever you wish to with your usual Prime Video monthly plan. If you’re not a monthly subscriber yet, you can become one by paying just $8.99. And if you don’t want to subscribe to the platform at all, in that case, you can purchase or rent the film. You can buy the movie for $12.99 or you can rent it for as low as $3.99.

Is The Human Centipede Available On AMC+?

Yes, Human Centipede is available on AMC+. This is another popular OTT platform where you can stream the movie but certainly not for free. AMC+ is a paid platform and does not entertain any kind of free streaming. However, if you don’t have an AMC+ subscription yet, you can get it for $8.99 per month. It also comes with a 30-day free trial period. 

Is The Human Centipede Available On Hulu?

Where To Watch The Human Centipede For Free? The Body Horror Film Is Streaming Here!

No, Human Centipede is not available on Hulu. Instead, you can watch the Emily Blunt and John Krasinski starrer sci/fi thriller film, A Quiet Place on the platform. You can watch it with a basic Hulu monthly subscription that costs $7.99 per month. If you happen to be a new customer, then you can take advantage of the platform’s 30-day free trial period.

Is The Human Centipede Available On HBO Max?

The Human Centipede is available on HBO Max. You can find the second and third sequence of the film on this platform. So, if you have an HBO Max subscription, you can easily watch the movie on this platform. After you’re done watching this one, you might feel like watching something to lighten up your mood. That’s when kids’ movies on HBO Max will come in handy. It’s okay. Thank me in the comments. 

Is The Human Centipede Available On Peacock TV?

The Human Centipede is not available on Peacock TV. It sucks because Peacock TV is one of the most affordable platforms out there. And you’d have wanted to watch the movie without burning a hole in your pocket. But, at the moment, it won’t be possible. 

Can You Watch Human Centipede In Theaters?

No, sadly you won’t be able to watch the body horror film, Human Centipede in theaters. It already got its theatrical release in 2010.

The Plot Of The Human Centipede | What Is The Human Centipede About?

The storyline of The Human Centipede follows a group of tourists who are forced to spend a night in a lonely hotel because of a flat tire. Upon waking up, they find themselves in the basement of the hotel, in the company of a retired surgeon who specializes in separating twins. 

But now, this surgeon/ scientist mutilates the bodies of his hostages and stitches the mouth of one into the rectum of the other. He does this to create a ‘human centipede’. The scientist forces the three of them to eat each other’s feces. 

Here are some more details about the film:

Release Date30 April 2010
Running Time1h 32m
Directed ByTom Six
Produced ByIlona Six, Tom Six
StarringDieter Laser, Ashley C. Williams, Ashlynn Yennie
IMDb Rating4.4/10

Final Words

Alright, people! In this article, I walked you through a long list of streaming platforms. So, by now, I hope you know where to watch The Human Centipede for free. The movie is available on a variety of free streaming platforms like Divicast, FlixHD, MyFlixer, Soap2Day, etc. There are safer options as well- Tubi TV and Yidio. Plus, if you really don’t trust any of the free streaming sites, then you can get yourself an Amazon Prime subscription. If you don’t want a subscription, you can rent the movie from Vudu. So, choose whatever suits you the best! 

What Production Companies Have Worked On The Human Centipede?

Six Entertainment has worked on The Human Centipede. 

Where Was The Human Centipede Filmed?

The movie The Human Centipede was filmed in Naarden, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

Who Is The Writer Of The Movie The Human Centipede?

The movie The Human Centipede was written by Tom Six. 

What Are Some More Movies Like The Human Centipede?

If you liked watching the movie The Human Centipede, then you can also watch A Serbian Film, Hostel, The Onania Club, Hostel: Part II, The Green Inferno, Martyrs, and more. 

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