Where To Watch The Royal Hotel For Free Online? The Best Thriller Movie Of 2023!!


Have you heard about Kitty Green’s new movie The Royal Hotel (2023)? Because this new thriller movie has now become the talk of the town. Read this blog and find out where to watch The Royal Hotel for free online. We’ll share the most important details of this flick and easy ways to stream it online.

The Royal Hotel is an Australian mind-bending flick released earlier this month (September 2023). The director of this engaging flick adapted the main story from Pete Gleeson’s fictional novel, published a couple of years ago. Kitty Green and Oscar Redding wrote the screenplay for this project and included several riveting concepts in the storyline.

The makers of The Royal Hotel are satisfied with the domestic commercial performance of the movie. However, they are still hoping this riveting flick will become a major global success and capture the attention of audiences living outside of Australia. To date, The Royal Hotel has collected more than two prestigious nominations.

So, if you’re ready to find out where to watch The Royal Hotel for free online, then without waiting any longer, let’s get started. Furthermore, I’ll also walk you through the plot summary of this latest flick.

Where To Watch The Royal Hotel For Free Online? Let’s Check Out The Options One By One!

The Royal Hotel has only been theatrically released. This means that this amazing movie is not available for streaming on any platform currently. Although, if you’re up for watching other thriller movies, you can follow this piece and learn more.

Julia Garner and Jessica Henwick were selected to play the lead role in The Royal Hotel. The director selected these two famous Australian actors for the main role mainly because of their previous films.

Jessica and Julia have worked in numerous thriller movies and understand what it takes to captivate the audience. Secondly, other actors approached before Jessica and Julia were mostly busy with other projects.

You’d also be amazed to know that the shooting of The Royal Hotel was done in and around the Southern region of Australia. So, the backdrop used in this flick is as real as it gets and another major factor in attracting the audience to watch this thriller.

So, get ready with your notepads and jot down the best streaming platforms where you can find The Royal Hotel for streaming in the future. But, as the streaming rights haven’t been sold yet, we’ll share other movies from the same genre you can watch on these platforms.

Can You Watch The Royal Hotel On Netflix? 

No, The Royal Hotel is unavailable for streaming on this famous platform. However, if you’re a Netflix user, we can recommend other movies that were highly rated by the audience. Watch The Gray Man, Old, Extraction 2, and Luther: The Fallen Sun on Netflix.

However, there’s a small condition you need to consider before streaming these movies on Netflix. You need to make sure that your Netflix subscription plan is valid. If you haven’t subscribed yet, select the base plan on Netflix for $6.99 per month only.

Can You Watch The Royal Hotel On Apple TV?

Where To Watch The Royal Hotel For Free Online? The Best Thriller Movie Of 2023!!

Yes, The Royal Hotel is currently available on Apple TV. Even if you’re a valid user of Apple TV, you won’t be able to watch this gripping film on this platform right now. However, as soon as this film gets digitally released on Apple TV, we’ll surely let you know.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t made your Apple account yet, you can set it up by following a few easy steps. After your new Apple account is up and ready, we suggest you avail the 7-day free trial plan. This limited-period offer will let you access the premium content on this platform for free. So, hurry up and grab this amazing offer before it ends.

Can You Watch The Royal Hotel On Hulu?

Hulu subscribers can find many blockbuster thriller movies on this platform, like Deep Water, Gone In Night, and Private Property. However, The Royal Hotel isn’t available for streaming on this platform right now.

The base plan on Hulu starts at $9.99 per month (with ads). If you don’t want any disturbance while streaming your favorite title, select the second plan for $14.99 monthly. The thriller movies mentioned on Hulu can only be streamed with a paid account. Start your Hulu membership today if you haven’t already subscribed.

As I mentioned, The Royal Hotel has not been digitally released yet. But, there is a high chance of this film getting released on these popular platforms in the near future. We’ll post a separate blog when the makers of The Royal Hotel confirm the release date and the platform. For now, let me walk you through the plot of this crime-thriller movie.

Plot Of The Royal Hotel | What’s It About

Where To Watch The Royal Hotel For Free Online? The Best Thriller Movie Of 2023!!

The story of The Royal Hotel revolves around the characters of Hanna and Liv, two young Australian girls. The story takes a sharp turn when these two Australian girls find themselves in deep trouble after changing locations for work.

At the film’s beginning, Hanna comes up with an offer from a famous Australian company seeking new joiners. However, as soon as the female lead shares the news with her backpacking partner, Liv advises to decline the offer.

Shortly after, Liv and Hanna go on a backpacking trip to the Southern Outback region of Australia and start working in a pub. Watch The Royal Hotel and learn how Liv and Hanna get involved in a horrible situation while working in the pub.

Final Words

I’ve revealed where to watch The Royal Hotel for free online. Plus, I’ve also shared a couple of note-worthy films that you can watch on popular streaming sites. If you have further questions or doubts, please leave a reply.

Otherwise, if you enjoyed reading this piece, share your thoughts in the comments section. If you wish to read more pieces like The Royal Hotel, please check out our website before you leave.

Who Edited The Film The Royal Hotel?

Kasra Rassoulzadegan was the editor of the film The Royal Hotel.

Which Company Distributed The Film The Royal Hotel?

The Royal Hotel was distributed by Transmission Films.

Who Lensed The Film The Royal Hotel?

The Royal Hotel was lensed by Michael Latham.

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