Where Was Trick r Treat Filmed? Horror Locations That Take You To Your Nightmare!


I know you feel elevated whenever you get to hear about Halloween. But what if you get to experience something spooky in real? Trick r Treat pictures one such experience that may give you goosebumps. Do you have the courage to find out its filming locations? It’s quite tough I know. That’s why I have already done the task for you. Join me to figure out where was Trick r Treat filmed!

Trick r Treat (2007) depicts five interwoven stories that take place at the same time. And the onset of these stories happens when a couple blows a jack o’ lantern before midnight. There is a principal who is a serial killer, a young girl meets her perfect guy, a group of teenage boys play a prank, and a hermit meets a trickster. Interestingly, all the stories have a common element in them. How are these stories related to each other?

The entire shooting of Trick r Treat took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. Within Vancouver, the main locations where the movie was shot are Ladner, Lion’s Gate Studios, and many more. 

The information about locations does not end here. Keep reading to gather all the interesting facts about where was Trick r Treat filmed!

Where Was Trick r Treat Filmed? Know The Primary Location Here!

The horror-comedy by Michael Dougherty features famous actors like Anna Pacquin, Dylan Baker, Brian Cox, and many more. Surprisingly, the premier of the movie was delayed for almost two years and had a limited amount of screening due to some reason. Right now, let’s focus on where was Trick r Treat filmed!

Now, you can stay calm because I am going to spill the beans about where was Trick r Treat filmed. Stay focused to learn all the significant facts about the filming locations!

Vancouver, British Columbia 

Where Was Trick r Treat Filmed? Horror Locations That Take You To Your Nightmare!

Vancouver is the perfect location in British Columbia, where multiple movies have been filmed up until now. That’s why the makers of Trick r Treat also preferred filming here. Luckily, they found multiple suitable backdrops and were quite confused while finalizing the main locations. Well, it’s obvious when you get too many options!

Filming in Vancouver was a memorable experience for the cast and crew members. Apart from this, they made sure to explore the beautiful spots as well. For this, they would prefer the afternoon because most of the shooting was being done at night. Among the recent movies, Alaska Daily is reported to be filmed here. 

When it comes to discussing Vancouver, it’s a bustling west coast seaport where you get to see a diverse culture. Apart from this, the beauty of the meadows surrounding this city gives a picturesque view. In addition, there are numerous adventurous activities you can try out to make your trip a cherishable one. 

Ladner, Delta, British Columbia, 

Where Was Trick r Treat Filmed? Horror Locations That Take You To Your Nightmare!

After wrapping up the filming, the makers moved to Ladner to lens a few horror sequences. Upon reaching here, the production team did not opt for making modifications because the backdrops were already looking spooky. Furthermore, they were complimenting the plot of the movie. So, none of the team members doubted Ladner. 

While shooting the sequences here, even the cast members would feel as if they are at some haunted place. In order to make everyone feel comfortable, the producers arranged ample amount of lights. Well, this continued for the entire duration until the filming wrapped up. 

Situated in the city of Delta, Ladner is a suburb of Vancouver. The founders of this city established it as a fishing village on the banks of the Fraser River. And if you happen to be here someday, make sure you attend the Ladner Pioneer May Days, the longest-running festival in Delta. The celebrations of this festival include a parade, carnivals, and many more events. 

Lion’s Gate Studios, North Vancouver, British Columbia 

Where Was Trick r Treat Filmed? Horror Locations That Take You To Your Nightmare!

When the makers were done filming at real-life locations, they moved to Lion’s Gate Studios. That’s because a few climax sequences were left to be shot. Filming these sequences could not have been possible without the studio. 

Before commencing the shooting here, the production team spent less than a week getting the stages ready. A professional team of designers was recruited in order to make the stages look close to real locations. At one point, even the directors and producers were taken aback after seeing the stages. 

Today, Lion’s Gate Studios is known as North Shore Studios. Just after the filming of Trick r Treat, the studio was put up for sale and was purchased by a wealthy filmmaker who changed the name of the studio. Currently, there are 8 stages and separate office spaces. Apart from this, the management is trying to add on some advanced facilities as well. But it may take some time to see such facilities here. 

Final Words 

Now when you have updated your knowledge on where was Trick r Treat filmed, don’t forget to share the same with your friends. Or you can simply plan a surprise trip to these places for them. Isn’t it a nice idea to make them feel special?

For those who are interested in exploring other locations of movies of the same genre, you can read about the filming locations of Halloweentown and Halloween Ends. You may fall in love with these locations!

Is Trick r Treat Going To Have A Theatrical Release?

After so many years, Trick r Treat was released on October 6, 2022.

Is Trick r Treat Going To Have A Prequel?

In 2009, Dougherty shared that he was planning a prequel to the movie, but there was no active development after that.

When Was Trick r Treat Filmed?

The filming of Trick r Treat commenced on November 16, 2006, and was wrapped up on January 23, 2007.

Is There A Supernatural Character in Trick r Treat?

Yes, there is a supernatural character who joins hands with an old man.

What Are The Popular Filming Locations in British Columbia?

Some main filming locations in British Columbia are Ontario, Ottawa, Vancouver, and many more.

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