Where To Watch Banana Fish For Free? An Unrivaled Anime Of All Time!!


Do you find yourself propelled towards computer-generated animation originating from Japan, with intellectual and sophisticated storylines? Well, you seem to be an anime fan! Read this article to know where to watch Banana Fish for free? Here is everything you are looking for!

Let me present to you, Banana Fish, an anime series adapted from the 1985 manga by Akimi Yoshida, which is praised as a thriving transverse between shounen and shoujo manga. The series depicts the relationship between Ash and Eiji, the main characters of the series, and how it has influenced boys’ love anime to reach the next level of popularity. 

The Plot Of Banana Fish | What is Banana Fish About?

Where To Watch Banana Fish For Free? An Unrivaled Anime Of All Time!

The story is based on a 17-year-old teenager, Ash Lynx in the streets of New York. He is shown to be the worthy successor of Don Dino Golzine. A sadistic Mafia boss, who uses Ash sexually but at the same time grooms him to be the next boss.

The protagonist decides to go rogue on Golzine, as he discovers what happened involving a hallucinogenic drug and his brother. But Ash isn’t alone in the fight, as the street gang run by him chooses to weigh in on his side, and go all guns blazing against Dino Golzine. In simple words, the story of Banana Fish is about Ash’s insurgence and reprisal against his former “boss”. 

But at the same time, the anime also displays a beautiful relationship that develops between Ash and Eiji Okumura; a rookie photographer from Japan, who steps in New York as an assistant to a news reporter. The friendship turns into something deep as they find a secondary purpose of protecting each other and preserving their friendship in any case.

All the notable characters are distinctive and their association to this anime adds an extra layer to the storyline, despite how subtle it may be. The series has only 1 season comprising 24 episodes in total. So without any further delay, let’s go ahead and find where to watch Banana Fish for free?

Where To Watch Banana Fish For Free?

Where To Watch Banana Fish For Free? An Unrivaled Anime Of All Time!!

Is Banana Fish Available On Crunchyroll For Free?

Yes, Banana Fish is available on Crunchyroll. I am almost certain that you are aware of this platform if you are an anime fan. You can find basically all anime shows ever made on this platform, and almost all of them are for free like Bleach Anime.

Is Banana Fish Available On Hulu?

Banana Fish is available on Hulu, although not for free. In order to access this content, you are required to have a valid subscription with HULU, and you can choose from the different plans offered.

Speaking of which the base plans start from $12.99/month (with no ads) and $6.99 a month (ad-supported). Each of these plans along with other bundle plans mentioned on their website offers one-month free access! 

Is Banana Fish Available On Netflix?

Banana Fish is available on Netflix, but only in Japan. But if you wish to watch other action-based animes available on Netflix which are not geo-blocked then you can surely check out Attack On Titan or even Hunter x Hunter.

Final Word

Let’s hope, you and other anime lovers like yourself with the options discussed above in this article are able to know where to watch Banana Fish for free? The show is available on many free platforms like Crunchyroll, Zoro.to, AnimeFlix, 123Movies, etc. Or you can opt for the paid platform like HULU and watch Banana Fish, without any ads or security risks.

Choose wisely, and do visit Viebly, to read about other amazing articles about animes and more!

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