Where To Watch Blue Lock For Free? The Ultimate Sports Drama!


Are you looking for where to watch Blue Lock for free? This article is everything that you are looking for! The latest anime show is gaining a worldwide appreciation for its engaging story and characters. So, how to watch Blue Lock anime? Read ahead to find more.

Blue Lock is a Japanese anime sports drama. Blue Lock premiered on 9 October 2022. Blue Lock has been released on the Japanese cable channel NUMAnimation. Tetsuaki Watanabe and Shunsuke Ishikawa are the directors of the show. Taku Kishimoto is the writer of the series. Currently, Blue Lock has a 9/10 IMDB score.

Anime is not restricted to stunning fantasy anime shows and anime action thrillers, they have lots of themes to explore. Blue Lock is all about sports spirit and football games. So, are you ready for kicking fun? Read the complete details on where to watch Blue Lock for free below.  

Where To Watch Blue Lock For Free?

Where To Watch Blue Lock For Free? The Ultimate Sports Drama!

Now, let’s get back to where to watch Blue Lock for free and how to watch Blue Lock. You can find all the answers in the following sections. They cover important details of streaming platforms where you can watch anime content without any trouble. So, read till the end!

Is Blue Lock Streaming On Crunchyroll?

Blue Lock is available on the Crunchyroll site. All anime lovers know how important the Crunchyroll site is! You can watch many legendary anime shows, fantasy shows, action dramas, etc., on it. However, it is a paid streaming platform. So, you need to buy its subscription to watch Blue Lock on Crunchyroll.

Is Blue Lock Streaming On Bilibili?

Yes, the popular anime series Blue Lock is streaming on the Chinese OTT platform Bilibili. Since Bilibili is a Chinese platform, it’s impossible to access this platform globally but don’t worry because you can try a few hacks. Those who aren’t living in China can install a VPN on their device and set their location to China so they can enjoy watching their favorite anime shows and movies on Bilibili.

Is Blue Lock Streaming On Disney+? 

Where To Watch Blue Lock For Free? The Ultimate Sports Drama!

Blue Lock is not available on Disney Plus. However, there is plenty of other entertaining stuff, including Marvel movies and shows like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Loki, WandaVision, etc., and other popular sitcoms like Family Guy and Modern Family, that you can stream on this platform.

Is Blue Lock Streaming On Netflix? 

Blue Lock is available on Netflix. The popular anime show is streaming on one of the most popular OTT platforms, Netflix. So, if you are a Netflix user, you can catch up on the show. Those who don’t have its subscription, upgrade yourself, guys! You are not just missing this amazing series but also lots of exclusive Netflix content. Netflix subscription starts from $9.99 per month.

Is Blue Lock Streaming On Amazon Prime Video? 

Where To Watch Blue Lock For Free? The Ultimate Sports Drama!

Blue Lock is not available on Amazon Prime Video. However, there are plenty of other highly rated and entertaining anime series that you can watch on Amazon Prime. A few anime series that you can binge-watch on Prime Video include Banana Fish and Vinland Saga.

Can You Watch Blue Lock In Theatres?

Blue Lock is not available in theaters. Blue Lock is a television show and is streaming on limited OTT streaming platforms. So, you can’t watch Blue Lock in theatres. The manga-series-based anime show is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Netflix, apart from free anime streaming websites. So, choose any of the mediums to watch the show.

Plot Of Blue Lock | What Is The Story About? 

The story of the Blue Lock show revolves around aggressive football training, which will decide the fate of hundreds of football players. The protagonist, Yoichi Isagi joins the Japanese Union Football Union team under the training of a highly-professional coach, Ego Jinpachi.

Ego has only one motto- to produce the best and most aggressive forward player to win the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Thus, football training becomes a cut-throat competition among 300 aspiring players. According to Blue Lock football training, only one player among 300 footballers will be selected.

The rest 299 players will not be able to play or represent the nation in the upcoming matches. Yoichi is an aspiring player but has his own set of rules. How he will manage to survive the cruel training approach?

The show has just begun, and it is already storming the internet with its compelling characters. So, where to watch Blue Lock for free? Read ahead to know how to watch Blue Lock for free as well!

Final Words

The article on where to watch Blue Lock for free covers all the anime streaming platforms where you can watch Blue Lock for free. We have covered extensively popular anime shows and anime movies on our website. So, don’t forget to visit the site to get the latest information on anime content. Keep reading Viebly articles to enhance your entertainment IQ! Thanks for reading the complete article.

How many episodes will be in the Blue Lock anime show?

There will be a total of 24 episodes. As of now, it has released one episode.

Who is in the Blue Lock team?

The main team comprises Yoichi Isagi, Rin Itoshi, Ryusei Shidou, Seishiro Nagi, Shoei Baro, Meguru Bachira, Hyoma Chigiri, and Rensuke Kunigami.

Who is the villain in Blue Lock?

The main antagonist in the show is Sae Itoshi. He is a part of the senior football team and one of the best football players.

Does Isagi beat Rin?

Yes, Isagi defeated Rin Itoshi once. Now, Rin’s brother Sae wants to take revenge.

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