Where To Watch Bupkis For Free Online? Pete Davison’s Hilarious Dark Comedy!


Pete Davidson became an overnight star after landing NBC’s highly popular sketch comedy series SNL, Saturday Night Live. But what was his life like before the show? How did he reach such astonishing heights of success and end up in a relationship (now separated) with Kim Kardashian? These are some questions that will be answered through Pete’s new comedy series, Bupkis (2023). Today, I am here to tell you where to watch Bupkis for free online and more about the show’s plot. 

Pete’s semi-autobiographical comedy series Bupkis was released earlier on May 4, 2023. Pete Davidson is in the lead role along with legendary actor Joe Pesci, playing the singer’s grandfather in the comedy series. Bupkis was officially released on the Peacock channel. With a monthly or an annual subscription, users can easily watch Bupkis on Peacock anytime, anywhere. 

However, per the latest reports, Pete Davidson’s Bupkis is gearing up for a release on multiple different platforms to reach more viewers. The release is planned to gain viewer attention just in time for the prestigious Emmy Awards nominations. So, there is more than one platform where you can watch Bupkis for free online. If you have no clue about the platforms, keep reading and find out where to watch Bupkis for free online. 

Where To Watch Bupkis For Free Online? 

Where To Watch Bupkis For Free Online? Pete Davison’s Hilarious Dark Comedy!

Pete Davidson’s Bupkis is a Peacock original, and so far, Bupkis season 1 is available to watch on the platform. There have been no announcements for Bupkis season 2, so it’s hard to tell when fans can see more insider details of Pete’s early life. Streaming platform Peacock also hasn’t released any official viewership data for Bupkis season 1. So, making any guesses regarding a new season renewal is impossible. Currently, there are only updates about Bupkis releasing on two new streaming platforms. So, let’s find out more about the same. 

Is Bupkis Streaming On Peacock?

Yes, the comedy series Bupkis is streaming on Peacock. If you don’t have a Peacock subscription, you can also watch Bupkis on this platform for free. However, this option is only available to users who are making an account on Peacock for the first time. With Peacock’s 7-day free trial offer for new users, you can easily binge-watch your favorite movies and shows without any subscription. If you aren’t a new user, you can subscribe to the platform for $4.99 monthly. 

Currently, Peacock is offering a huge discount to first responders on their Peacock premium subscription. If a first responder subscribes to Peacock starting June 16, they will be charged $1.99 monthly for a year. 

Is Bupkis Streaming On YouTube?

Where To Watch Bupkis For Free Online? Pete Davison’s Hilarious Dark Comedy!

Yes, you can watch Pete Davidson’s Bupkis on YouTube. However, only episode 2 of Bupkis is available to watch on the platform via Peacock’s official YouTube channel. While you can stream episode 2 of Bupkis on YouTube for free, the video will only be available to those who don’t fall under YouTube’s age restriction policy. After watching Bupkis episode 2, you can stream other shows and movies like on YouTube. 

After watching Bupkis, other documentaries, movies, and shows that you can buy/rent or watch for free on YouTube include – A Man Called Otto, Sisu, Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Whale, Cocaine Bear, etc. 

Is Bupkis Streaming On NBC Network?

Yes, you can watch Bupkis on the NBC Network. However, you can only watch episode 2 of Bupkis on NBC network on June 10 after a rerun of the SNL episode featuring Miles Teller (host) and Kendrick Lamar (musical guest). You can watch Bupkis on NBC for free if you have a basic Peacock plan. Those who want to splurge a little and access Peacock’s premium services can subscribe to the premium package for $4.99 monthly or Peacock Plus for $9.99 monthly. 

Other movies and shows that you can stream on NBC via Peacock include – Modern Family, Saturday Night Live, Chucky, This Is Us, Below Deck, S*x And The City, etc. 

Can You Watch Bupkis In Theatres?

No, you cannot watch Bupkis in theatres as it is a semi-autobiography comedy series and can only be streamed on the streaming platforms mentioned in the list above. 

The Plot Of Bupkis | What Is The Show About?

Described as a “heightened fictionalized version of Pete Davidson’s life,” Peacock Network’s original Bupkis, co-written by Pete Davidson, is a comedy series based closely on Pete’s life before and after hitting reaching the height of stardom. While Pete plays the lead role in the series, Bupkis also stars legendary actors Joe Pesci (known for his work in The Irishman, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, etc) and Edie Falco ( known for The Sopranos) in the lead. 

The show also stars seasoned stars like Simon Rex, Charlie Day, Brad Garrett, Kenan Thompson, etc., in guest appearances over the course of season 1. While Pete Davidson has grown impeccable as an actor with roles in movies like Meet Cute, Bodies Bodies Bodies, The Suicide Squad, The King Of Staten Island, etc., Bupkis draws elements from dark humor and is an R-rated series.    

  • Written by: Pete Davidson, Judah Miller, and Dave Sirus
  • Directed by: Jason Orley
  • Produced by: Pete Davidson, Judah Miller, Dave Sirus, Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer, and Erin David
  • Production: Broadway Video and Universal Television
  • Cast: Pete Davidson, Edie Falco, Joe Pesci, Charlie Day, Ray Romano, Kenan Thompson, Brad Garrett, Chase Sui Wonders, Simon Rex, and Shane Gillis
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Number of Seasons: 1

Final Word

Now that you’re aware of the streaming platform, all you need to do is watch the comedy series, Bupkis today. Bupkis is one of the biggest comedy series of 2023, so try not to miss out on it. If you liked going through the article, then do not forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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