Where Was The Boys Filmed? Amazon’s Super Popular Black Comedy Series!!


If you’re active on social media platforms, then you must’ve come across popular reels on Instagram and Facebook featuring The Boys. But do you know where was The Boys filmed? Read this article to know everything about this special action comedy series!

The American action drama series, The Boys originally premiered on Amazon Prime Video back in 2019. This Amazon original series was created by Eric Kripke. However, Eric initially collaborated with Darrick Roberston, who wrote the original comic book series, The Boys.

The basic premise of The Boys revolves around a number of brave vigilantes who form an alliance to take down the corrupt clan of superheroes. The story, however, takes a sharp turn when the vigilantes face fatal challenges while fighting the corrupt Supes of Vought International.

To date, The Boys has released a total of 8 episodes between 3 incredible seasons. This black comedy show quickly became popular after the release of its pilot season in 2019. Fans who enjoy watching unconventional shows loved the overall storyline and not to mention the fantastic performances of the actors.

Now, before I share the nitty gritty details of The Boys, let’s first check out where was The Boys filmed.

Where Was The Boys Filmed? Let’s Know This Black Comedy Series Closely!

The story of The Boys is set in a fictional country, which is governed by Vought International. The entire concept of the show glorifies a group of normal individuals who fight against powerful superheroes who abuse their powers on a daily basis.

A lot of hard work was required by the makers to bring this incredible idea to life and later present it to the audiences. Naturally, after the casting director selected suitable actors for their ritual roles, other members of the team began looking for filming locations.

 The principal photography for the first season of The Boys began in the fourth week of May 2018 and continued till the second week of October of the same year. The show’s other seasons, which were later released, were filmed over consecutive years.

However, the shooting for the latest season of The Boys was delayed due to the onset of Covid-19. Ardent fans of this show waited for two long years before the third season was finally released last year.

All seasons of The Boys were filmed in and around Canada. Mainly to keep the production cost low. Plus, the makers were pretty satisfied with the filming process of the first season, and thus they decided to continue shooting in and around the same locations in Canada.

The majority of the shooting took place in Toronto, while some outdoor sequences of the show were also filmed in the city of Hamilton. So let’s dive deep and look closer at where The Boys filmed.

Ontario | Canada

Where Was The Boys Filmed? Amazon’s Super Popular Black Comedy Series!!

The opening sequence from the pilot season of The Boys, where we see the character of Hughie for the first time, was actually filmed in Toronto. The production members used a medium-sized house to depict the sequences featuring Hughie’s family home.

The scene where Hugh gets into an argument with his dad was also filmed inside the same property. Before filming the interior sequences, the production members had to make certain changes inside the house, specifically inside Hugh’s room.

To portray the character of Hugh as a careless man in his late 20s, Hugh’s bedroom is fixated with a number of blinding neon lights and useless action figurines and collectibles. On the contrary, Hugh’s dad’s room was kept absolutely simple and minimalistic.

Other important sequences of the show were filmed inside Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto. These sequences were captured to depict the headquarters of The Vought. Throughout the entire show, the production members used the same building to capture the sequences featuring the prime base of The Seven.

Other important outdoor sequences were captured inside the famous University of Toronto. Special shooting permission had to be acquired by the makers before filming any scenes inside the premise of this educational institution.

The scene where Hugh meets Annie and later indulges in a deep conversation was actually filmed near the outer garden of the University of Toronto. The remaining interior sequences of the show were filmed inside a studio in Hamilton.

And now, allow me to walk you through the plot of The Boys. Meanwhile, you can also check out What Is The Best Time To Post On Instagram, Death on the Nile, and Shawshank Redemption.

Plot Of The Boys | What’s It About

The basic premise of The Boys revolves around a group of daring vigilantes who form an alliance to stand against the corrupt superhero clan, The Seven. At the very beginning of the show, the character of Hughie Campbell gets into a fight with his dad and decides to storm away from his home.

As the series progresses further, Hugh meets with the character of Annie and confesses about his awkward family situation. Meanwhile, the commander chief of The Seven, Homelander, invites people with supernatural powers to join Vought International. Hughie gets surprised to see Annie join The Seven, and what happens next leaves the male lead completely shocked.

Watch The Boys on Amazon Prime Video and find out the real nature of The Seven.

Final Words

Okay, dear friends! I hope you liked the read and found what you were looking for. If you have any other questions regarding where was The Boys filmed, let us know in the comments. However, if you’d like us to cover the filming locations of other titles, you can mention that too.

How Many Seasons Are There In The Show The Boys?

The show Dead to Me has a total of 3 seasons, with 8 episodes in each season.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show The Boys?

Eric Kripke and Seth Rogen were the producers of the show Dead to Me.

What Is The Rating Of The Show The Boys?

The show Dead to Me has a TV-MA rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Show The Boys?

Christopher L. is the music director of the show Dead to Me.

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