Where To Watch Top Gun Maverick For Free? Maverick Flying Ever So High!


36 years after the release of the original Top Gun, its sequel, Top Gun: Maverick (2022), is finally out in the cinemas and has quickly become a box office hit! If you’re a fan of Tom Cruise and the stunts he does on his own, you will definitely like watching his latest movie. So, read this article to know where to watch Top Gun Maverick for free! If you’ve waited for so long, you deserve something good, right?

Top Gun: Maverick follows one of the Navy’s top aviators, Pete Mitchell, as he returns to the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, a.k.a. U.S. Navy-Fighter Weapons School – “TOPGUN.” He has been trusted with the task of training a group of younger pilots. One among the lot is the son of Lieutenant Nick “Goose” Bradshaw. The lieutenant, now deceased, happened to be Maverick’s best friend. All of this makes Maverick confront his past. 

Maybe Top Gun: Maverick has surpassed the glory of the original movie, as it came out to be one of the biggest hits of the year. The sequel has many new faces for us to see, but we have to admit, Tom Cruise looks younger than ever! Standing at a 96% score on Rotten Tomatoes, it surely has been a hit.  Carry on reading to find out where to watch Tom Gun Maverick for free!

Here’s Where To Watch Top Gun Maverick For Free?

Before we explore various options of where to watch Top Gun Maverick for free, let’s take a look at some facts about the movie. Read this table to know the director, cast, producer, and rating of Top Gun: Maverick!

Release DateMay 27, 2022
Running Time2h 11m
Directed ByJoseph Kosinski
Produced ByJerry Bruckheimer, Tom Cruise, Christopher McQuarrie, David Ellison
StarringTom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Ed Harris, Val Kilmer
Production CompaniesSkydance Media, Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films
IMDb Rating8.6/10

Is Top Gun: Maverick On Netflix?

Where To Watch Top Gun Maverick For Free? Where Will The Movie Make Its Online Debut?!

It will come as a huge shock, but Top Gun: Maverick isn’t available on Netflix. However, there are so many awesome movies and shows that you can watch on Netflix. Currently, the platform has three different kinds of viewing plans that you can choose from. 

There’s a basic plan that comes at $9.99. It allows you to stream Netflix from only one device at a time. Then, there’s a standard plan that comes at $15.99, which allows you to stream Netflix from two devices at a time. Lastly, there’s a premium plan that allows you to stream Netflix from four devices at a time. You can get this plan for $19.99. Also, while you wait for Top Gun: Maverick to come out, you can watch some top Tom Cruise movies to help you pass the time or can renew your Netflix free trial. So, where to watch Top Gun Maverick for free?

Is Top Gun: Maverick On Hulu?

Where To Watch Top Gun Maverick For Free? Where Will The Movie Make Its Online Debut?!

Hulu is a pretty great and affordable platform. However, Top Gun: Maverick will not be making its debut on Hulu. However, Hulu has a lot more to offer! If you’re a Tom Holland fan, then you can watch Tom Holland movies on Hulu! The subscription to the platform starts at $6.99 per month and $69.99 for the whole year. And, yes, you can use your Hulu free trial as well!

However, these subscriptions offer entertainment with ads. If you do not want to be interrupted while taking your daily dose of Tom Holland, consider getting an ad-free subscription to Hulu. It starts at $12.99 per month. Also, the ad-supported version of Hulu+ Live TV costs $64.99, and the ad-free version costs $70.99. 

Is Top Gun: Maverick On Disney+?

Where To Watch Top Gun Maverick For Free? Where Will The Movie Make Its Online Debut?!

Umm, no. Top Gun: Maverick will not be making its debut on Dinsey+. Because Disney is mainly known for its MCU content, Star Wars, and Disney Pixar content, I’m not surprised by it. However, a Disney+ subscription offers a lot of other things, like entertaining Halloween movies!

If you’re one of those (weird) people who get spooked out easily and still prefer to watch scary movies, then Disney Plus’s collection will make for a perfect watch for you. All you have to do is get a subscription that comes at $7.99 per month. Alternatively, you can purchase an annual subscription priced at $79.99 per year or learn how to renew your Disney+ free trial.

Is Top Gun: Maverick On HBO Max? 

Where To Watch Top Gun Maverick For Free? Where Will The Movie Make Its Online Debut?!

Again, this is going to be surprising. But Top Gun: Maverick will not be making its online debut on HBO Max. But this doesn’t mean HBO Max will never have the movie on its platform! You can still get a subscription and wait for the movie to stream on HBO Max!

There are two kinds of subscriptions you can choose from. One of them costs $14.99; it is ad-free. HBO Max launched a cheaper version later, it costs $9.99 but supports ads. However, the annual subscription to HBO Max is cheaper. The ad-free one is priced at $150. And the one with ads comes at $100. Also, you can activate HBO Max with AT&T or renew your HBO Max free trial!

Is Top Gun Maverick On Amazon Prime Video?

Where To Watch Top Gun Maverick For Free? Where Will The Movie Make Its Online Debut?!

YES!! Finally, some luck here! Top Gun: Maverick will be available on Amazon Prime Video! Also, while you wait, you can watch some good Tom Holland Movies on Amazon Prime. All you need to do is to get yourself a subscription that starts at $14.99. 

The good thing about watching Top Gun Maverick on Amazon Prime is that you can either stream it or simply buy or rent it. Or, you can go ahead to renew your Amazon Prime free trial.

If your Amazon Prime does not have the movie that you are looking for, then that means you are geo-blocked. To get around the issue, we suggest installing a VPN service on your laptop!

Is Top Gun Maverick On Peacock? 

Where To Watch Top Gun Maverick For Free? Where Will The Movie Make Its Online Debut?!

Peacock is a relatively new platform, so I’m not even surprised that Top Gun: Maverick will not be available on Peacock TV. But don’t let that make you think that Peacock TV isn’t a good platform. Because it really is! Whenever you feel down, or need a good laugh, just watch some hilarious comedy movies on Peacock TV! Its subscription costs just $4.99 per month! It’s not at all pricey, right?! If, it is, then make sure you renew your Peacock TV free trial.

Is Top Gun Maverick On Paramount Plus?

Where To Watch Top Gun Maverick For Free? Where Will The Movie Make Its Online Debut?!

Yes, Top Gun Maverick is available On Paramount Plus because it is a Paramount Plus film. However, we are yet to hear a confirmation of the same from Paramount Plus. Also, this platform has a reputation for adding movies to its library just 45 days after its theatrical release.

You can now watch the movie on Paramount Plus, as the movie made its debut on the platform in December 2022. You can watch other movies and shows for free as well via Paramount plus free trial

Is Top Gun: Maverick On Apple TV?  

Where To Watch Top Gun Maverick For Free? Where Will The Movie Make Its Online Debut?!

Yes, Top Gun: Maverick is available on Apple TV. You can watch the movie on this platform by purchasing it for $7.99, or you can also rent it for $5.99.

Is Top Gun Maverick in Theatres?

No, sorry, Top Gun Maverick is not available to watch in theatres anymore. The movie was released on May 27, 2022, and received a global release. With record-shattering performances from the world over, the movie finished its theatrical run in a successful fashion. We now have the movie available for streaming and renting online through platforms like Amazon Prime and more!

Final Words

Alright, guys! This is where to watch Top Gun Maverick for free! I hope that you know where the movie will be making its online streaming debut! After reading this article, you’ll be able to make arrangements to watch the film accordingly! Yes, I know, I’m very helpful. So, don’t forget to thank me in the comment section! 

How to watch Top Gun Maverick at home?

You can easily watch Top Gun Maverick at home if you missed it in the theatres. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, then you can stream, rent or buy Top Gun Maverick and watch it at your home. You can also watch it on your Roku, Apple TV, and Firestick!

Does Anyone Die in Top Gun Maverick?

Unlike the first Top Gun movie where Maverick’s best friend Goose dies and so do a few other people, Top Gun Maverick doesn’t kill any of the new characters it introduced. While Maverick has a close call with death towards the end of the movie, he ends up surviving!

What Is The Type Of Helicopter Chasing Maverick?

A Russian Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopter is chasing Maverick on the ground. 

Is There A Post-Credits Scene At The End Of Top Gun Maverick?

No, there’s no post-credits scene at the end of Top Gun Maverick. This means that there’s no plan for a sequel as of now. 

Does Maverick Die in the new Top Gun?

The end scene of Top Gun Maverick makes us believe that Maverick almost dies. But as we see, he doesn’t die but ends up surviving behind enemy lines. This means Maverick survives!

What is the age of Tom Cruise?

You might not believe it but Tom Cruise is 60 years old at the time of writing this article!

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