Where To Watch Windfall For Free Online? Charlie McDowell’s Hitchcockian Crime Thriller Film!


Have you watched the movie Windfall? If the answer is no, well, then let us tell you all about it. The 2022 crime thriller movie stars Lily Collins and narrates the story of a rich couple who visit their vacation home only to discover an intruder. In this article, we’ll discuss the movie in detail and tell you where to watch Windfall for free online.

The story of Windfall is written by Jason Segel and the screenplay of the movie is written by Justin Lader and Andrew Kevin Walker. It is directed by Charlie McDowell. The crime thriller film was released on a leading digital platform on 18th March 2022 in the United States. 

Now to answer your main question regarding where to watch Windfall for free online, you can watch the American crime thriller movie on Netflix. 

Other than Lily Collins, Windfall stars excellent and remarkable actors like Jason Segel and Jesse Plemons. Since we mentioned Jason Segel, his latest comedy-drama series Shrinking is currently streaming on Apple TV+, so do check it out. And talking about Jesse Plemons, well he is a critically acclaimed actor who has worked with great directors like Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg. So, if you want to witness all these actors in this interesting crime thriller film, then try not to miss out on it.

How To Watch Windfall For Free Online? Where To Watch Windfall For Free Online?

Where To Watch Windfall For Free Online? Charlie McDowell’s Hitchcockian Crime Thriller Film!

Not many people are aware of this but Windfall was supposed to receive a wide theatrical release. But just before its release Netflix obtained the film for a large amount of money. The movie received mixed reviews from critics, mostly positive. It got an average rating of 5.7 on IMDb and a score of 59% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Charlie McDowell who is not only a director but a screenwriter and producer is known for his highly-rated movies like The One I Love (2014) and The Discovery (2017). Having said that, now that you have an idea about where to watch Windfall for free online, let’s dig deeper and find out more about the streaming platforms.

Is Windfall Available On Netflix?

Yes, Windfall is available on Netflix. The Hitchcockian thriller film is a Netflix original and was officially released on the platform on 18th March 2022. However, you cannot stream the movie for free as Netflix does not allow free streaming. To watch the movie on the platform you need to subscribe to Netflix. You can get a basic monthly subscription for just $6.99. And if you’re wondering about a free trial period, well, Netflix does not provide one.

Is Windfall Available On Amazon Prime Video?

No, Windfall is not available on Amazon Prime Video. Instead, you should watch the recently released Prime Video original film, Somebody I Used To Know. The rom-com movie stars Alison Brie and it is currently streaming on the platform. If you are a first-time user, in that case, you can also watch it for free during the platform’s 30-day free trial period.

Is Windfall Available On Peacock?

No, Windfall is not available on Peacock. Well, we would suggest you check out the comedy-drama series Poker Face on the platform. It’s a Peacock original series and you can stream it with a Peacock Premium plan. The platform also offers a 7-day free trial period.

Can You Watch Windfall In Theaters?

No, unfortunately, you cannot watch the crime thriller film, Windfall in theaters. It was only released on digital platforms.

Plot Of Windfall (2022) | It’s Never Too Late To Make A Deal!

Where To Watch Windfall For Free Online? Charlie McDowell’s Hitchcockian Crime Thriller Film!

Windfall follows a wealthy married couple. The husband is a CEO of a reputed company, who is also a tech billionaire. When he plans to take a trip with his wife to their vacation home, after reaching there he discovers a thief who is trying to steal expensive things from his place. The burglar panics and locks them in a sauna, and while he tries to escape he notices a security camera that recorded everything. He comes back, confronts them, and tries to make a deal so that nobody gets hurt and everyone can forget whatever happened.

  • Directed by: Charlie McDowell
  • Story by: Charlie McDowell, Jason Segel, Justin Lader, and Andrew Kevin Walker
  • Screenplay by: Justin Lader and Andrew Kevin Walker
  • Produced by: Lily Collins, Rick Covert, David Duque-Estrada, Stephen Gans, Lisa G. Hannusch, Justin Lader, Robert Patrick Malkassian, Charlie McDowell, and Duncan Montgomery
  • Cast: Jason Segel, Lily Collins, Jesse Plemons, and Omar Leyva
  • Genre: Crime thriller
  • Production: High-Frequency Entertainment, Cloudbreak Pictures, and Mutressa Movies
  • Cinematography: Isiah Donté Lee
  • Runtime: 1 hour 32 minutes

Final Word

Let us tell you that Windfall is not a typical crime thriller film, it is more like a Hitchcockian thriller, which makes the movie way more interesting. And also it is an R-rated film as it contains several violent scenes and strong language. So, make sure nobody under 18 is around while you watch the movie.

Is Windfall Available On Disney+?

No, Windfall is not available on Disney+.

Is Windfall Available On Paramount Plus?

No, Windfall is not available on Paramount Plus.

Is Windfall Available On Hulu?

No, Windfall is not available on Hulu.

Is Windfall Available On AMC?

No, Windfall is not available on AMC.

Is Windfall Available On Fubo TV?

No, Windfall is not available on FuboTV.

Is Windfall Available On Apple TV?

No, Windfall is not available on Apple TV.

Is Windfall Available On Vudu?

No, Windfall is not available on Vudu.

Is Windfall Available On The Roku Channel?

No, Windfall is not available on The Roku Channel.

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