How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 


Been wondering about binge-watching The Chosen but don’t know where to start? Well, our guide on how to watch The Chosen (2017-present) online comes in handy if you are looking for different ways to stream The Chosen on the internet. 

Created, directed and co-written by the American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen is based on the Life of Jesus of Nazareth. The Chosen’s pilot episode was first premiered on Christmas eve i.e December 24, 2017.

The Chosen can be streamed online on The Chosen App for free. You can also watch the first season of The Chosen on Facebook and Youtube without any extra charges. 

Changing the face of the typical Christian bible stories, The Chosen came out to be an outcast among the other typical depictions of Christ. Providing us with a binge-worthy story of the gospels in the Bible, The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season series about the life of Christ. Now, let’s stop dancing around the bush and find out where to watch The Chosen.

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How To Watch The Chosen Online? The Most Breathtaking Religious Historical Drama Of The Decade!

How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 

Drawn directly from the New Testaments of The Bible, The Chosen was created with an intention to binge-watch. The creator Dallas Jenkins developed the series ‘in a hope of turning Bible stories into something truly binge-worthy’. 

Rated 9.8/10 on IMBd, The Chosen garnered more than 200 million views from all over the globe. It was translated into 50 different languages and broke major records in the religious television series.  

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The Chosen Season 1-7  | How The Chosen Came Into Being? 

How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 

History is not just written in books but people live them. The Chosen is loosely based on a short film directed and written by Jenkins himself. It was premiered on Christmas Eve Service at Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin, Illinois. Filmed at Jenkin’s friend’s farm in Marengo, ‘The Shephard’ was very well received by the local audience. 

Soon after, The Shepard got the attention of the faith-based production company VidAngel. With pending lawsuits with some major Hollywood production companies, it was looking to distribute original content. Jenkin’s short film intrigued them and they ended up making a multi-season deal with him. 

VidAngel suggested Dallas Jenkins put up the short pilot episode on Facebook and Youtube for free. These networks would be a perfect platform for introducing and intriguing their audience in the best possible way. And that’s exactly what happened. The short film garnered close to 15 million views from around the world, breaking records. 

Highest Crowd-Funded Media Project Of All Times | The Chosen Season 1-7 Development 

How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 

To create something as big as The Chosen, you need big cheques coming your way. But that is not how things work in Jenkin’s world. Partnering with a video marketing strategist, Derral Eves. Jenkins, along with Eves then decided to raise money by crowdfunding to produce the first season of The Chosen. 

The JOBS Act of 2016 allowed VidAngel and Eves to use equity crowdfunding in return for a share of ownership and profits from the company to online investors. 

By the end of January 2019, the crowdfunding was completed for the production of the first season. With a total sum of 10.2 million dollars coming in from 16,000 investors from all over the world, crowdfunding became a total success. Each of the investors of the project received equity and were Regulated by the US Securities & Exchange Convenience (SEC). 

Also, no majority shareholder will receive any profits until the initial investors earn almost 120% of their original investments.

Since the funding project for the first season was a major success, VidAngel and Eve decided to use traditional crowdfunding methods to get in more cash flow for the subsequent seasons. 

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The Chosen Season 1 Plot, Release Date, Filming Locations And More 

How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 

The closest we can be to Christ in real life is the church. But let’s find out what it takes to make the most anticipated religious-historical muti series of this era. 

The Chosen Season 1 | Release Date 

Based on the life of Jesus, The Chosen Season 1 was released on April 21, 2019. With mixed reviews from the audience, The Chosen did not record any major breakthrough in the traditional religious series. But with news of the series being spread across the globe, people started to experience themselves feeling more connected to God. The series made people in The Bible real and relatable to the audience. They saw Jesus living not as a God, but as a man among the mediocrities of daily life. 

The Chosen Season 1 | The Chosen Episode 1-8 Plot 

The first season of the historical religious drama, The Chosen opens up with the introduction to the miseries of the people, who will end up being healed by Jesus. A distressed fisherman drawing in some serious debt, a troubled woman failing to conquer some real demons, and a religious leader struggling to find his way in life, we see all of the experiences from people who lived with Jesus and saw his miracles in flesh and bone. Episodes of The Chosen season 1 mainly talk about the gatherings of some of the early disciples of Christ. And how their life changed after they met Jesus. Plenty of gospels and biblical stories are intertwined throughout all the episodes.

The Chosen Season 1 Filming Locations 

Using an existing film set rental in Weatherford, Texas, The Chosen shot the first season in a short span of 60 days. This film set the village of Capernaum is open to visitors and tourists to recreate the historical feeling of a time when Christ existed. 

The Chosen Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Filming Locations, And More 

How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 

With the latest season of The Chosen released in 2021, amazing reviews about the same have been flowing all over. The Chosen season 2 is available to stream on BYUTv and The Chosen App. Let’s get into the details and find out more about it. 

The Chosen Season 2 Release Date | Find It Here! 

The first episode of The Chosen season 2 premiered on April 4, 2021. With new episodes scheduled to release every week for the next 8 weeks, The Chosen had wanted its audience to wait for the plot to uncover. Plus, a special Christmas episode was also released recently on 24th December 2021 to keep the fans excited. 

The Chosen 2 Episode 1-8 Plot  | The Chosen 2  Recap!

Directed by Dallas Jenkins, Ryan Swanson and Tyler Thompson, The Chosen Season 2 encounters the growing fame of Jesus Christ. With people from all over the world getting to know about his miraculous healing powers, Jesus’s following had started to grow. More people come in to be healed and redeemed by his magical powers. But not everybody is a fan of this increased fandom. Enemies are on the rise and after Jesus. 

The Chosen Season 2 Filming Locations

The filming location for The Chosen season 2 was shifted from Texas to Utah. Moved to ancient Israel in Goshen, Utah County, season 2 began filming where The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints exist. The Church has built a replica of the Jerusalem movie sets. The filming of season 2 became the first-ever set production company not affiliated with the LDS to be granted the rights to film on sets.  

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‘The Chosen’ Season 1 & 2 Cast And Characters Who Made The Chosen A Huge Success 

How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 

With rigorous efforts of the cast and crew, The Chosen presented us with breathtaking dialogues and a depiction of biblical characters that were too true to life. Let’s get to know the actors who made The Chosen into the success that it is now. 

Character Portrayed By 
Simon Shahar Isaac
Jesus Jonathan Roumie
Mary Magdelene Elizabeth Tabish
Matthew Paras Patel
Andrew Noah James
Eden Lara Silva
Shmuel Shaan Sharma
ZebedeeNick Shakoor
John George Harrison Xanthis 
Nicodemus Erick Avari
Phillip Yosha Barrigas 
Nathanael Austin Reed Alleman 
Judas Luke Demyan 
Quintas Brandon Potter 

Is The Chosen Season 3 Canceled Or Renewed? Let’s Find Out!

How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 

With crowdfunding completed for The Chosen season 3, it is all set to premiere by the end of the year 2022. So, The Chosen season 3 is not canceled. It is renewed for a new season. According to the director and creator, Dallas Jenkins, it will take around 7 seasons to manifest Jesus in his full glory. 

The Chosen Season 3 | Possible Plot And Release Date 

Fans have been waiting to see The Chosen season 3 for a while now. With the crowdfunding completed for season 3, it is ready for production and set to premiere very soon. 

The Chosen Season 3 | Release Date 

With The Chosen Season 2 ending on a dramatic note, fans have been waiting for it to return soon. The Chosen season 3 producers have not finalized a release date yet. But they have hinted that this historical religious drama is set to release by the end of the year 2022. 

The Chosen Season 3 Plot Details!!

From what the creator Dallas Jenkins has said in his interviews, we have uncovered a possible plot for season 3 of The Chosen

Now that the crowds have begun to follow Jesus, and started settling down in Capernaum and the nearest possible places. Being in close proximity to Jesus and his disciples, they have started to make things difficult for the inhabitants of the land. All of this is starting to upset the social and governmental construct of Capernaum. 

The Romans are now starting to get involved. And things seem to get out of hand. The Pharisees are getting even more upset as the crowds begin to gather throughout their state. The disciples continue to struggle with ‘what does it look like to devote’ their lives to Jesus. 

Jenkins also stated that season 3 involves a lot of details about the marriage between Simon and Eden. The ups and downs of their daily marriage life are covered thoroughly throughout the season. 

We will also see the disciples of Jesus act out differently. With some of them starting to join the ministry and healing people. With their wrongdoings coming back to haunt them, we shall see what happens when they go through the result of their ignorant lies. 

And now that the people are hearing more about it, it doesn’t make everybody happy. We will see new enemies emerging from the dark and new prophecies and gospels coming to life. 

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Where To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? 

Not 1 or 2, today we are bringing to you plenty of free streaming platforms where you can watch The Chosen for free. Now, who won’t like a free OTT platform in a world full of subscriptions? So, without waiting much, let’s get around the corner and have a look!  

Watch The Chosen On Tubi TV For Free

Yes, you can watch The Chosen on Tubi TV for free. The best part about having a Tubi TV account is that you get to stream the content for free. Although free streaming means you will be swarmed with ads throughout the runtime. But if you don’t want to pay a penny and still watch The Chosen online for free, you will have to make peace with the ads. 

Watch The Chosen On The Roku Channel For Free

Yes, Roku TV users who have added The Roku Channel to their streaming devices get to stream The Chosen for free online. If you have the Roku TV device, you will have a hassle-free experience in streaming The Chosen on The Roku Channel. But if you don’t have Roku TV, you can also add the Roku channel to your Apple TV, Android TV, and cable network.  

Watch The Chosen On Crackle For Free

All my users who are living in the USA can stream The Chosen on Crackle for free. Crackle, the free movie and TV streaming platform is only available in the US for now. Others who are living outside the US cannot access Crackle even if they use a VPN. But don’t be disheartened. There are plenty of other free streaming services for you to watch The Chosen coming right ahead. 

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Watch The Chosen On Plex For Free

How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 

Just like Crackle, Plex is another free movie and TV streaming service where you can watch The Chosen for free online. You can either the Plex TV website and enjoy The Chosen on a big screen, or you can also install the app on your iOS or Android device for an easy peasy go-to streaming experience. 

Watch The Chosen On Fubo TV For Free

Yes, you can watch The Chosen on Fubo TV for free if you have already subscribed to the streaming platform. But if you don’t have an existing subscription, you can get yourself a subscription starting at $69.99 (includes 120+ channels). There is also a Fubo TV premium package that costs around $79.99 and comes with 53+ bonus channels. 

Watch The Chosen On Philo TV For Free 

Yes, those of you who are subscribed to Philo TV can stream The Chosen for free online. Philo TV is one of the leading and popular streaming services where you can find plenty of movies and TV series for binge-watch. If you are a new subscriber, you can get yourself a subscription for $60 and enjoy access to 60+ live TV channels. 

Watch The Chosen On Sling TV For Free

Yes, The Chosen is available to stream on Sling TV for free. But you can stream The Chosen on Sling TV for free only if you are an existing subscriber. If you are new to Sling TV, you will be required to subscribe to the platform with any of the following packages – 

Sling TV Package No. of Channels Monthly Cost
Sling Orange 31$35
Sling Blue 41$35
Sling Orange + Sling Blue47$50

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Watch The Chosen On Peacock TV For Free

How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 

The list is not over yet! Peacock TV is yet another platform where you can stream The Chosen for free. You don’t even need to be subscribed to the platform if you want to watch The Chosen. Having an account is the only prerequisite for free streaming. However, after completing The Chosen, you can subscribe to Peacock for $4.99 a month and get access to the exclusive content. 

Watch The Chosen On VidAngel For Free

VidAngel is another popular streaming service that you can choose to stream The Chosen for free. Alright, not a good joke, I know! But let’s just get back to where we were. So, yes, The Chosen is streaming for free on the VidAngel website. Though, we don’t know for how long the free streaming will be available. So, grab the chance while you are at it today! 

Watch The Chosen On Angel Studios Website 

On the list of free streaming services, next up we have is the Angel Studios website. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of The Chosen can be streamed directly from the Angel Studios website or the app. All you need to do is tune into the Angel app or stream online today! Season 4 of The Chosen is also available on the platform, but only those episodes that have been released till now. 

Watch The Chosen On BYUtv For Free

Yes, you can watch The Chosen on BYUtv for free, but here’s the catch. Only seasons 1 and 2 of The Chosen are available to stream on the BYUtv website. So, if you can wait for more seasons to arrive on the platform in a while, start streaming The Chosen on BYUtv today! 

Watch The Chosen On YouTube TV For Free 

YouTube TV is the last free platform where you can stream The Chosen for free. Yes, I know you may be thinking, how does that work since YouTube TV is a chargeable service? But The Chosen is one of the very few titles available to stream on YouTube TV for free. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy this offer while you can! 

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Where To Watch The Chosen Online?

Well, it hurts like a bitch when there is a free streaming platform you can’t access because of the unavailability in your region! But don’t let your location stop you from watching The Chosen online. Either you can try your luck and try using a VPN. But if that’s not possible, you can always move to other streaming services discussed below – 

Can You Watch The Chosen On Hulu?

If you still haven’t given up on your quest to find a free streaming platform, here is one last for you. You can watch The Chosen on Hulu, but here’s the catch. You can only stream The Chosen on Hulu under its free trial period. But once you are off the free trial period, you will require a subscription to continue your binge-watch. 

Can You Watch The Chosen On YouTube? 

Honestly, is there anything that you can’t find on YouTube nowadays? So, if you want to watch The Chosen and you don’t have access to any streaming services, you can head to YouTube straightaway. Rent/buy The Chosen on YouTube for $1.99 and start enjoying!

Can You Watch The Chosen On Google Play?

You can easily watch The Chosen on Google Play Movies by buying/renting the entire series on the platform at a starting price of $1.99. Instead of spending $7-$11 on buying The Chosen, it is better to rent the series. When you rent the series, you get unlimited access to the episodes for a month. So, make sure you choose the right option!

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Can You Watch The Chosen On Vudu?

How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 

Unlike other OTT platforms insisting on you taking a subscription, Vudu comes as a knight in shining armor. You don’t have to have a subscription in order to stream The Chosen on Vudu. You can rent The Chosen on Vudu for $1.99 and experience an uninterrupted binge-watch session. 

Can You Watch The Chosen On Apple TV? 

Yes, you can watch The Chosen on Apple TV but only after paying a small price. Rent the series on Apple TV by paying a renting price of $1.99, and get started today! You can also buy The Chosen on Apple TV, but why pay extra when you can binge-watch the entire series in a month by renting it? 

Can You Watch The Chosen On Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, you can watch The Chosen on Amazon Prime Video by renting the series for $2.99. The prices for renting The Chosen on Amazon Prime are slightly higher than the other platforms mentioned in our list. So, go through the list carefully and then decide where you want to watch the series. 

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How To Watch The Chosen Season 2 For Free?

How To Watch The Chosen Online For Free? We Know It! Do You? 

The Chosen season 2 premiered online on April 4, 2021. It is available to stream on the Angel Studios’ website and app without any extra charges. The first season of The Chosen can also be streamed on Facebook and Youtube for free. But the decision about The Chosen season 2 premiere on these social networking websites is still uncertain 

How To Watch The Chosen Season 2 On TV?

Sorry to break it to you, but you can’t watch The Chosen on the traditional cable network. You either need a smart TV or a firestick to plug in the television and watch The Chosen online. 

How To Watch The Chosen Season 2 On A Smart TV

Follow these steps to watch The Chosen Season 2 on a smart tv for free : 

  • Firstly, to watch The Chosen season 2 on your smart TV, you need to download ‘The Chosen app’ on your smartphone from either a play store in android or the app store of your iPhone. 
  • After installation, click on the cast option available on the top right corner of The Chosen App’. This will set up your smartphone for active screen mirroring.  
  • Check whether your Smart TV is ON, and search for your TV’s name on your mobile phone. 
  • Lastly, pair your phone with your Smart TV and thank us later. 

If you’ve existing subscriptions to Roku, Google TV, Fire TV, Amazon prime and Peacock, you can simply log in to your accounts and watch The Chosen hassle-free. 

Final Words 

With more than 200 million views online of different people from various countries, The Chosen makes the Bible more relatable and realistic with its portrayal of history in a non-traditional way. Our guide on how to watch The Chosen online is sure to come in handy when you decide to get acquainted with the Messiah himself. 

How Do I Watch The Chosen For Free? 

There are plenty of different platforms where you can watch The Chosen for free. Some of them are – 
1. Angel Studios Website 
2. VidAngel 
3. The Roku Channel 
4. Tubi TV 
5. Crackle 
6. Hulu (with the free trial period)

What Religion Is The Chosen Based On?

The Chosen is based on Christianity and focuses on the life of Jesus Christ.

Will The Chosen Have Season 3?

Yes, The Chosen will have season 3 as the filming for season 3 was wrapped up in June 2022.

Is The Chosen On Netflix?

No, The Chosen is not available on Netflix.

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