Where To Watch Cow For Free? Watch It Here In 2022!


Ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of an animal, or were you born normal? Whatever you were, there’s a cool little documentary that you didn’t think you needed. A documentary about cows with the title, you guessed it, Cow. So, where to watch Cow for free, you ask? Worry not, and read on!

There is little to no dialogue in Cow which is not uncommon with documentaries. But it still manages to say a lot. The documentary is poignant, thought-provoking, and manages to pluck at your heartstrings. The main character of the documentary is, of course, the cow.

With some guest appearances of humans too. Cow has been directed by Andrea Arnold, who is known to create such masterful pieces out of the most common issues we ignore. Before we see where to watch Cow for free, let’s see what the documentary is about.

The Plot Of Cow | What Is It About?

Cow follows the life of Luma, the cow. The documentary is shot in a style that highlights the subject in focus with only camera movements and no dialogue. The sequence of imagery tells us about the living ordeals of the cow.

It is as if Luma has a lot to tell about her life on Park Farm in Kent, and we need to be all ears. With Cow being 94 minutes long, you really can’t tell where the time goes as it’s so immersive.

Elephants Try Help Dying Calf
Elephants Try Help Dying Calf

Where To Watch Cow For Free | All You Need To Know

Cow has received widespread acclaim and appreciation. According to many reviews, it’s been called ‘moving’. So read on where to watch Cow for free to see how good the documentary really is!

Is Cow Available To Watch On Netflix?

Where To Watch Cow For Free? Watch It Here In 2022!

No, Cow is not available to stream on Netflix. As great as Netflix is, sometimes there are a lot of variables that go into making content available on the OTT giant. All is not lost though as it is entirely possible that Cow will be made available on Netflix soon.

Meanwhile, Netflix has been adding awesome shows to its roster that you can check out instead! Shows like First Kill, Stranger Things, and Resident Evil have been topping the charts globally. It’s time you give into the hype and check out these shows if you haven’t already!

Is Cow Available To Watch On Amazon Prime?

Yes, Cow is available to stream on Amazon Prime. Amazon almost has everything on its video streaming platform and is slowly becoming a giant in the OTT space. You should not miss out on documentaries like Titicus Follies and many others you can stream, rent, and buy from Amazon!

Renting options for Cow on Amazon Prime start at $4.99 per month. You will have the documentary for a whole month before you can watch it. Do note that once you press play, you will only have 48 hours before you can watch it!

These prices are specific for audiences in the US only. Cow is available on Amazon Prime globally, so you will have to check the rates depending on the region you are in. In case, Cow isn’t available in your region, you can access it from the Amazon Prime US store.

You can change your location by making use of a VPN service provider. This also ensures that you have a safe internet connection. Alternatively, you can simply buy the DVD of Cow from Amazon and keep it with you forever.

Is Cow Available To Watch On AMC+?

Where To Watch Cow For Free? Watch It Here In 2022!

Yes, Cow is available to stream on AMC+. The website and online streaming option to the channel AMC, everything that is available on the TV channel is available on AMC+. So if you have a cable subscription, you can actually avail this option for free.

In case you don’t have a cable connection, then nothing to worry about. There is an alternative to getting AMC+. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription then you can add the AMC+ subscription to your Prime too. 

The add-on will cost an additional $8.99 per month. But here’s the silver lining. AMC+ offers a 7-day free trial, so you can watch Cow for free through AMC+. Just remember to cancel the subscription before you get charged. Thank us later.

Where To Watch Cow For Free Online? Possible Streaming Options To Try.

Now, these were the OTT-based solutions for your problem. But if you really want to know where to watch Cow for free online? Well, there are a few good options. As previously mentioned, you can avail of the free trial offered by AMC+ and watch Cow for free. 

But if you have already used AMC+ before, this offer won’t work. Below we have a few options that will work for you. Check them out and enjoy watching Cow and documentaries like it.

Watch Cow On Telegram Movie Channels

Where To Watch Cow For Free? Watch It Here In 2022!

You can watch Cow on Telegram. There are tons of movie and series channels available on Telegram that you can make use of. All you need to do is look up the name of the documentary or movie you looking for, and the Telegram gods respond. 

Not only do you get high-quality, downloadable links but also straight-up media files. This way, you can watch Cow or other movies right on your phone, iPad, or any other media device. Our suggestion is to check out channels like “HollywoodHD” for high-quality prints. So enjoy watching Cow for free on Telegram!

Watch Cow On 123movies

You can also watch Cow on 123movies. Now, don’t get fooled by the name movies in the title. 123movies is home to all the latest movies, shows as well as documentaries. Although one pain in the rear end is the constant ads that keep popping up. If you’re willing to overlook that then you can easily watch Cow on 123movies for free! 

Watch Cow On Theflixer

Where To Watch Cow For Free? Watch It Here In 2022!

If nothing else works, check out theflixer. You will be able to watch Cow for free on theflixer as well. The website is also ad-supported, but the constant pestering is justified by the high quality of movies and shows it has on its platform.

Is Cow In Theatres?

No, Cow is not in theatres right now. Cow released on 8 July 2021 and got a limited theatrical release. As of writing this article, there is probably no place where you will be able to watch Cow in. Maybe check your friend’s house, maybe he is having a watchathon? Or not.

Final Words

We hope now you know where to watch Cow for free. The documentary is a nice eye-opener and takes us through the day-to-day living experiences of the animals we don’t think about. Have you watched it? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments down below!

Is Cow available on Mubi?

Yes, if you live in the UK, Ireland or Turkey, you can watch Cow on Mubi.

Is Cow sad?

Cow shows the daily life of a dairy cow. Some may consider it sad, some may consider it what a cow is suppoed to do.

Is Luma the cow still alive?

We don’t know if Luma is still around or not, but hopefully she is.

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