Sweet Magnolias Filming Location | Real-Life Locations In The Queue!


With such a heart-winning drama series like Sweet Magnolias, how can one give up on additional details about it! For this matter, I am going to put on the table Sweet Magnolias filming location for you!

Sweet Magnolias (2020) is a mouthpiece of real-life friendship. At the core of the plot, there is a group of friends, and everyone is going through a rough patch in life. Interestingly, all of them are a support system for each other and help each other in coping. Here’s something interesting about Sweet Magnolias filming location that you must know!

Explore the beautiful Sweet Magnolias filming location that will captivate your mind!

Sweet Magnolias Filming Location | Check Out This Insight Guide Of The Location!

Sweet Magnolias Filming Location | Real-Life Locations In The Queue!

Well, when it comes to Sweet Magnolias filming location, it is something that is worth knowing. All the filming of the romantic series took place in a small town named Covington, Georgia, south of Atlanta.  It’s time to know more about Sweet Magnolias filming location! 

  • Release Date: May 19, 2020
  • Genre: Drama 
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 78%
  • Cast: JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliott, Jamie Lynn Spears
  • Where To Watch: Netflix 
  • Running Time: 43-54m 

Covington, Georgia | Explore The Central Filming Location!

Sweet Magnolias Filming Location | Real-Life Locations In The Queue!

You must be thinking, why Covington? It is one of the popular cities in Georgia whose other name is a film town. In addition, this city has been an ideal location for over more than 140 movies. Yes, you heard it right! There must be something amazing about this place.

Well, this city is a hub of antique stores and restaurants, which not only attracts tourists but filmmakers as well. Also, the community that puts up takes pride in the city’s beauty. That’s not it! Now it’s time to get deep information into the locations in Covington!

College Avenue | The Popular House In The Series!

Sweet Magnolias Filming Location | Real-Life Locations In The Queue!

The house that gets a jaw-dropping transformation by Helen is a real house named College Avenue. Interestingly, the interior scenes do not belong to this, maybe there was a setup, or another house was used. But when it comes to the outdoor scenes, you can clearly recognize the revival-style house.

Let me tell you that this house is not for sale, nor you can have a glimpse of this house from the inside because it is owned by someone. So, don’t peep inside the house! What you can do is capture the outside view of the house. You can even take a few snaps outside the house!

Watching this house is like living a beautiful dream!

Covington Square | Location With Real Name In The Series!

Sweet Magnolias Filming Location | Real-Life Locations In The Queue!

You must have come across Covington Square many times in the series. But don’t take this engrossing place with a pinch of salt. In reality, this place is occupied with public parks, war monuments, benches, and trees that let people enjoy the evening breeze. 

This amazing downtown area also features mystic falls that will not fail to catch your eyes. That’s why you see many series characters talking in this area. You know what! Spending a day is not enough here, keep your hotel room booked for at least 2-3 days!

Deport Sports Bar | Be Ready To Taste Some Mouth-Watering Dishes!

Sweet Magnolias Filming Location | Real-Life Locations In The Queue!

Deport Sports Bar is a must-visit place in my view. I guess that’s why the makers used this location in the second episode of the first season.

You’ll be surprised to know that this bar was previously a railroad depot that bids goodbye to passing trains. Interestingly, you can even have your meal outside the bar and enjoy it in pleasant weather.

Though this place is famous as a pizzeria, its wings and burgers are good. Other than this, there is a wide range of dishes that you can consider. 

Mystic Grill | Many Movies Filmed Here!

Sweet Magnolias Filming Location | Real-Life Locations In The Queue!

Mystic Grill is one of the major spots for the filmmakers. You’ll be surprised to know that Mystic Grill is the same place you witnessed in The Vampire Diaries (2009). But when the filming of The Vampire Diaries was going on, the restaurant was not functional.  

It is in Sweet Magnolias that you see the real interiors of the restaurant. But the restaurant in the series is named Brooke’s Restaurant. As of now, the eatery is functional and serves delicious dishes like burgers, fried chicken, and other dishes whose names resonate with the town.

Do you remember The Alley shop? It is a shop located underneath this restaurant and sells souvenirs for the shows that film in this city. Hard to believe? Check out the walls with signed posters!

Newton County Courthouse | The First Scene Captured Here!

Sweet Magnolias Filming Location | Real-Life Locations In The Queue!

If you have not noticed, stream the first episode of the series again and find Newton County Courthouse in the background. Why a historic place for the initial scene? Well, only the makers can answer this!

The core information about this historic building is that it was built in the 19th century. Also, the architecture style belongs to the Second Empire architectural style. If we calculate, the cost incurred while building Newton County Courthouse is $30,000, which is a sound amount. 

Southview Cemetery | Location From The First Episode!

Sweet Magnolias Filming Location | Real-Life Locations In The Queue!

The first episode shows some kids walking through Southview Cemetery. You must know that this burial ground holds historic significance. Besides this, it has been the burial ground for many prominent names of Covington. Some names include Civil War Generals and Philadelphia Eagles (a football player). 

The same location was used for filming The Vampire Diaries.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Filming Location | Is There An Addition Of A New Location?

Sweet Magnolias Filming Location | Real-Life Locations In The Queue!

For season 2 of Sweet Magnolias, the creators decided to film in Covington. Expect a few locations, the locations of season 1 continue to be seen in season 2. One of the locations of season 2 is the Sullivan’s Restaurant, which is a real restaurant in Covington. Wait, I forgot to tell you something about season 3! But I am going to let you build more suspense to know is Sweet Magnolias renewed for season 3?

Final Words 

I hope you have marked sub-locations within Sweet Magnolias filming location. And I guess you’ll be there soon. At last, don’t forget to pen your experience here in the comment box. Will be waiting for it!

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