Where Was Twisters Filmed? Explore Amazing Backdrops


Good movies are incomplete without amazing backgrounds, so filmmakers sometimes spend millions, even for a one-minute scene.  To leave their audience awestruck again, we have the amazing filming locations of Twisters. Want to know where was Twisters filmed? Read on.

A Brief of TwistersTwisters is an upcoming movie, a new chapter of the 1996 movie Twister. Starring Glen Powell, Daisy  Edgar Jones, and Anthony Ramo, the movie’s trailer came out on Super Bowl, leaving the movie release on 19 July 2024. The 90s Twister was a big hit, grossing over $450 million at the box office. 

With a new cast, the upcoming movie story will display a group of storm chasers who fiercely go through violent Tornados. The brave acts, intense shots, and everything so thrilling in the trailer make Twisters a worthwhile watch, plus its filming locations to be explored. 

Twisters are primarily filmed in Oklahoma City and Los Angeles. Specifically, the shooting occurred in  Downtown Yukon, Chickasha, El Reno, Okarche, Midwest City, and Cashion. 

Where Was Twisters Filmed? Explore The Filming Locations

Where Was Twisters Filmed? Explore Amazing Backdrops

The principal photography of Twisters happened in Oklahoma City and its beautiful suburbs. Let’s stroll through these amazing places in detail-

Oklahoma City

The capital city of the US’s most populous state, Oklahoma City, lies in the corridors of Texas and Dallas. The city has encountered more than 14 brutal tornadoes since its establishment, making it a realistic place to film a movie like Twisters. The 1996 movie was also filmed in this city. The whole movie has been primarily filmed in and around the city. Some famous movies shot in Oklahoma City are Four Sheets To The Wind, Wildlife, and Heaven’s Rain.

Midwest City

Where Was Twisters Filmed? Explore Amazing Backdrops

Turned into set, the shooting of Twisters also took place in the Midwest City. Northeast 23rd and Douglas Boulevard were converted into a movie set. As internet gossip has it, the locals signed an agreement to seal their lips on the movie’s filming. The Midwest is also a tornado-prone area, struck by two violent tornadoes. All the major filming locations chosen are realistic to the movie’s story. 


Twister’s filming locations also include a beautiful agricultural area- Chickasha. It is located west of Grady County and is famous for its light festival. According to reports, roads were closed near Old Dora Taverns; scenes have been shot between Iowa Ave and Dakota Awe and in Minnesota Ave between 16th Street and 18th Street. 

“I couldn’t believe how realistic the set looked when I drove by it,” says Edward Perez, an established local business owner in Chickasha. The locals and authorities contributed fully to showcasing the area’s natural tornado landscape. Eventually, locals believe filming the new movie will attract tourism, film production, and economic growth in the area. Some famous filming projects in Chickasha include A Cowgirl’s Song, Still Water, and What Josiah Saw.

Downtown Yukon 

Streets of Downtown Yukon were taken over by the film production crew in December, the locals said. Some driving scenes were shot on Yukon’s main street. Yukon is located in east central Canadian county, Oklahoma City. Movies filmed in Yukon include I Can Only Imagine, Spirit of the Wind, and Forsaken.

 El Reno

Where Was Twisters Filmed? Explore Amazing Backdrops

The metro town of El Reno contributed to the filming of Twisters.  El Reno is located west of Oklahoma City. Major buildings of the area were converted into movie sets, which were empty for a long time and felt like running businesses after the sets were established, said Neathery, a local councilwoman.  El Reno is famous for its onion burger day festival and Lake El Reno.

This place has encountered violent Tornadoes. Movies shot in El Reno include Inside the Mega Twister, Human Desire, and American Underdog.  If you visit El Reno, you should not miss some amazing adventures: visiting Fort Reno, historical Meausms, Route 66 Park, and UFO Farms.


As the reports have it, filming locations of Twisters include a little town-  Cashion, in  Logan and Kingfisher counties,  Oklahoma City. Cashion has an inspiring history behind its very name, and The Cashion Gym in the city is a major tourist attraction. Movies shot in Cashion include  A Little Dead and The Box.


We hope you enjoyed exploring some beautiful locations in and around Oklahoma City- the principal location for Twisters filming. With this, we have reached the end of this write-up, and travel lovers can pick out new destinations to add to their bucket lists now. For related articles on various filming locations, come to veibly. 

Who directed Twisters?

Lee Issac Chung has given direction to the upcoming movie. 

When will Twisters be released?

Twisters will be released on 19th July 2024 on big screens by Universal Pictures and Warner Bros.

Is Twisters a sequel to the 1996 Twister?

No, the coming movie is a standalone,  new chapter to the 1996 movie with a completely original story. The idea is the same, but the cast and the plot are different. 

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