Where Was A Taste Of Love Filmed? Mesmerizing Filming Locations!


Our favorite feel-good movie channel is back with a new rom-com flick, A Taste Of Love, and like always, viewers cannot seem to keep cam about the scenic backdrops and locations that are shown in the movie. If you also came here searching where was A Taste Of Love filmed, you indeed found the right article. Keep reading the article to find out about the mesmerizing filming locations.

The latest Hallmark movie stars fan-favorite Erin Cahill in the lead role, along with Jesse Cove and Martin Cove. The most anticipated movie, A Taste Of Love premiered on the Hallmark channel on February 19, 2024. Although it was just February, the movie made us daydream about beaches and sunshine. 

A Taste Of Love was filmed entirely in Dunedin, Florida, especially in St. Pete/Clearwater.

Let us discuss the filming locations of the movie in detail and shed some more light on where was A Taste Of Love filmed. 

Where Was A Taste Of Love Filmed?

As mentioned, A Taste Of Love was filmed in Dunedin, Florida. The movie celebrates food, love, and charming St. Pete/Clearwater locations. The viewers were in for a treat after seeing the picturesque views of the Florida coast. The film features well-known sots from the area like Sea Sea Riders, Fenway Hotel, and Wild Iris Café.

Digital Caviar Film production company was responsible for capturing the true essence of this romantic movie. They surely did justice to the movie by beautifully showing us the area’s beaches, dramatic sunsets, and stunning architecture.  The beautiful Pinellas County nature at Clearwater Beach, Edgewater Park, and the Pinellas Trail all have starring roles in the movie.

If you have visited the beautiful beach town of Dunedin, you can recognize all these locations easily. The restaurant owned by Martin Cove’s character, Sea Sea Riders, has been a main attraction of Dunedin town and has been active for the past 30 years. Dunedin also has a vibrant artist community and promotes its art and culture; they organize the Dunedin Fim festival every year in February. This year, A Taste Of Love premiered at the film festival. 

The Plot Of A Taste Of Love 

Where Was A Taste Of Love Filmed? Mesmerizing Filming Locations!

Taylor Green (Erin Cahill) is a struggling Culinary network TV Star struggling to find her culinary voice. After being stuck on the same show for a long time, she represents an idea for a new cooking show, but it gets rejected. She then decides to sort out her future and goes to her hometown before starting fresh. Returning home, she runs into Jacob (Jesse Kove), who seems to be Taylor’s childhood sweetheart.    

Soon, she finds out that her family restaurant, once run by her grandmother, is up for sale. To stop the sale of the restaurant and to rekindle her fathers’s interest, she devises a plan and enters the town’s annual Sugar Festival cooking competition. As usual, things do not go according to plan, and she has to choose between a budding love, saving the restaurant, and following her dream.

Final Words 

A Taste Of Love, through its filming locations, celebrates the feeling of love and togetherness while highlighting the ambiance and food of Florida. I hope you enjoyed reading this piece and know where A Taste Of Love was filmed. If you live around Florida, make sure you visit these aces and experience the scenic beaches yourself. Until then, keep reading, and for more filming location articles, keep visiting Viebly.

What is the runtime of A Taste Of Love?

The runtime of A Taste Of Love is 1 hour 24 minutes.

Who directed the Hallmark movie A Taste Of Love?

Michael E. Brown and Conrad De La Torres III are the directors as we as writers of the Hallmark movie A Taste Of Love.

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