Where Was Irish Wish Filmed? Filming Locations Explained!


Lindsay Lohan’s starrer romantic comedy Irish Wish recently debuted on Netflix. The locations where the film looks equally amazing as the movie itself, and some are even referring to it as rom-com gold. In this article, we will discuss some amazing locations and tell you where was Irish Wish filmed, some of which are even open for visits.

Irish Wish was directed by Janeen Damian, who previously directed Lindsay Lohan’s previous Netflix romantic comedy Falling for Christmas. Shot entirely in Ireland, the Netflix film has a whimsical Freaky Friday mood and takes viewers on a tour of the country’s massive estates and beautiful views of its lakes, coastal cliffs, and sweeping landscapes.

Irish Wish showcases Ireland’s beauty with iconic locations like Killruddery House, Powerscourt Estate, and the Cliffs of Moher.

Read below for a thorough rundown of Irish Wish most noteworthy filming locations.

Where Was Irish Wish Filmed?

Where Was Irish Wish Filmed? Filming Locations Explained!

Irish Wish was filmed on-site in Ireland. More specifically, Knock Airport, Westport, Wicklow, and Dublin were among the filming locations. The romantic scenes were shot on Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher—a breathtaking natural formation on the country’s west coast that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Killruddery House

Where Was Irish Wish Filmed? Filming Locations Explained!

The Kennedy family’s expansive estate, Killruddery House, is located in County Wicklow, Ireland. Situated on 800 acres, the mansion serves as a working farm, a tourist destination, and a private estate in real life. The Brabazon family, who have owned and occupied the stunning land since the 17th century, initially settled on it in the 1600s. The gorgeous orangery and dining and library rooms, as well as other filming locations, will be recognizable to viewers.

The estate’s lovely surroundings include acres of grass, long ponds, old trees, an outdoor amphitheater, and a woodland full of flowers. In the film, Maddie visits Killruddery House, which is modeled after the Kennedy family house, after misplacing her bag.

Lough Tay

Where Was Irish Wish Filmed? Filming Locations Explained!

The ‘wishing chair’ is a famous landmark in Lough Tay, and it plays a significant role in the movie when Maddie uses it to make her wish for true love. Others may recognize the region as “Guinness Lake” due to the small body of water surrounding it, which is finished with a white sand beach at the top, evoking the well-known Irish beverage. Guinness Lake is unfortunately not open for public access as it is privately held by the Guinness family. However, there are still vantage points nearby where you can look at the enchanted terrain. Fortunately, the Sally Gap hiking trail and surrounding views still provide visitors with a distant glimpse of the lake. Although you cannot enter the estate, you can rent cottages on the grounds. 

Powerscourt Estate

Where Was Irish Wish Filmed? Filming Locations Explained!

Powerscourt Estate in Wicklow is used instead of Killruddery House in several sequences, especially the driving ones. Originally a medieval castle, it was converted into a private 68-room residence by 1741. The estate features traditional gardens, lovely lakes, breathtaking walkways, and a distillery, where Paul signed his book. Though the home is private property, you can still enjoy the gardens, gift shop, and café.

Cliffs of Moher

Where Was Irish Wish Filmed? Filming Locations Explained!

In the movie Irish Wish, a famous sequence was filmed at the Cliffs of Moher, which is arguably Ireland’s most popular tourist destination. The breathtaking Cliffs of Moher are shown in the movie twice: once in the middle and once at the very end. They go there together because it’s James and Maddie’s favorite spot in the film. The famous sheer cliffs that ring Clare’s west coast provide views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Aran Islands. It makes sense that people from all over the world go to see the Cliffs of Moher because of their otherworldly beauty.

Westport, Ireland

Westport is a historic town in County Mayo that served as a village backdrop for Irish Wish. With its charming multicolored cottages, stone bridges across the serene Carrowbeg River, independent stores galore, and many welcoming pubs to satisfy your thirst, the seaside town is a sight straight out of a picture book. 

For the film, Kelly’s Tweeds & Knitwear in the Octagon was transformed into a bridal boutique. The Wild Atlantic Way, the rural areas of County Mayo, the Hollywood Inn—where James stays—and Tutty’s Pub in Hollywood, Ireland—where Maddie and James pass the time—are the other filming locations.

Final Words

Irish Wish is a visual love letter to the Emerald Isle, whether you’re enthralled by the spectacular cliffs, the quaint pubs, or just the Irish spirit itself. Thus, if you’re ever considering traveling to Ireland, consider doing it the Irish Wish way. Along the way, you could discover your own little piece of magic. For more articles about filming locations like this, keep visiting Viebly. 

Where to watch Irish Wish online?

Irish Wish is streaming on Netflix. You need to have a Netflix subscription to watch this movie online. 

What is the runtime of Irish Wish?

 The runtime of Irish Wish is 1 hour 31 minutes. 

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