Where Was Deep Fear Movie Filmed? Amazing Filming Locations You Must Know!


Survival thrillers are my personal favorite. Is it your case as well? If yes, let me take you on a tour of the Netflix survival thriller Deep Fear. Marcus Adam’s movie Deep Fear is all about what mystery and thrill lovers want:  Suspense, fear, and ultimate survival. But we all know these qualities of a movie are attributed to visuals and sounds. The more a movie is dark, the more it’s shady, and the more it’s loud, the more it’s intense. Isn’t it? Want to know where was Deep Fear movie filmed? Dig in to know the amazing filming locations.

Netflix’s sixth most-watched movie, Deep Fear, was released back in October 2023. Robert Cappel Jr and Sophia Eptamenitis wrote the movie. The story of the movie revolves around the survival of a top-class yachtswoman, who on her solo trip way, is forced by a group of drug smugglers to recover a cocaine stash that washes away in the shark-infested water.

The movie casts Madilima Ghenea as Noami, the main female character, Ed Westwick as Jackson, Macarena Gomez, Stany Coppet, Ibrahima Gueye, Marco Canadea, Shane Rowe, Mariana Garradas, and David Leguesse. 

Deep Fear was filmed primarily in Malta, Europe.

Where Was Deep Fear Movie Filmed!! Know The Location

Where Was Deep Fear Movie Filmed!! Amazing Filming Locations You Must Know

However, the movie is set in the Caribbean Sea; it was filmed in Malta instead. Malta is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea in southern Europe. Malta is a known filming location whose history goes back to 1925, and since then, it has been one of the top names in filming locations. The picturesque locations of Malta provide filmmakers with a low-budget movie to appear as the opposite.

In the case of Deep Fear, the movie was filmed at Malta Film Studio, located on the island’s eastern side, for over six weeks. Malta’s SFX facilities took position and provided a convincing Caribbean substitute. Malta Studios has an interior water tank and two big exterior tanks on the island’s coast. Mark Silk, the renowned underwater cinematographer, and his team worked on Deep Fear’s underwater scenes.

The interior tanks allow you to shoot surface water scenes and perfect stormy visuals, as you might have seen in movies like Orca and Killer Whale. The exterior ones are well suited for underwater deep filming. The low-budget movie’s choice, Maltaa, proved to be satisfying.

During an interview regarding the filming of the movie, director Marcus Adams had to say, “Imagination always creates much greater fear than any image. Combining the masterful visual effects of LipSync with Mark Silk’s worldwide underwater cinematography and the stunning locations will ensure that we create a fresh and exhilarating addition to the genre.”

What Are Some Good Filming Locations In Malta? 

Where Was Deep Fear Movie Filmed!! Amazing Filming Locations You Must Know

Malta is becoming a sought-after filming location for movie-makers, and there are many little or big, stunning locations in the tiny country. Some fantastic locations in Malta to film are Valleta, Mdina, Popeye Village, Vittoriosa, and Commino.


The capital city of Malta and a seaport, Valletta,  is between the Marsamxett Harbour and Grand Harbour. Valletta is famous for filming due to its beautiful ancient structures from the 16th century. The forts, churches, and huge old buildings with marvelous detailed carvings are the center of attraction, providing breathtaking backgrounds to movies. 

Also, one of those cities in Europe remains the sunniest the most. Some famous movies shot in Valletta are World War Z, Munich, and Midnight Express.


Games of Thrones featured a beautiful location: Mdina. Mdina is a significant tourist attraction in Malta and the director’s choice in filming locations. The ancient museums, Cathedral churches, and their Baroque architecture mark the beauty of this tiny city. Apart from Game of Thrones, some famous movies shot in Mdina include Gladiator, Captain Philips, and The Count of Monte Cristo.


Where Was Deep Fear Movie Filmed!! Amazing Filming Locations You Must Know

This tiny city in Malta is home to not more than just ten people but is, in the eyes of thousands of tourists and famous filmmakers, to shoot swimming, snorkeling, and hiking scenes. Commino is renowned for ‘Blue Lagoon’. Some movies shot in Commino are Troy, Count of Monte Cristo, Swept Away, and Revelation

Popeye Village

Located at Prajett Way, Popeye Village was built on purpose as a film set. The old 1980 musical movie Popeye was shot in Popeye Village, and the film set can be found there, although it is now a theme park and a famous tourist attraction.


With this, we have reached the end of the article, letting you learn about some gorgeous locations that travel enthusiasts can add to their bucket list. We watch a movie and are fascinated by stunning backdrops but don’t know where they are; then, these blog posts help you pinpoint the hidden corners of the world. To learn about more such places, come back to Viebly.

What is the run time of the movie Deep Fear?

The duration of the movie Deep Fear is 1 Hour and 54 Minutes.

Is Deep Fear Worth Watching?

However, the IMDB rating of the movie is not very good; it is great for thrill and mystery lovers. How to survive in extreme situations is depicted in the movie finely.

On what platforms the movie is available to watch?

Deep Fear is streaming on Netflix and available for rent and buy on Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video and Vudu.

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