Where Is Aeon Flux Filmed? All The Locations Unlocked!


Futuristic movies have always attracted our attention for their dramatic costumes, awesome locations, technology, and gripping storyline. Aeon Flux (2005) has all the elements of a good sci-fi movie. The stellar filming locations of the movie will leave you wondering. Let’s find out more about where is Aeon Flux filmed!

Aeon Flux was released on 2 December 2005. The movie is based on an animated MTV series named Æon Flux (1991-1995). Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay are the writers of the film. The movie is directed by Karyn Kusama. It is a Paramount Pictures production. The movie has powerful casting and beautiful real-life locations.

Aeon Flux is a futuristic movie set four centuries ahead of our times. Thus, the creators made sure to incorporate the best and most modern locations that would suit the movie’s needs. So, the shooting took place in Germany’s modern locations, which have iconic buildings and marvelous architecture. Read the details ahead.

Aeon Flux is a well-gripped thriller movie with power-packed action scenes and architectural marvels that will keep you entertained throughout the film. Moreover, the shooting scenes are actually real places where you can go and get yourself clicked! So, here is a detailed itinerary for your future trip! Here we go!!!!

Where Is Aeon Flux Filmed? Can You Guess The Names Of All The Locations?

Aeon Flux is filmed in Germany. Makers selected a bunch of famous and latest buildings and landscapes that would suit the futuristic theme of the film. Earlier, Aeon Flux was to be shot in Brasilia, but due to creative differences and shooting permissions, the plan was changed. 

Thus, many locations of Germany- from open parks to huge domes- were used to film different scenes for the film. Only a few portions of the picture were filmed by technology. So, here is a detailed list of filming locations where some of the iconic scenes were shot. 

Babelsberg Studios, Potsdam

Where Is Aeon Flux Filmed? All The Locations Unlocked!

Babelsberg Studios, Potsdam is located in Berlin. This was the prime filming center for Aeon Flux. Earlier the studio was known as Universum Film Aktien Gesellschaft Studio. The studio is a century-old structure and has filmed many iconic movies like V For Vendetta (2005), Inglourious Basterds (2009), and The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). 

Sans Souci, Potsdam

Sans Souci was chosen to shoot beautiful gardens, huge staircases, and palaces for the movie. This place features in the scene where Aeon gets powers to telepathically contact The Handler. Potsdam has many marvelous structures and dreamy gardens that make the movie more realistic and stunning.

Embassy Of Mexico (Mexikanische Botschaft), Klingelhöferstraße 3

Where Is Aeon Flux Filmed? All The Locations Unlocked!

Aeon Flux movie has also used Embassy Of Mexico’s outer structures to create a marketplace and featured grand white pillars to give a twisted cinematography experience. This place was used to shoot the chaos and disappearances in Bregna city. The Embassy is located in Tiergarten. Did you know this? If you ever visit the place, do not forget to take pictures there!

Tierheim, Hausvaterweg 39

Major important film sequences were shot in Tierheim because the place had brilliant architecture and open spaces to shoot the fighting scenes. The final battle scene between Aeon and the council in Aeon Flux was shot here. Tierheim is actually a very spacious animal shelter with well-equipped technology. The huge circular buildings and stunning fountains of Bregna city actually belong to Tierhaeim. Isn’t it a marvelous place worth visiting?

Langhansbau Anatomisches Theater , Philippstraße 12/13

Where Is Aeon Flux Filmed? All The Locations Unlocked!

The next amazing place on my list is Langhansbau Anatomisches Theater, where the iconic meeting scene of Aeon and The Handler was shot. The theatre is also known as the Anatomical Theater of the University of Veterinary Medicine and one of the ancient buildings serving as a museum now. The halls and chambers of the theatre are very large and with intricate details that made the movie shots more authentic and awestruck! 

Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10

The scenes of the spy center and Goodwill’s control room locations belong to the Haus der Kulturen der Welt building in Berlin. This place is also known as House of the World’s Cultures. The place has a world-class art and architecture marvel. The huge auditoriums and halls are the focal points of this place.

Kirche Maria Regina Martyrum, Charlottenburg-Nord

Where Is Aeon Flux Filmed? All The Locations Unlocked!

Kirche Maria Regina Martyrum is, also known as the Commemorative Church of Mary Queen of Martyrs, was also used to film the subway and entrance portions of the Aeon Flux movie. The Church also adorns huge mural paintings of Goodchild featured in the film. 

Kapelle der Versoehnung, Bernauer Straße 4

Kapelle der Versoehnung, also known as Chapel of Reconciliation, was used to film the circular corridors and pathways of the marketplace. The place appeared when Aeon went to search for her sister Una, and a man was trying to find his lost daughter. The Chapel has many corridors and an ultra-modern look that mixed well with the movie’s futuristic buildings.

Bauhaus-Archiv, Klingelhöferstraße 14

Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design building was used to film Una’s residence in the movie. The place has stunning art collections and beautiful architectural designs. The place also has big lush gardens, waterfalls, and huge buildings. These places were used to film Aeon’s meeting with Sithandra in the movie.

Krematorium Baumschulenweg, Kiefholzstraße 221

Krematorium Baumschulenweg’s citadel chambers were used to film the encounters and confrontations between the Goodchild brothers. The place has large oval corridors and wind tunnels. The chambers were heavily used to shoot some of the iconic fighting scenes featured in the movie. However, this place has restricted entries and is used for official purposes only.

Renaissance-Theater, Knesebeckstraße 100

Where Is Aeon Flux Filmed? All The Locations Unlocked!

Renaissance-Theater, located in Berlin, was built in 1902. The place boasts of original and authentic European art and culture theatre. This theatre was used to film Goodchild’s speech scene where he was addressing his purpose and plans to the council. 

 Biosphäre Potsdam, Georg-Hermann-Allee 99

Biosphäre Potsdam garden is a very beautiful and rich nature marvel which is home to thousands of tropical plants, flowers, and swamps. The place is so large and varied that it contains two big lakes, waterfalls as well as wildlife habitats. This location was used to film some of the emotional moments of Aeon when she found the truth behind the disappearances of citizens and the harsh truth of cloning.

Spandauer Lake Bridge And Trudelturm, Germany

Spandauer Lake Bridge was used to shoot the subway scenes, while Trudelturm was used to film huge cylindrical tower structures. The guardroom tower scene was actually shot in this place. This place was used to shoot the control room and guard place.

What Was The Plot Of The Movie? A Quick Recap!

The movie starts with a 2011 virus that has killed 99% of people. Moving forward the sequence takes a huge leap, and the story shifts 400 years ahead. The remaining persons are now living in a heavily fortified city called Bregna under the rule of a bunch of scientists led by Trevor Goodchild. 

Though the city seems perfect, it has dark secrets. A group of vigilantes belonging to the Monican Rebellion group want to overthrow the regime. Eon Fox is a part of this group and has been assigned the task of killing the city’s leader. Moreover, citizens are having nightmares and mysteriously disappearing without any trace. 

Thus, Aeon Faux takes charges to find out the truth. In her quest, she comes across some shocking revelations and finds out that Trevor Goodchild is actually innocent and trying to save people. The real culprit is his brother who has the complete support of the council. Moreover, the real reason behind the disappearances is also conducting the cloning experiments.

Aeon finds the truth that the council is trying to manipulate the citizens and does not want them to cure infertility. After a lot of powerful actions and conspiracies, Aeon manages to save Trevor. In this process, she also gets to know her real origin and finally leads the remaining citizens to the new world order.

Cast Of Aeon Flux | Meet The Wonderful Starcast!

Where Is Aeon Flux Filmed? All The Locations Unlocked!

Aeon Flux has a powerful casting that delivered power-packed performances and did complete justice to their respective roles. Here are the major actors and actresses who have played some of the important characters in the movie.

  1. Charlize Theron has played the lead character of Æon Flux.
  2. Caroline Chikezie has portrayed the role of Freya Paterson.
  3. Marton Csokas has played the role of Trevor Goodchild
  4. Nikolai Kinski has starred as Claudius 
  5. Jonny Lee Miller as Oren Goodchild
  6. Joseph has played the role of Giroux.
  7. Sophie Okonedo has portrayed the role of Sithandra
  8. Frances McDormand as Handler
  9. Yangzom Brauen has played the role of Inari
  10. Pete Postlethwaite as Keeper
  11. Amelia Warner has played the role of Una Flux

Why Did Aeon Flux Fail At The Box Office? The Controversy Behind!

Though the movie had a brilliant story and an awesome star cast with stunning cinematography experience, it could not earn huge profit at the box office. The budget of the movie was $62 million dollars, but it only managed to earn only $52 million dollars. The major reasons for its failure were-

  1. There were tensions between the director and the production team. Director Kusama wanted to shoot in Brasilia, but the budget did not allow him to do so. Thus, he was highly frustrated with the choice of locations.
  2. The constant interference of the producers led to many heavy changes in the movie just before its release date. Thus, it killed the essence of the actual series and failed to create magic on the big screen. 
  3. During 2005, various sci-fi movies were already released. Thus, the audience did not find anything new in Aeon Flux. So, it did only did average business.
  4. Makers have claimed that the movie was ahead of its time. People were not able to connect themselves with the storyline and thus the movie landed a poor performance. However, if this movie was released now, things would have been different.

The movie is now getting attention for being such a futuristic concept and brilliant performances. The makers are also planning to recreate the movie again in the near future.

Where Can You Watch The Aeon Flux Movie? Get Ready For The Binge-Watch!

Where Is Aeon Flux Filmed? All The Locations Unlocked!

Aeon Flux movie is available on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. You can also rent out the movie on Apple TV.

Final Words

After watching the stunning locations of Aeon Flux, fans are asking- Where is Aeon Flux filmed? Well, Germany is the place! If you have seen the movie, can you guess the names of the places? Also, tell me if I have missed any other location that your eagle-eye has noticed in the comment section.

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