Where Is Euphoria Filmed? Do You Put Up Near That Place?


Were you searching for where is Euphoria filmed? If yes, then your search will end with this article as it has most of the details about the filming locations of Euphoria!

Euphoria (2019-Present) is a television series that mirrors today’s young generation. Moreover, the series is about the life of young high school students. Other than this, some central themes of friendship, love, s*x, family, trauma, and identity are evident in the series. So, are you ready to know more about the series?

Majorly, Euphoria is filmed around the places of Los Angeles in California. One episode was filmed at Washington Boulevard in Culver City, other than these cities. But the next season, the makers may choose to opt for some different location. Here’s something more that you should know!

If you are curious to know about the locations of Euphoria, don’t stop scrolling!

Where Is Euphoria Filmed? Have You Visited That Place?

Euphoria is among some popular series that people are obsessed with. As a result, they want to know more about it. Therefore, I have decided to keep you abreast with the series’ locations!

Locations Of Euphoria Season 1 | You’ll Fall In Love With These Locations!

We’ll try to cover all the locations by giving a title to them so that you can remember the scene. So, here we go!

Fez And Ashtay’s Business Spot 

Where Is Euphoria Filmed? Do You Put Up Near That Place?

Fez and Ashtray, dealers of addictive substances, find a place to deal with customers. And that place is Alta Dena Dairy, located in Temple City. 

Julie Meets Nate’s Father 

The scene in which Julie meets Nate’s father has been shot at Travel Inn, located in North Hills. Surprisingly, the same location can be seen in season 2. So, if you are planning vacations, you can consider staying in this motel!

East Highland High School 

The outdoor scenes of the school were shot in a famous school named Ulysses S. Grant High School, which is situated in Valley Glen. If any of your known studies in this school, then you can plan a trip! And the auditorium of the school, where Lexi performs her play, was shot in a set made with a lot of effort in Culver City.

Shopping Mall That Nate Visits

Where Is Euphoria Filmed? Do You Put Up Near That Place?

I know the shopping mall that Nate visits has stolen many hearts. And you will be glad to know that it was not a mall but Del Amo Fashion Center that is located in Torrance. I know your heart has broken after hearing this, but you can still pay a visit to this place!

Rue’s Meeting With Ali 

Rue and Ali meet in a restaurant in episode four of season 1. But that place is not a restaurant; it’s a cafe situated on a Boulevard in California. Also, the cafe is almost 50 years old and has adorned itself with some beautiful old pictures of the city.

Common Spots Of Youngsters: Restaurant And Skating Rink

You must have spotted most of the series’ characters at an ordinary restaurant and skating rink. And the truth is that both of them are real, the restaurant is located in Inglewood, and the skating rink is at San Ferrato Road. 

Train Station In The Final Episode 

Where Is Euphoria Filmed? Do You Put Up Near That Place?

The station that wraps up the story of season 1 is not a setup. Instead, it is the station of Los Angeles, and the scene captures the main terminal. Even many of you must have boarded a train from there!

The Dinner Scene In The First Episode

The starting scene of season 1 was shot at a restaurant cum coffee shop named Frank’s Restaurant and Coffee Shop in Burbank. Unfortunately, you can’t visit that place because it is closed. 

Locations Of Euphoria Season 2 | Another List Of Amazing Places!

You will be surprised to know that some season 1 were used for season 2 as well. Like the above season, I will mark some scenes to showcase different locations. But I am going to discuss those places that are new this season!

Opening Scene Of Episode One 

Where Is Euphoria Filmed? Do You Put Up Near That Place?

The very first scene that you see in episode one was shot at an adult entertainment club. And the name of that club is Odd Ball Cabaret Showgirls, located easily in North Hills. 

Fez’s Grandmother’s Past Scene 

One of the scenes of the first episode in season 2 shows Fez’s grandmother walking in a restaurant. But that place is not a restaurant. Instead, it is a shop that sells donuts. And the name of the shop is The Family Donut Shop, which is famous in Burbank. So, book this weekend with a delicious donut at The Family Donut Shop!

The Bowling Alley Scene 

Where Is Euphoria Filmed? Do You Put Up Near That Place?

A scene in episode two features a bowling alley, which you can visit in real life in Montclair. Also, this place was opened almost more than 50 years ago with a unique design of two concrete canopies. 

The Liquor Store 

The liquor store you come across in season 2 is real and is known to be one of the oldest shops in Burbank. I won’t suggest you visit this shop!

Final Words 

Hope, I have given you a tour of many places in and around California, and you can answer where Euphoria is filmed. And I guess many of you will surely plan a trip to one of these locations. Don’t forget to share the place you picked your experience with me!

1. Is Euphoria set in the 90s?

Yes, the series focuses on teenagers that belong to the 90s.

2. Is Euphoria based on a real-life story?

No, Euphoria is a piece of fiction, but many people may find it relatable. 

3. Is Euphoria like a high school series?

The majority of the plot elements show the life of students in high school.

4. Is Jules a girl?

No, Jules is not a girl but a controversial character in the series, whom people know as a transgender girl. 

5. Which mental illness does Jules have?

Jules has depression, which was common among children of his age.

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