Where Is Floribama Shore Filmed? Locations Of Your New Love!


I know there’s no limit to your obsession with Floribama Shore. But knowing where is Floribama Shore filmed is going to be more exciting for you. So, keep reading!

Floribama Shore (2017) belongs to the category of reality television series that seeks to celebrate youth. That’s why the show captures eight adults (known as The Bam) who enjoy summer at a beach. Further, the show details drama, hookups, the ending of relationships, and many more. So, let us get in-depth to know where was Floribama Shore filmed!

To keep you abreast of where is Floribama Shore filmed, here are some details of all the filming locations!

Where Is Floribama Shore Filmed? Trace All The Locations Of The Show!

Where Is Floribama Shore Filmed? Locations Of Your New Love!

With such an amazing reality show, it becomes intriguing to learn about the filming locations. And when it comes to answering where is Floribama Shore filmed, you must know that the locations stretch from Florida to Alabama. As a result, the makers got the foundation for the title. Don’t worry. We are going to cover all the seasons!

Where Is Floribama Shore Filmed? Here Are The Locations For Season One And Two!

Where Is Floribama Shore Filmed? Locations Of Your New Love!

At the onset of the television series, the makers decided to opt for Panama City Beach, which is famous as a resort town in Florida’s Bay County Region. 

Panama City, which nestles Panama City Beach, is one of the longest cities between Tallahassee and Pensacola. Besides this, the city is highly populated. That’s not it! This city is an idealized location not only for the reality television series but also for spending vacations. Interestingly, this happened because of its white-sand beaches. So, now you know why makers considered this location!

If you have visited Panama City, you must take a trip to Panama City Beach. If not, then you have made a major mistake. Let me tell you that over the past few years, Panama City Beach has turned out to be one of the topmost destinations for vacation.

Also, this small town is notable as a waterfront town among the common masses. Interestingly, this town’s beauty forced the makers to continue with the same location for the season. Plan your trip soon to this location!

Where Is Floribama Shore Season 3 Filmed? Did Makers Move To A Different Location? 

Where Is Floribama Shore Filmed? Locations Of Your New Love!

For season 3 of Floribama Shore, the production team decided to relocate to the coastal city of St. Pete Beach in Pinellas County, which is another renowned city in Florida. 

It’s time to move to another exotic location of the television series, St. Pete Beach. First of all, I would like to start with Pinellas County, home to this resort city. You’ll be taken aback after knowing that this county seats clean waters. Also, the county nestles the top three beaches for vacations. 

St Pete Beach is known for its small beaches and luxurious hotels situated at the shore of the beaches. Further, the nearby area is a hub of galleries, shops, and Gulf Beaches Historical Museums. Also, you can board boats to have a glimpse of seabirds and turtles.

Where Is Floribama Shore Season 4 Filmed? Have A Look At More Exciting Locations!

Where Is Floribama Shore Filmed? Locations Of Your New Love!

Season 4 of Floribama Shore took place in Montana and Arizona. Interestingly, the makers concluded to move to a different location to showcase new excitement with season 4. Further, this season had to move to a new location because of the impact of COVID-19. When “The Bam” was in a party mood in the previous season, things changed in the 4th season.

Missoula is located in the western part of Montana and has been able to restore historical buildings and museums that are loaded with local artifacts. Also, the wilderness of Montana touched the heart of the makers, making them have a firm belief in their choice.

In addition, the makers covered a few places in Missoula, which are Gallatin County and Hotel Baxter. Also, you must have seen the lodge of The Bam, which belongs to Missoula. Hence, it’s right to say that the television series has covered most of the exciting locations in Missoula. 

Another city that is in the queue is Lake Havasu City in Arizona. This exhilarating city is popular for its trails in the nearby desert and thrilling water sports on Lake Havasu. Do you know the exciting element of this city? It’s The Lake Havasu Museum that documents the history of Native America. In addition, there are beautiful meadows and picnic spots. 

That’s why you got a realistic feel of the show. And many other movies also opted for this location.

Where Is Floribama Shore Season 5 Filmed? Is It Coming Soon?

Where Is Floribama Shore Filmed? Locations Of Your New Love!

The good news for Floribama Shore fans is that they’ll soon be witnessing the new season’s arrival. Isn’t it great? Finally, the speculations and the rumors for this season will come true! 

Well, I will spill the tea on you by informing you about the filming location of Floribama Season 5. With this new season, you must get ready to witness something fresh compared to the previous seasons. And it’s not only limited to the location, I am trying to shed light on the cast as well!

Getting back to the main point, let’s discuss where is Floribama Shore filmed for season 5! This time, you will have a tour of Athens, Georgia. Athens is one of the famous cities that are located in northeast Georgia. And the antebellum architect of the city will not fail to grab your attention. In addition, this city embarks on the journey to dig for history for tourists. So, if you are a history lover, this place is perfect for you!

Oh No, I missed something! Nothing serious!! Besides The Bam, there will be the entry of some furry friends. So, there’s a lot to explore in this new season!

Why did the Makers Of Floribama Shore move from Montana To Georgia For Season 5? Is there A Serious Reason?

Where Is Floribama Shore Filmed? Locations Of Your New Love!

It’s not you, but many fans are wondering why the makers decided to move to such a different location for the upcoming season. But many reasons behind this are crucial from the popular view of the show. 

As we know, Athens is the new addition to the group, which means the makers are surely planning some new twists for the upcoming season. Usually, the finalized locations for the reality series belong to some beach town. This time, there’s a drastic change. 

This time, the makers thought of opting for a new location so that they can film at a location that is away from busy cities. Of course, it’s quite tough to film in a city that is already catering to a significant amount of people. As a result, Athens turned out to be a better option for the makers.

In other words, we can say that the makers are up to bringing up a new version of the show. Due to this, a change in the location would be necessary for them. Also, it will be gripping to see this new change. 

From Where Does The Cast Of Floribama Shore Come From? Is It Near To The Filming Location?

Where Is Floribama Shore Filmed? Locations Of Your New Love!

When it comes to tracing the location of the cast of Floribama Shore, Kortini and Nilsa belong to Panama City Beach. And the rest of the cast members come from South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and many other regions in Florida. 

Therefore, it’s right to conclude that the makers chose known places for the cast, adding more to their fun and drama. Also, the cast’s familiarity with the places made them deliver more entertainment to the viewers.

Final Words 

So, here is an answer for where is Floribama Shore filmed! And you must be in the dreams of the locations mentioned above. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets today to these places and have an enjoyable vacation with your family. Please share the location you liked the most and recommend it to others as well!


1. Where is the Floribama Shore house 2021?

The house of Floribama Shore that you saw in 2021 is known as the Fly Fisherman’s Lodge, located in Lolo, Montana, along the Bitterroot River. 

2. What resort is Floribama Shore filmed at?

The season of Floribama Shore that you enjoyed in 2020 was filmed at Nautical Beachfront Resort.

3. Can you rent the house from Floribama Shore?

If you are thinking of renting the house from Floribama Shore, you need to pay around $525 if you plan to rent it in the summer. For winters, the rent may cost up to $825 for a week. 

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