Where Is Interstellar Filmed? Here’s An In-Depth Information About It!


Where is Interstellar filmed? Do you know about it? If not, then it’s high time to think about it and get the right information with the help of this article!

Interstellar (2014) is a science-fiction movie that features the story of an engineer and former NASA pilot who is assigned the task of finding a new home for humans. And he is instructed this because earth is no more an ideal place to live for humans. During his journey to Saturn, the engineers come across many challenges. Here’s something special about the location!

Interstellar has been filmed at various locations, and the names include Alberta, Iceland, Los Angeles, and California. Interestingly, the locations have been picked in these regions where people don’t visit often. But maybe that’s because the makers did not want disturbance by the public. Let’s try to find out more about these filming locations!

To calm your curiosity, go through the following facts about the locations. You will be shocked!

Where Is Interstellar Filmed? Here Are Some Exciting Locations!

The selection of locations was not easy for the movie makers because it’s a science fiction movie. However, they picked locations that could be modified as per the need of the scene. Let’s check which locations the movie features!

Where Was Interstellar Farm Filmed? Does Someone At Present Own It?

Where Is Interstellar Filmed? Here’s An In-Depth Information About It!

Cooper’s family farm that we see at the movie’s starting is a farm that exists in reality. And is located in Colorado, USA. Surprisingly, reaching this farm is easy if you choose the underground NORAD base (NASA Headquarters). Also, this farm has beautiful scenery in nature. So, this place is worth going to!

Where Was Interstellar Filmed In Alberta? Get Ready For Some Beautiful Locations In Canada!

Where Is Interstellar Filmed? Here’s An In-Depth Information About It!

The movie makers picked some beautiful towns in Alberta, and the names include Nanton, Longview, Lethbridge, Fort Macleod, and Okotoks.

Nanton is located in the southern area of Alberta. Also, it is full of many farms and ranches. When it comes to the major attractions of this town, it has the Bomber Command Museum, which is located on Highway 2 near the town. 

Longview is a beautiful village which is known for its rocky hills. Interestingly, this village is called Little New York because of the oil fields restored there in 1936. Most importantly, you will find the Highwood River here, which adds more to the beauty of this village. Moreover, this village is popular due to its natural resources.

Fort Macleod is not a fort but a town whose real name was only Macleod. Earlier, this town was mainly a spot for raising cattle, but today it is known for a museum situated in its heart. Interestingly, this museum is not less than a palace because it has 8 buildings. Hence, it’s a perfect place to spend some time in peace. 

Okotoks is another town in Alberta, which is located near a river. And this town is known for Big Rock, which has been situated since the ice age and looks like a glacier. The town is one of the largest towns in Alberta due to its large population. 

Where Was Interstellar Filmed In Iceland? Is It Easy To Go There? 

Was Interstellar Filmed In Iceland? Is It Easy To Go There? 

Unfortunately, most of you cannot visit the movie’s location in Iceland. This is so because the location is a glacier whose name is Svinafellsjokull. Because the makers had to show an isolated planet, they needed a location that could look similar to it. And after extensive research, they got this glacier.

Also, it was not easy for the makers to film at such a cold place because everything was just so cold. And if you have a desire to reach this glacier, then you need to take more than five hours’ drive of Iceland’s Highway 1. And let me tell you that nights on this glacier are beyond imagination due to cold waves. But you can surely have fun during the day.

Other than this glacier, Orrustuholl is another place used to film the movie. And the reason for choosing this place is its lava fields. Luckily, the kind of location where the makers wanted to demonstrate the moon was near the glacier where they were shooting. 

Where Did Interstellar Film Corn? Was It Easy To Film Them? 

Where Is Interstellar Filmed? Here’s An In-Depth Information About It!

We come across cornfields in many scenes, but do you know the story behind it? First of all, you must know that filming corn was not a cakewalk for the makers for some scenes. And for this, the makers had to invest their money in growing corn. 

Surprisingly, the makers spent $100K growing corn in Western Canada. And this means that they had to wait for a few months until corn was grown. Even you will be surprised to know that the corns were sold at a profit after the filming got wrapped up. Though it was not less than a gamble, the profits that the movie collected made all the efforts worthwhile.

But why did the makers not think of traveling to another place where they could have easily got corn? Were they actually in love with corn??? HAHA……..

Calgary, Alberta | Why Did The Makers Choose This Town?

Where Is Interstellar Filmed? Here’s An In-Depth Information About It!

If you remember the scenes that showcase earth, you can find the similarity of those scenes with Calgary because they have been filmed here. Interestingly, the makers have covered the area in and around Calgary.

And this town was selected by the makers due to the lots of mountains and natural beauty it possesses. Also, several locations in and around this town served as a perfect backdrop for many scenes. 

Longview School, 128 Morrison Road | Do You Remember Cooper’s School?

Where Is Interstellar Filmed? Here’s An In-Depth Information About It!

The early days of Cooper when he learns that the world needs farmers in a school is a real school located in Longview. Also, he attended a conference at the same school, and even that conference was real. 

The school that you see in the movie is one of the oldest schools in the town known for delivering quality education. If any one of you plans to commute to Longview, consider this school for your kids!

Seaman Stadium, Okotoks | Perfect For Baseball Fans!

Where Is Interstellar Filmed? Here’s An In-Depth Information About It!

The baseball match that we enjoyed in the movie is filmed at a real baseball stadium in Okotoks. And this stadium is mostly used by the Okotoks Dawgs Collegiate Summer Baseball team. 

Other than this, the stadium is quite big, which was evident in the movie. Surprisingly, this stadium is famous for the tasty snacks that it offers to the audience. Besides this, if you plan to watch a match here, you’ll easily get parking space.

Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles | It Was Not A Hotel In The Movie!

Where Is Interstellar Filmed? Here’s An In-Depth Information About It!

Interestingly, you saw this hotel in the movie as the interior of the NASA facility. Isn’t it surprising? Two to three weeks were used to create a setup in the hotel so that it could become a replica of NASA. 

You might not be aware of this, but this hotel has been used by other movies such as True Lies (1944), Darkman (1990), and Strange Days (1955). And it’s just that the hotel has been used after modifying it according to the need. That’s why you can’t recognize it easily. 

Canmore, Alberta | Here’s The Road To NASA!

Where Is Interstellar Filmed? Here’s An In-Depth Information About It!

It’s not for real, NASA! I am talking about the road that you see in the movie. And the real name of that road belongs to the area of Ha Ling Mountain. 

Of course, such a beautiful road is impossible to get in towns. That’s why the makers decided to choose a road that belongs to hilly areas. And driving on this road is not less than a treat to the eyes.  

Warner Brothers Burbank Studios, California | You Can’t Imagine Such A Big Studio!

Where Is Interstellar Filmed? Here’s An In-Depth Information About It!

This studio helped the makers provide the setup needed as per the story of the movie. As a result, many scenes that show space and planets were a part of the setup that was made in this studio. 

But if you think you can visit this studio, it’s not possible because it is owned by a big film production company, Warner Bros., And this studio is not open to the public. So, please don’t mind! 

Final Words 

Where is Interstellar filmed? So, mainly the movie got filmed in the areas of the USA and Canada. But some of these places are so unusual that most of you will think twice before going. Therefore, pick the places wisely!

1. Was Interstellar shot in space?

No, but a setup was created similar to a space shuttle. 

2. Where to watch Interstellar?

You can watch Interstellar at Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes.

3. Is The Interstellar on Netflix?

The movie is not there on the USA Netflix but is still available in countries like Canada, France, and India.

4. What is the meaning of Interstellar?

The meaning of this word is situated between stars. 


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