Where Is Making Fun Filmed? Stream Or Skip, What’s The Verdict On Making Fun? 


Have you become a fan of Jimmy DiResta after streaming the latest Netflix kids’ series, Making Fun (2022)? Suffice to say, you must also be wondering about where is Making Fun filmed because, let’s admit, one needs a lot of space to construct such gigantic marvels. Let’s move ahead and put an end to your curiosity because we have the filming locations ready for you. 

Making Fun is a kids series recently released on Netflix. Creator and builder Jimmy DiResta is the host and the show’s soul who brings lots of fun to the sets with his friends. Jimmy and his friends connect with a few selected kids on a Zoom call and entertain their curious building ideas. 

If Jimmy and his pals find an idea worth putting their time into, they move ahead, strategize the construction, frame a project plan, and then begin accumulating the resources. Over the entirety of his career, Jimmy DiResta has made lots of unique things like an electric guitar, but this show requires him to take his skills to the next location. Filmed right from Jimmy’s upstate New York workshop, Making Fun will witness Jimmy in an all-new avatar. 

So, are you excited to know more about the series premises? If yes, move ahead and read what we have to offer! 

Where Is Making Fun Filmed? The Secret Location Is Out!

The whacky kids show Making Fun is quickly becoming a fan favorite, especially a star among the kids, because of its unique plot. Everyone loves how the kids take control of the experts and throw some sassy and hard to conquer challenges along their way. The only thing that works in Jimy’s favor is that the series is filmed from his New York upstate workshop. Now, let’s keep moving ahead and check if the show is worth watching or not. 

The Premise Of Making Fun | What’s Up With Jimmy DiResta & The Kids? 

Where Is Making Fun Filmed? Stream Or Skip, What’s The Verdict On Making Fun? 

Starring in a kids’ TV show is not the only achievement in Jimmy DiResta’s life. The builder is already on his way to becoming a successful YouTuber with 1.9 million subscribers on his channel. One can only imagine the number going up after his stint on the latest Netflix series. Each episode opens with Jimmy delivering his greetings to the audience and his fellow mates begrudgingly. 

Stream Or Skip Making Fun | Is The Latest Netflix Series Worth Your Attention? 

Where Is Making Fun Filmed? Stream Or Skip, What’s The Verdict On Making Fun? 

The cherry on top here is Jimmy DeRista’s lack of interest in kids. Yes, you read that right. The host of a kids’ show has no interest in entertaining kids. No, Jimmy does not hate kids like the Senjus hate the Uchihas. Jimmy only dislikes the little beacons of sunshine like Sakura dislikes Naruto. Jimmy enjoys their presence but only to a certain limit. So, the constant banter between the kids and Jimmy makes for a great time pass. Jimmy has dismissed almost every other idea shared by the kids, but his ears finally caught up with one worth his time. 

The idea shared by a brother-sister duo caught his attention the most. Can you guess what the idea was? Well, let us make the guessing game a little easy and give you the answer right away. A giant T-Rex that spits out tacos is what the sassy brother-sister duo wished for. So, do you think Jimmy was able to fulfill their demand? You will have to watch the series to know that, and yes, that’s me telling you to give the series a try. 

Final Words 

Now that we have given you the answer to “Where is Making Fun filmed”? We hope that you will be able to sleep better at night. This right here is our cue to leave but make sure that you stream the series on Netflix atleast once. Otherwise, you will be missing out on a lot of fun. 

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