Where Is Severance Filmed? Know About Its Locations!


In order to connect better with a thriller like Severance, it becomes interesting to know where is Severance filmed. If you are wondering where it is filmed, then here are the filming locations!

Severance (2022)  is all about the employees of an industry where they go through a process named. As a result, this procedure cuts down personal memories of employees during working hours. Gradually, they become aware of the true nature of the procedure.

The locations of Severance have played a crucial role in manifesting the twisted and enthralling narrative. As a result, the series has been able to achieve a combination of mystery and tension. If you want to know where is Severance filmed, I would like to tell you that the series was filmed in various locations in New York and New Jersey. Let’s find out more about these locations!

To know more about the series’ locations, let’s ponder over New York and New Jersey locations!

Where Was Severance Filmed? Here’s An Insight Into Its Various Locations!

The fact cannot be denied that the makers of the series have paid a lot of attention to the locations so that it can add more gravitas to the plot. Also, with appropriate locations, we, as viewers, found the series more interesting. Let’s find out why the makers chose these locations!

Most of the filming of the series has taken place in New York and New Jersey locations. Also, it was obvious that the makers chose these two locations because they are a hub of corporations, so finding an ideal corporate location was easy. Surprisingly, the photograph was also done in these two states, which lasted for several months. Now, it’s time to trace the exact filming spots and know where is Severance filmed!

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1# New York City, New York

Where Is Severance Filmed? Know About Its Locations!

This is the first place where the filming of the series started, and the initial outdoor scenes were covered here. Because the location is a cultural and media hub of the country, the makers found it perfect. Other than this, Art Deco-style architecture and skyscrapers were some of the major highlights of the city that the makers thought to incorporate in the series. Also, some major tourist attractions like Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty have also been captured. So, we can see that the makers have tried to paint a beautiful picture of the city and give authenticity to their plot.

New York City chooses some other shows and films: The Gilded Age, The Mandalorian, and Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

2# Nyack, New York

Where Is Severance Filmed? Know About Its Locations!
Where Is Severance Filmed? Know About Its Locations!

The village of Nyack was not a random pick, the makers had a few reasons to choose it. Because the village of Nyack is a suburb of NYC and is located just 15 miles away from Manhattan (which means easy availability of resources), the production team found the location suitable as per their needs. 

Some of the initial scenes of the series were filmed at Gate Townhouse (a real estate project) and two Villains Brewing ( a pub) of Nyack village. 

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3# Kingston, New york 

Where Is Severance Filmed? Know About Its Locations!

 Kingston City, Ulster County was used to film a few shots. Within just three days,  scenes were filmed by the crew in the city at 1 East Main Street, which is very quick.

4# Beacon, New York 

Where Is Severance Filmed? Know About Its Locations!

The town of Beacon was used to film a few shots of the series. The city is located in Dutchess County, and you can see several departmental stores of the city in the series. Also, if you are a native of the town, you can identify the local spots of the city in the series, such as Beacon Bath, The Vault at 446 Main Street, and Beacon Falls Cafe. 

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5# Yonkers, New York 

Where Is Severance Filmed? Know About Its Locations!

Some scenes of the series’s first season were filmed in Yonkers, Westchester County. To film the scenes at some of the best locations of Yonkers, the crew decided to set up their camps around the Pietro Drive region. And if you think that this was a random choice of makers, you are wrong. 

The truth is that this location was chosen because some famous shows have also been filmed here whose names are ‘The Sinner’ and ‘The Sopranos.’ So, now you know that the decision to choose Yonker was thoughtful.

6# Holmdel, New Jersey 

Where Is Severance Filmed? Know About Its Locations!

As mentioned above, some scenes of the series were filmed here. Interestingly, the final photography of the first season was completed here. Other than this, the makers filmed a few scenes in Holmdel Township in Monmouth County, New Jersey. For the first season, Bell Works (famous as Bell Labs Holmdel Complex), located at Crawfords Corner Road was chosen.

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Final Words 

I hope that by now you know where is Severance filmed. Other than this, it is important to consider that each location was chosen after the consensus of the production team and considering the need of every scene. After all efforts, the series came out as an amazing thriller.

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