Where Is The Last Kingdom Filmed? Netflix Drama Was Filmed Here!


Where is The Last Kingdom filmed? Are you curious to know about the filming locations of this amazing drama? Here’s food for your curiosity! 

The Last Kingdom (2015-2022) is a fictional drama series sourced from the novels. The series follows the story of Osbert, who gets baptized and becomes Uhtred after he loses his elder brother. Further, the series also captured Osbert’s effort to take revenge for the death of his brother. Here’s something that you must know about the location of the series!

The Last Kingdom is filmed in most parts of Hungary. Interestingly, the locations are not modified and can be seen in the movie in their original version. And when it comes to the coastal scenes, the series is filmed in North Wales and Country Durham. Other than this, a few scenes are filmed in England. Keep scrolling to know about these locations in detail!

Here are some interesting facts about the location of the series that you must know if you are a fan of The Last Kingdom!

The Last Kingdom Film Location | Here’s The Exciting Film Location Of The Last Kingdom!

It’s quite surprising that the movie that relives the birth of England is filmed in various locations of Hungary. Only a few action scenes are filmed in England. What could be the reason behind this? Let’s try to find it out!

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The Last Kingdom Series 1 Filming Location | Was The Castle Of The Fortress Real? 

Where Is The Last Kingdom Filmed? Netflix Drama Was Filmed Here!

The beauty of the castle of the fortress that we enjoy in the series is real. And the name of the castle is Bebbanburg castle, situated in Bebbanburg. Interestingly, this location is the house of the protagonist of the series and is one of the popular buildings in Northumberland. Also, the same location is used for establishing the setup for series 4.

If you plan a trip to this castle, it is important to know that Bebbanburg is now called Bamburg. And visiting this place will take you back to the time of the Saxons. If you are a history lover, this place is perfect for you!

The Last Kingdom Series 2 Filming Location | Used Previous Season’s Location?

Where Is The Last Kingdom Filmed? Netflix Drama Was Filmed Here!

In series 2, the story moves with the previous location (Bebbanburg Castle), but some parts are also filmed at a new place. Moreover, the makers decided to pick a new location, Goboljaras, which is near Budapest. 

This has served as a perfect location for one of the crucial scenes of the series and the setup for the residence of King Alfred. Further, I would like to suggest this place because of its beauty, which is why the makers chose it. 

The Last Kingdom Series 3 Filming Location | Where Were The Welsh Scenes Captured?

Where Is The Last Kingdom Filmed? Netflix Drama Was Filmed Here!

Capturing the scenes of The Welsh was not easy for the makers because the efforts were futile without a suitable location. After extensive research, the makers chose Esztergom, which is near Northern Hungary and is the country’s old capital. Because this is the birthplace of the king of Hungary, many places are still in their original versions. Hence, the makers did not modify the settings and made the scenes look real. 

Above all, this place holds a special position in the country because it has one of the oldest catholic churches. So, visit this place to have a look at this beautiful church!

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Is The Last Kingdom Series 3 Filmed In A Studio? Here’s The Truth!

Where Is The Last Kingdom Filmed? Netflix Drama Was Filmed Here!

Though series three is filmed near Hungary, the makers wanted something more from the location. They took help from Korda Studios and added all those elements that could make the scenes perfectly. And this studio is located in the countryside of Hungary.

Interestingly, not only does this series make use of Korda Studios, but many others also use this. And the names are The Martian (2015) and The Marco Polo (2014-2016). 

The Last Kingdom Series 4 Filming Location | Location For Coastal Scenes!

Where Is The Last Kingdom Filmed? Netflix Drama Was Filmed Here!

Like other scenes, the makers paid a lot of attention in selecting the location for coastal scenes. As a result, Porther, North Wales, is the location that filmed the coastal scenes of the series. And the beaches of Porthor added beauty to the scenes. 

They were the whistling sands of the beach of Porthor that convinced the makers to choose this place. Other than this, steeped grassy cliffs add more to the beauty of the beach, and the same is visible in the series. 

The Last Kingdom Series 5 Filming Location | The Beauty Of Budapest Captured Here!

Where Is The Last Kingdom Filmed? Netflix Drama Was Filmed Here!

Series 5 of The Last Kingdom starts with a scene that captivates viewers with the beauty of the location. And you will be surprised to know that this location is around Budapest. After visiting this location, you will be surprised to see that you can visit Iceland by traveling one hour from Budapest. Besides this, the same location appears when the theme music of the series appears. So, have fun at this place if you want to disconnect from worldly affairs for some time!

Two other locations can also be witnessed in the series: Rumcofa (Uhted’s border) and Eoferwic (area controlled by Dane). Undoubtedly, both these locations are also a subject of natural beauty, and you can surely consider them to spend time with your family!

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Dobogoko, Visegrad | The Real Location Of Wessex Countryside!

Where Is The Last Kingdom Filmed? Netflix Drama Was Filmed Here!

When it comes to Dobogoko, it’s known for its forest and is one of the popular tourist areas. But in the series, this location has been named Wessex countryside. And the most interesting thing about this location is that it is a pilgrimage for neo-pagans. Due to the level of beauty that this place holds, many tourists believe it to be the “heart chakra” of the world. And today, this place ranks on the top compared to other tourist attractions in the world.

 Also, this location had all those required elements to make the filming perfect. As a result, we can see the series in its perfect version. As a viewer, we can also realize that Dobogoko made the scenes similar to what must have happened in the time of the Saxons. 

Nose’s Point, Near Seaha, Durham | The Setting For Trader’s Camp!

Where Is The Last Kingdom Filmed? Netflix Drama Was Filmed Here!

In one of the series scenes, we see Uhtred getting sold and getting into slavery. Before that, he lived in a camp but did you know the camp’s location? 

That location is Nose’s Point, which is a place of interest for the students of ecology and geology. This place is known for its wild meadows and natural beauty. Interestingly, the name of this place has been inspired by rocky meadows, which sometimes look similar to the shape of a nose. 

Was It Easy For The Makers To Shoot In Hungary? Have A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Shooting In Hungary!

Where Is The Last Kingdom Filmed? Netflix Drama Was Filmed Here!

Filming in Hungary was not much challenging for the makers of The Last Kingdom. And the following points will help you to understand this:

  • One of the crucial reasons is that filming in Hungary did not cost them much. And because of this, many big productions prefer Hungary for filming their movies and series.
  • Hungary has some beautiful places like Budapest and has diverse locations for filming movies/series. Even many countryside cities can be used for filming many scenes. 
  • The Hungarian Authorities assist a lot during the shooting in public places. So, if any of your known are planning to film at a public place in Hungary, they can come without any worries. 
  • One of the best things about Hungary is that you get the best professionals and crewmembers for all your work. So, it means you need not bear the expense of bringing a team of crew members with you.
  • Coming up with a movie is much easier in Hungary because it has many production companies that are usually ready to collaborate with others. 
  • When it comes to technical art equipment, you get the best soundstage complexes here that can offer the perfect pitch in the background during filming. 

Hence, it’s clear that filming in Hungary is economical and guarantees the best locations for movies/series. 

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Final Words 

Where is The Last Kingdom filmed? The exact answer is Hungary because the series covered many locations of this country. Even the series covered those locations which many people do not know. So, make a list of the locations you will be visiting!

1. Where is The Last Kingdom filmed in the UK?

The makers chose Country Durham to film a few scenes of The Last Kingdom.

2. Are The Castles in The Last Kingdom real?

Except for Bebbanburg castle, all the castles were a setup made from scratch in Hungary. 

3. Is The Last Kingdom based on a true story? 

Though the story is not completely real, the main character is based on Ragnall ua Imair (king of Northumbria).

4. Where is Wessex now?

There is no place by this name but Hampshire, Dorset, and Somerset were once Wessex. 

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