Where To Watch Avatar For Free Online? Know The Platforms! 


Is Avatar one of your favorite movies? If so, then you must be wondering where to watch it for free. Well, in that case, let us help you. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about the film and will also tell you Where To Watch Avatar for free online.

James Cameron is specifically known for his high-concept, big-budget shows films. And Avatar is one of them. The movie was released on 18th December 2009. But not many people know that the development of this project began in 1994. So, it took quite a lot of time for Cameron to finally get this movie off the shooting floor.

Cameron gained his first major success with The Terminator (1986), which was a big hit. Following that, he made other amazing films like The Abyss (1989) and Titanic (1997), which established him as an influential filmmaker.

So, without further ado, let us find out where we can watch Avatar for free.

How To Watch Avatar For Free Online? Where To Watch Avatar For Free Online?

Where To Watch Avatar For Free? 

People these days use multiple OTT platforms, but the problem arises when they cannot figure out which movie is available on which platform. That is why we have done all the hard work for you. We have listed all the online streaming platforms where you can watch Avatar for free online. Let’s explore our options.

Is Avatar Available On Disney+? 

Where To Watch Avatar For Free? 

Yes, Avatar is available on Disney+. You can stream the movie whenever you feel like it. The subscription fee for Disney+ is quite minimal. You only have to pay $8 per month, and if you wish to get the yearly pack, it will cost you around $80. There is also an option to bundle Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+, which will cost you $14 per month. The very last option is to extend your Disney+ free trial.

Is Avatar Available On Netflix?

No, unfortunately, Avatar is not available on Netflix. However, Netflix is the OTT giant, and has a huge collection of other movies and shows. You can stream The Gray Man, which is the most recent Netflix release. Apart from that, if you like watching Sci/Fi movies, then the platform has a lot to offer. You can watch all these shows with the help of Netflix’s free trial!

Is Avatar Available On Amazon Prime Video?

Where To Watch Avatar For Free? 

Yes, Avatar is available on Amazon Prime Video. Well, you certainly cannot stream the film for free. You either have to buy or rent the movie. Prime Video rentals are quite affordable, it will cost you around $2.99 to $19.99. And if you want to purchase the film it’ll cost you $15.99. You can also use your amazon prime free trial.

Is Avatar Available On HBO Max?

No, Avatar is not available on HBO MAX. Having said that, HBO MAX is one of the top OTT platforms in the United States. It gives major competition to giants like Netflix and Prime Video. If you like to watch underrated and offbeat movies, then HBO MAX offers a great collection of LGBT and Gay movies on its platform. You can watch all of them using your HBO Max free trial.

Is Avatar Available On Hulu?

Where To Watch Avatar For Free? 

No, Avatar is not available on Hulu. But you have the option to explore some top-notch documentaries on the platform. We are aware that people like to stream movies and shows on OTT platforms, but documentaries are a great way to increase your general knowledge. Also if you happen to be a fan of KDramas, then you’re in for a treat. Hulu has an amazing collection of Korean dramas. Use your Hulu free trials to watch all the available content!

Is Avatar Available On Apple TV?

Yes, Avatar is available on Apple TV. Surprisingly, the sci/fi adventure film is available for both rent and purchase on the platform. you can buy the movie for $14.99 or you can simply rent it for just $3.99.

Is Avatar Available On Peacock?

No, Avatar is not available on Peacock. As the OTT platform is still quite new in comparison to its other competitors, it is still struggling to fit in the game. However, you can watch several other movies on the platform using the Peacock free trial.

Is Avatar Available On Vudu?

Where To Watch Avatar For Free? 

Yes, Avatar is available on Vudu. In order to stream movies on the platform, you have to rent or buy it. Vudu does not charge any membership fee. All you need to do is register on the platform. The rentals range from 99 cents to $5.99 and if you wish to buy a movie, it will cost you around $4.99 to $24.99.

Is Avatar Available On Paramount Plus?

No, Avatar is not available on Paramount Plus. Though the platform is quite popular for its collection of old Hollywood classics, like The Godfather II, To Catch A Thief, Downhill Racer, and many more. Paramount Plus is one of the fastest-growing OTT platforms in the United States and you can use Paramount Plus free trials to watch the content for free!

Is Avatar Available On iTunes?

Yes, Avatar is available on iTunes. The basic monthly package will cost you $9.99, but if you wish to get the entire yearly pack, you will have to pay $99. iTunes also provides a family and a student pack, which cost around $14.99 and $4.99, respectively.

Can You Watch Avatar In Theaters?

No, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you cannot watch the sci/fi adventure film, Avatar in theaters. It already received its theatrical release in 2009.

Plot Of Avatar (2009) | Welcome To Another World!

Avatar (2009), is James Cameron’s one of the finest and most remarkable movies. Everyone across the world was mesmerized after watching the film. It was indeed a treat for the eyes. If you like watching movies with outstanding storylines and mind-blowing special effects, then you certainly cannot miss out on Avatar.

The story is set in 2154, when humans have exhausted all of Earth’s natural resources and are going through a major energy crisis. After struggling for quite a while, the Humans find out about Pandora, a habitable moon with dense forests. Which is inhabited by a species of 10 ft tall, blue-skinned humanoids. But the most important aspect of Pandora is its valuable mineral called unobtanium. 

The story escalates when a paraplegic Marine is sent off to Pandora on a dangerous yet distinctive mission, he gets confused and finds himself in a conflict.

Avatar became the first film ever to earn over $2 billion. It was nominated for nine Oscars and won three. Critics praised the movie for its astounding special effects, cinematography, screenplay, and editing.

  • Written by: James Cameron
  • Directed by: James Cameron
  • Production: 20th Century Fox, Lightstorm Entertainment, Dune Entertainment, Ingenious Film Partners
  • Cast: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver
  • Genre: Sci/Fi, Action/Adventure
  • IMDb Ratings: 7.8 
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 82%
  • Runtime: 2h 42m

Final Word

So, now you know everything about the movie Avatar and also know where to stream it. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, we suggest you watch it on one of the platforms mentioned above. After all, you have a number of options to choose from.

Can We Watch Avatar In Theaters?

No, we certainly cannot watch Avatar in theaters. The movie already received its theatrical release in 2009. 

What Was The Budget Of Avatar (2009)?

$237 Million was Avatar’s total budget.

Will there be Any Sequel To Avatar (2009)?

Yes, there will be a sequel to Avatar. It will be released in December 2022.

Which Is James Cameron’s Most Popular Movie?

Titanic (1997), is believed to be the most popular movie of the director.


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